CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn compares Conservative’s handling of press to China and Russia


Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn was competing with the National Post’s Andrew Coyne (see earlier post here) to see who could look the least professional and win the ‘Harper-Hater of the Weekend Award’ with this tweet responding to John Baird’s communication director Rick Roth calling the Media Party a bunch of whiners:

ditchburnThe phrase “unsavoury nations” is used in the media to describe dictatorships like China and Russia (see here) and to use it in association with the Canadian government is beyond repulsive.

How anyone could keep their job as a supposed neutral, unbiased reporter after stating that just shows how the CP doesn’t care about appearing to be fair and balanced.

The veil is gone.

Also: See my complaint filed against Ditchburn on her conflict of interest working for the CBC and the response from CP here which Sun News’ Brian Lilley used in his book CBC Exposed as an example of the incestuous Media Party:

cbc exposed 004


10 Responses to “CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn compares Conservative’s handling of press to China and Russia”

  1. Mary Hines Says:

    She looked like she was crying at the Conservative convention all week-end – noticed when a cabinet minister was being interviewed – she stepped into the conversation, but when there was nothing “negative” she quickly walked away. She is only interested and her job is to try and bash the conservative government any way she can – and if there is only positive things to report, she isn’t interested. However, that is what the CBC and her bosses gives her a big bonus to do – without bashing the conservatives, she gets nothing…

  2. wilson Says:

    Oh Jen….. no one cares how the media is handled.
    We are just not that into you.
    We watch the media circus around Mayor Ford, and afford absolutely no sympathy for the media.

  3. Jen Says:

    GO SUCK A LOLLIPOP, Jennifer!

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    The same Jennifer Ditchburn who during the Helena Guergis media hunt for dirt, dug back YEARS into her past and came up with some boyfriend she had…looking for scandal that fell flat on Ditchburns face.
    She is just keeping as negative as she can to get her $500 appearance fee on CBC.She doesn’t fool anyone.

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    These little pissant “journalists” likening how the Conservatives handle the press to China or Russia; the first clue that this is not the case is that this little fool wouldn’t be able to practice her brand of “journalism in China and Russia and get away with it. Here in Canada she is free to do her job with free and unfettered idiocy.

  6. Mary Hines Says:

    I am disgusted to listen to people like Jennifer Ditchburn plus “liberals” in the House of Commons saying the PM has not apologized for appointing Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau…. I have yet to hear any member of the liberal party or even the previous PM come on National TV and apologize for the liberal senators that went astray. How about someone taking responsibility for Harb or the liberal senator who is now in prison – I never heard anyone take responsibility for them. How about a liberal standing in the House and taking responsibility for all the liberal wantabee leaders who still owe the tax payers thousands of dollars, how come someone doesn’t take responsibility for them. Maybe liberal Jennifer can get on those stories…

  7. Sean M Says:

    Ditchburn has always reminded me of a nerdy little school girl desperately seeking the approval of more senior “progressive” media maggots. Ditchburn is a lightweight, both intellectually and emotionally, certainly not a serious “journalist”, just another “progressive” hack. Ditchburn probably has a room full of Justine Trudumb posters on her bedroom walls and probably gets personally upset whenever Justine gets criticized by opponents. It’s amazing that someone so superficial, shallow, and intellectually stunted could even find a job in the media industry.

  8. E Mac Says:

    The best I can say about Ditchburn is: She has nice teeth.
    Anything else – not so much!

  9. jon Says:

    RE the photo: quite disturbing that a hypocrite like Ditchburn would be brought in to do a lecture on journalism, likely touching on all the basics: ethics in journalism, building trust and credibility with your audience, proper “techniques” and “approaches” to reporting, among other things; more disturbing is the woman seated next to her who is, presumably, the journalism professor, the one who invited her to do a “lecture” and what that syas about both her judgment and her own brand on politics, Ditchburn’s blatant brand aside.

    Does anyone believe any of those journo students posed a tough question during the likely Q&A that followed? Not likely. Looks at the 4 students in the shot. These are the faces you’ll likely see in the Media Party in a few years time so we can all see what the problem is with today’s brand of journalism.

    I f I was one of her students, I would ask: How do you feel about taking money from taxpayers while having done many stories and provided on-air comment on alleged spending abuses in various gov’t departments and the programs that are funded through them yet you’re comfortable making appearances on a taxpayer-funded broadcaster that never reports on those involving themselves? Does it make you cringe or does the fee you earn make that feeling go away?

    One can only imagine both Ditchburn’s expression and her non-sequitur response.

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