Video: Redford’s minister Doug Griffiths says oil “sucks the life” out of Alberta

And I thought Redford putting MLA Mike Allen who is charged with using prostitutes (see here) while in the US on government business on the Family and Community Committee was going to be her biggest headache today:

mike allen

7 Responses to “Video: Redford’s minister Doug Griffiths says oil “sucks the life” out of Alberta”

  1. brad maynard Says:

    yep, stop the oil sands production and watch as alberta is suddenly flush with wealth and prosperity. (sigh)
    where in the hell does redford dig these people up?

    • Bec Says:

      She’s from the ‘Joe who’ world of thinking VS the genius that made this province prosper, Ernest Manning.

      She recruits idiots, 2 generations of leadership idiots.

      Subliminally….go and have blood work…etc …in this Province and talk to the PROFESSIONALS…….they despise this gong show.
      Just sayin’ MS premier….you have idiots in your regime but I’m sure their BBQ”s and parties are so fantastic…(sarc off)

  2. Robert Says:

    Your post has been included in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

  3. Jen Says:

    If the oilsands is shut down and businesses leave, the idle no mores, the media and opposition parties will sign praises but when cars are empty of gas and furnaces are in need of oil as well as our daily lives. we can always from then on count on OPEC world price oil which will double in price.
    No more will we see the $1 and odd cents a litre but endure the new world price at 2-3 dollars a litre.
    Canadians in remote places will freeze to death because they can not afford to buy not even a drop of oil.
    Trying to shut down our nation economy is a VERY DANGEROUS AND NASTY THING TO DO.

  4. taxpayer paying part of MLA Griffith's salary and pension Says:

    Well, I don’t see any major expansions to “manufacturing” of much in Alberta, or any other alternate business development that doesn’t rely on some form of energy to make something. Pipelines of their production are being dumped into the “hazardous goods” file these days and I wonder if this MLA (and others of his progressive ilk in frozen Edmonton…”yuck oil & gas development”) ride their bikes to the Legislature in the winter? Nobody tills the soil here in winter for that second crop.

    These kinds of people live in some alternate reality world where the daily temperature is a comfortable 20 C and the skies are sunny all day. Oh, that would be inside the Legislature. We need to turn the heat off in that legislature to give them a sense of reality in winter.

    It’s a business, taxed just like any other business that for the most part digs or sucks something out of a hole in the ground to make things he uses every day and allows him to move his butt around, heat his home and place of business and powers that “other” kind of business he desires to replace the one business that by an act of geology is located for the most part in Alberta. Suck it up man! I don’t see steel mills, electronics manufacturing, car plants, there’s even a dearth of food manufacturing plants in Alberta as most of our “alternate” produce is shipped somewehre else and processed there. We don’t even produce more dairy products in Alberta (we have the land and farming capacity in spades), than our “supply managed” competition in central Canada.

    Oil currently helps in large part the finances paying for my Alberta Health Services cancer care, too. What’s funding his, or his children’s health care, the Egg Marketing Board?

  5. Sonpall98 Says:

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