National Post’s Andrew Coyne compares Conservative convention to Nazi internment camp

Andrew Coyne

Liberal-voting Media Party member Andrew Coyne apparently thinks he’s hilarious with his online crack about how the Conservatives controlled the media during this weekend’s convention in Calgary:

coyneStalag Lufts were prisoner of war camps run by the Germans in WW11 (see here) and hardly something to be making jokes about:


This isn’t the first time Coyne has crossed the line with his vile humour. Last year he found Luke Magnotta’s murders funny (see here).


24 Responses to “National Post’s Andrew Coyne compares Conservative convention to Nazi internment camp”

  1. TangoJuliette Says:

    For a man raised in money, education, advatage and privilege, he sure has the all the shortage of brains and of mouth self-editing of an uneducated horses ar$e. The wonders of Lex G O O D W I N strike again.

    Madame McQueeg seems to have been vaccinated with the same strain of bile. Spew trash and cheap guttersnipe drivel when short of cogent ideas.

  2. TangoJuliette Says:

    How crass, jejune and picayune is Coyne’s expropriation of the role and personna, casting himself in the place of our valiant, downed and imprisoned Allied Airmen. Mock-men like Coyne, who try to wear, as their own, the great-coats, of greater men, are no more than empty, frail, hollow shells of failed humans. They are less than wasp’s nests – with the wasps long gone.

  3. TangoJuliette Says:

    where : advatage, make to read: advantage.

    This must be the place to state : “Make it so.”

  4. Liz J Says:

    Rather not too appropriate in this month we remember our soldiers who served and died fighting the real Nazis so this ass can live in freedom to make such a statement. Hard to find words to describe the state of desperation evident among the Liberal Left in this country, they’re just out of their freaking minds.

  5. Ontario girl Says:

    PM harper must be wearing on his brain, and this comment is proof of his frustration. .. he MUST after all, at any cost, keep the CBC and his $500 an appearance first and for most in his comments. Keep to his livelihood(CBC) masters script.

  6. Bec Says:

    What a loud mouthed, brassy, classless pig with the sensitivity of a slug. This is despicable.

  7. andycanuck Says:

    Not to defend dickhead too much but “Stalag 17” was the setting of Hogan’s Heroes. I’m assuming he was referencing that and not the excellent POW drama movie by the same name. (Although if there’s anyone who looks like Sergeant Price, it’s Coyne.) Or are there further tweets that show he meant the comparison to a real Luftwaffe POW camp?

  8. jmw Says:

    I find it a bit rich that Coyne PREWROTE his column in the NP, before he attended the Convention. He may have acquired the news-release of the PM’s speech prior to the Convention, but there is no excuse for his vitriolic spin on it, other than biased lazy journalism. It must have made his Liberal-shilling head explode to see the enthusiasm and support that Harper has.

  9. bettie Says:

    I’m copying what I wrote on ‘Crux of the Matter’ (and hope that’s OK)… I feel so deeply about this.

    November 3, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    I can’t understand the vitriol spewing from ALL the media. I looked in vain for a moderate and fair view on PM Harper during the convention. If there was one, I missed it. These people are not honest in their reporting. They will twist and spin to hide what honestly happened. And, the comments on these articles are absolutely mind-boggling. I don’t understand it. The PM cannot reply… it would be like a tar-baby.

    I hope the hateful comments are just a few NDP and/or Liberals that are given the ‘job’ of writing terrible things about our PM, and not the views of Canadians at large.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Coyne had an opportunity to be a bigger person some years back. Instead he opted for the liberal mosh pit.
    Poor Andrew…I guess he became lonely and threw his minor conservative leanings under the bus.
    Andrew’s a spectator …not a doer…
    ’nuff said.

  11. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is a self important twit. Coyne, like the rest of the “progressive” marxists encrusted within the corrupt media beast are desperately upset that their manufactured “Senate expenses scandal” has not brought the PM and the Conservative Government to their knees as the media had hoped. The media are angry, irrational, and so desperate that they can’t contain their seething hatred of everyone who doesn’t follow the seriously flawed media narrative. Coyne is lashing out like the self important twit that he is, incapable of accepting his complete and utter irrelevance at shaping the political conscience of the nation. What else to expect from a “journalist” who abuses his position within the media establishment to encourage Canadians to vote for the corrupt Liberals. The man is an impotent Liberal shill.

  12. wilson Says:

    Andy Coyne threw his support behind Ingatieff, so he just isn’t very smart.
    The Media Party are in the Ottawa bubble, and were shocked that Conservative grassroots still strongly support PMSH,
    and shocked that their demands for PM Harper get on his knees and grovel weren’t met .
    He and his buddies are members of that elite club that our party doesn’t represent.

  13. Brad maynard Says:

    Those CBC cheques have finally rotted the last few brain cells he has left. Andrew coyne is just another journo-hack who’s in love with trudope-mania redux.

  14. Bubba Brown Says:

    His mother must be proud, no, I am thinking she must be ashamed.

  15. morri Says:

    Andrew seems to have worked real hard at becoming a parrot for the left.

  16. Ontario girl Says:

    Isn’t Coyne related to Trudeau?

  17. Mary Hines Says:

    The Liberal Media Party all went home crying – they said for days – this convention was going to end up with great splits in the party…. I saw several “elite media members” walk away from different people being interviewed… if there was no “dirt” – they were not interested… and they didn’t find any. However, one weekly “host” said on Sunday – and several times – “people were telling me” and he gets away with it…. “People” are his liberal media friends – but not conservatives…. Very disappointing week=end for the liberal media…

  18. CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn compares Conservative’s handling of press to China and Russia | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

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