Video: Redford’s minister Doug Griffiths says oil “sucks the life” out of Alberta

And I thought Redford putting MLA Mike Allen who is charged with using prostitutes (see here) while in the US on government business on the Family and Community Committee was going to be her biggest headache today:

mike allen


CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn compares Conservative’s handling of press to China and Russia


Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn was competing with the National Post’s Andrew Coyne (see earlier post here) to see who could look the least professional and win the ‘Harper-Hater of the Weekend Award’ with this tweet responding to John Baird’s communication director Rick Roth calling the Media Party a bunch of whiners:

ditchburnThe phrase “unsavoury nations” is used in the media to describe dictatorships like China and Russia (see here) and to use it in association with the Canadian government is beyond repulsive.

How anyone could keep their job as a supposed neutral, unbiased reporter after stating that just shows how the CP doesn’t care about appearing to be fair and balanced.

The veil is gone.

Also: See my complaint filed against Ditchburn on her conflict of interest working for the CBC and the response from CP here which Sun News’ Brian Lilley used in his book CBC Exposed as an example of the incestuous Media Party:

cbc exposed 004

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