National Post’s Andrew Coyne compares Conservative convention to Nazi internment camp

Andrew Coyne

Liberal-voting Media Party member Andrew Coyne apparently thinks he’s hilarious with his online crack about how the Conservatives controlled the media during this weekend’s convention in Calgary:

coyneStalag Lufts were prisoner of war camps run by the Germans in WW11 (see here) and hardly something to be making jokes about:


This isn’t the first time Coyne has crossed the line with his vile humour. Last year he found Luke Magnotta’s murders funny (see here).


NDP’s McQuaig calls Harper a “cornered rat”


NDP candidate Linda McQuaig is the perfect example of the Harper-haters who fill the ranks of the Media Party:


Three days later and not a word of condemnation from her former co-workers and peers within the Media Party – of course.

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