BC Liberal riding president calls Romas in Canada “thieves”


I can’t imagine how the BC Liberal’s Coquitlam-Maillardville riding association president Randy Rinaldo

rinaldo 1

can keep his position within the BC Liberal Party after calling Romas “thieves” on Twitter like he did:

rinaldo bc liberalNo political party should allow such blatant hostility and bigotry from a card-carrying member let alone a person in such a high administrative position like a riding president.

Rinaldo must be removed immediately.


3 Responses to “BC Liberal riding president calls Romas in Canada “thieves””

  1. Tim Says:

    I’m sure the hypocrite Liberals will let it slide, like they seem too willing to do anytime one of “theirs” steps in a bucket of stink. Outrage is only for conservatives; Liberal misdeeds are to be defended, downplayed or ignored.

  2. Frances Says:

    One problem with this ‘predjudice’ – it could be based on experience. Back in the day, when we travelled to eastern Europe, the main warning on the Gov’t of Canada website was concerning the Roma, including the children. Thieving was the concern. And the local English-language paper had some interesting discussions about the Roma ‘problem’.

    That being said, nothing will be done because the man’s a Liberal and, therefore, cannot be prejudiced; unlike a Conservative who is inherently so.

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