Redford caught lying about sole-sourced school gym contract winner


Commenting on a CTV story which the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Derek Filderbrandt broke about an expensive gym being built by a company which Tim Sprung sits as the VP and who personally lobbied Alberta PC premier Alison Redford as the Elbow Park community association’s president to have it built, Redford had this to say:

“He’s not the President of the community association. It is a successful Alberta company. We were very honest at the very beginning that in order to deal with people effectively, that we were going to sole source contracts,” said Premier Alison Redford. (see here)

You’d think if Redford was going to lie, she would come up with one harder to disprove than that:

sprung elbow park

Tell me, if Redford was so clumsy to lie about such an obvious fact as this guy being president of this community association, what is she really trying to cover up? Stay tuned…


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  1. Bocanut Says:

    Give Red Allie a break,doncha know she’s busy schmoozing with her UN co-horts in Washington trying to carbon tax us into 3rd world status.

  2. tim Says:

    Yeah, Redford is an accomplished liar for sure. Like our own version of Barack Obama.

  3. jfa Says:

    Barack Obama(peace be upon him) has nothing on Redford! He probably used her as a guide on how to ‘socialize’ a community without them (hopefully) being aware of it!!

  4. Dl Says:


  5. Bec Says:

    The ‘it’s her riding’ part bugs me the most but this really comes a very close second.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There is a lot to complain about in Redford’s handling of the flood – well, basically everything – but sole-sourcing to Sprung to build the gym is far from the worst. It isn’t even the worst part about the gym in terms of wasting taxpayer money that would make the government look even worse (and Sprung a lot better), but that’s a real news story that I will leave that to you “journalists” although I found it out trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood among the dumpsters and hockey.

    Elbow Park School is unsafe, unusable and probably should be torn down (watch if they try to re-build it – that would be a real story). The students are in a temporary location which they have already over-stayed and will need to vacate soon. Sprung is probably the only supplier that could put the structure in place in a reasonable timeframe. They tried to cheap out on the structures for the classroom that were supposed to be done for the opening of school but which are still not ready (note: another real story).

    Just because the Alberta government has dropped the ball in High River, doesn’t mean the rest of us that were flooded should get nothing and like it, and trust me, it is not like we are getting much – aside from some serious extra garbage haulage, I cannot think of anything that we got from any government entity that was useful for me an my on-going rebuild.

  7. Blue thru & thru Says:

    Dear BC Blue,

    When are you moving to Alberta? We need more accountability for Redfraud and Jonathan Denis here because they lie all the time but no one ever seems to call them out on it. (I think they fear reprisals). Most Albertans don’t even notice their lack of integrity anymore. The PC government has become synonymous with lying Liberalism – spend, spend, spend ($16 billion deficit in a have province is unacceptable).

    I’d like to know when Stephen Carter is going to pay back the Stampede and the U of C (aka the Alberta Taxpayers) the $400K he defrauded them out of, now that he got that $130K windfall for being let go as Redford’s chief of staff. Everyone seems to have ‘forgotten’ about this…

    Thanks for having the courage to stand up to the PC Machine.

    PS I’d like to see Sprung donate some structures to High River, their operation site is only minutes away from the town…

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