National Post’s Corcoran calls out The National panel for turning Mike Duffy into a saint


The Financial Post’s Terence Cocoran is quickly turning his columns into must-reads for those of us who appreciate a counter to the Media Party spin as Corcoran refuses to give his journo peers a free ride.

In his latest piece, he rips CBC’s Peter Mansbridge:

I could run through the list of willfully gullible writers, reporters and TV personalities who took Mr. Duffy’s words at face value and without question. CBC’s The National deserves special mention. “Senator Mike Duffy breaks his silence and draws the prime minister closer to the Senate scandal,” said Peter Mansbridge on Tuesday night. “Five months ago … Mike Duffy said he’d give Canadians his whole story. Today he let loose with it. … It was scathing, jaw dropping, a direct shot at the highest office in the country.”

Outs the Globe and Mail’s Lawrence Martin for what he is:

But suddenly Mr. Duffy, whom few thought credible 24 hours earlier, became the bearer of truth against power, the man who drew a “sordid portrait of the Harper operation” — as Harper hater Lawrence Martin claimed — and demonstrated a “pattern of behaviour” within the Harper entourage wherein “truth has been taken out to the woodshed on more than a few occasions.

And exposes the Star’s Chantal Herbert untruthful statement:

Later in the show, The National’s At Issue panel — minus the National Post’s Andrew Coyne — weighed in with pontifical judgments on how the Duffy missive was “extremely damaging” and was “lighting a fuse on the bomb that went off today.” Chantal Hebert pointed out that “When the prime minister calls you in his office and has a meeting at the top,” that’s a big deal. “It’s very hard now for Stephen Harper to say ‘I didn’t know what was happening.’ “

As we now know — and as was known for some time — nothing was happening. Said meeting between Mr. Duffy, Mr. Harper and Nigel Wright did not take place in the PM’s office, except maybe in Mr. Duffy’s fevered recreation of the facts for his own self-serving purposes. Mr. Duffy had accosted the Prime Minister and Mr. Wright following a Tory caucus meeting, at which time Mr. Harper told Mr. Duffy he had to pay back the $90,000 expenses or face expulsion from caucus. (see here)

I’ve messaged Herbert asking her if she’s corrected this false statement and will update if I hear back.


17 Responses to “National Post’s Corcoran calls out The National panel for turning Mike Duffy into a saint”

  1. Robert Says:

    Your post has been added to our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Thank you once again Dean!
    This is just another PM Harper hate-a-thon.

  3. Bec Says:

    If this doesn’t ‘out’ the media maggots as fable creators and childish partisan bullies, nothing ever will. However at least when they go home and breeze past that mirror, they can see their noses growing and horns exposed.

  4. manitoba fay Says:

    Thankyou National Post Terence Cocoran for trying to hold CBC to account.

  5. Sandy Says:

    Dean, I am so glad you are doing this exposing. Years ago when I started Crux of the Matter, I did similarly but time marches on and I just don’t have the energy now. Thank you and well done!

  6. Martin Says:

    Far be it for people to expect political balance from CBC commentary, but can we not rely on accurate reporting of fact? Herbert is often touted as an able reporter; she and her supervisor cannot be allowed to get away with this.
    This begs the question, just who on that panel is reckoned by CBC to represent a conservative viewpoint? Coyne? can they be serious.

  7. E Mac Says:

    Yes, it wont be long now before the above mentioned individuals “come clean” and spill the beans.
    I do not know Corcoran but if his writing abou this item is true – Kudos to him and well done.
    Will we ever get to the bottom of this or will it die a natural death?
    Wait and see.

  8. Jen Says:

    I or we urge Mr. Corcoran to keep up with his pursuit and not relent nor succumb to the media maggots tactics.
    Imo, they have becoime a vicious lot and will hound down anyone who goes against them.
    Thank you Terence Corcoran. The more of you is greatly appreciated.
    Our Nation Canada under Harper, has overcome ordeals and recognized around the world as the best county. Unfortunately for many Canadian,s have no idea of the hard work the PM had to go through and encounter to keep our country afloat which the media made a point not to highlight. .

