Redford caught lying about sole-sourced school gym contract winner


Commenting on a CTV story which the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Derek Filderbrandt broke about an expensive gym being built by a company which Tim Sprung sits as the VP and who personally lobbied Alberta PC premier Alison Redford as the Elbow Park community association’s president to have it built, Redford had this to say:

“He’s not the President of the community association. It is a successful Alberta company. We were very honest at the very beginning that in order to deal with people effectively, that we were going to sole source contracts,” said Premier Alison Redford. (see here)

You’d think if Redford was going to lie, she would come up with one harder to disprove than that:

sprung elbow park

Tell me, if Redford was so clumsy to lie about such an obvious fact as this guy being president of this community association, what is she really trying to cover up? Stay tuned…


Newspaper editors call for polticians who do drugs in office to resign – except Trudeau


The Canadian media shows it’s true hypocritical colours as it has decided that Toronto mayor Rob Ford must resign for smoking an illegal narcotic yet these were the same people who praised Liberal leader Justin Trudeau on his admission for doing the same.

They have all determined (without legal evidence) that Ford smoked crack cocaine so that justifies in their minds that the weed Trudeau (and I’ll bet many of them) smoke isn’t on the same level ie. weed is harmless and crack is dirty.

There’s an argument that can be made that a MP and leader of a national political party who smokes weed is far worse than a mayor smoking crack who has no influence on the criminal laws of the land.

I’ll be looking forward to the huge undercover RCMP operation set up to capture Trudeau in secret meetings with his drug dealer(s).

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