    Thanks Dean

  9. Sean M Says:

    Good for Corcoran… calling out the media for the corrupt progressives that they are… The Liberal media have done this type of yellowing in the past with Helena Guergis for instance… One day Guergis was a coke snorting party girl, bumping lines of coke and hanging out with “busty hookers”, all untrue of course, and of course this was all a reflection on the Conservatives and PM Harper in particular said the consensus media, than Guergis went from media villian to a media portrayed “victim” in a heartbeat as long as she was attacking the Conservatives. Now the same with Duffy, one day a media villian, the next day, a media hero. The corrupt media bombarding the public with relentless sustained yellow journalism in an effort to “get the PM”… nauseating! media maggots indeed!

    • Jen Says:

      The lengthy lists of bills which only this government has brought in FOR THS ABORIGINALS and Billions more of TAXDOLLARS and from the revenues from the very economy the OILSANDS and other resources which the aboriginals want to shut down, should stop.
      If the IDLE NO MORES, PALMETA, AND all those chiefs who constantly bitch that they do not like this or that from this cpc should get what the liberals gave them and leave it at that.
      No more extra perks or extra money or any extra of anything anymore-DONE..

  10. jon Says:

    Did anyone catch tonight’s edition of CBC’s The National? They had reporters hitting the streets across Canada holding signs that read: “I’m with the CBC, come talk to me about the Senate Scandal”


    Very reminiscent of an entry posted on BC Blue back in May, one featuring a Star reporter holding a sign that read: “I’m with the Toronto Star, will you come talk to me about Rob Ford?”, caught actively trying to spread stories of Toronto mayor Ford’s controversies instead of merely reporting on them.

    It’s one thing for a private media outlet like the Star to engage in such behaviour; another thing entirely when our public broadcaster does it — trying to disguise the exercise as an effort to gauge the public’s awareness of the goings-on in Ottawa when the real goal was to WHIP UP interest in it with the use of props.

    Funny that the CBC never did the same here in Ontario 2 weeks ago in the wake of the AG’s report, exposing the true cost of the LIBERAL gas plant scandal at more than a BILLION dollars. No reporters holding signs on the streets reading: “I’m with the CBC, come talk to me about the BILLION DOLLAR GAS PLANT SCANDAL”

    Not surprising since their team of reporters share the Ontario LP’s objective of seeing the story flushed down the memory hole.

  11. JDot Says:

    I have tuned out Politics since the last election..

    Can someone please give me the cliff notes. All I have got from slightly paying attention, is the PM wanted a senator to pay back tax payer money.

    • Liz J Says:

      Yes, the PM advised they pay back the money and of course the whole thing is PM Harper’s fault, it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t appointed them. The biggest problem for PM Harper is he’s Conservative and he hasn’t perfected the Chretien Adscam shrug off with “what’s a few milliom…?”.

      • Jen Says:

        …… as well as liberal Judge Gomery ordered the fed liberals to pay back the $40MILLION to the public which the fed liberals REFUSE POINT TO DO. Also, the Judge was restricted by Paul Martin from doing further investigating into Chretien and Paul Martin activities in the adscam.
        When Chretien testified he insulted the public by showing off with a brief case filled with Golf Balls and reading out the names of the people who signed his golf balls. This arrogant man basically laughed at the court, the public knowing full well his hench men the media, will cover his ass.

  12. lynn Says:

    I didn’t bother to watch any of the coverage since it was clear the audience was being primed beforehand along a specific narrative and no doubt were receiving the appropriate “leaks” from their “secret” sources to expect a bombshell. I’m reminded of the hockey riots where people stand around the edges encouraging others to smash windows and burn cars for their amusement and no desire to watch political pundits pretense of gravitas laced with thinly veiled smirking. I have no respect for the senators involved or those who indulge them.

  13. Liz J Says:

    If this Senate mess doesn’t have a silver lining in that the Senate gets reformed with more accountability by those who run that place, we need to seriously consider it’s existence. People in the real working world get their salaries and pay for their own coffee and gum. If they work for a corporation they have guidelines for expenses allowed. The Senate must have the same in order to have any respect for those who pay their generous salaries and perks, the taxpayers of Canada.

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