Trudeau’s sexist $250 Ladies Cocktail event

trudeau blue steel

A jaw-dropping ladies-only $250 event has been posted on the Liberal Party’s website (see here) which includes this gag-inducing poster:

trudeau 250

I can’t get the image of middle-aged Media Party members sitting in the front row holding fistfuls of bills ready to stuff in Trudeau’s thong out of my mind.


25 Responses to “Trudeau’s sexist $250 Ladies Cocktail event”

  1. Krysta Meekins Says:

    Yikes. That poster is awful. I wonder if that really appeals to the potential ticket buyers?

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    Ladies your invited to (REALLY) get to know the future Prime Minister? Sounds like he’s prostituting himself out to anyone who REALLY wants to…………do something sordid with him??this is creepy. I think his head is swelling or his brain is in a fog.

  3. Bec Says:

    Sexism, personified. How obnoxious.

    The FEMALES who take him up on this are going to be feministas’ because NORMAL, working, bill paying, child(ren) caring women who actually have 250.00 to blow, are A) NOT middle class and B) would rather blow $250. with their SPOUSE.

    He has the arrogance and gall of a peacock.

  4. Bec Says:

    Gawd I’m disgusted! Can you imagine if a (female or otherwise) Conservative leader had a ‘boys night’……It would be their undoing, the freaks in the media who go postal, facebook would be a viral gong show and the sun and moon would die!

    Justin T was raised by a groupie, lived as a photo op babe so groupies and cameras are his friend. Brains are not.

  5. Martin Says:

    The double standard at play here is almost unbelievable. Just imagine the reverse, were an attractive young conservative woman to make such an offer. Where is the mm and why are they not all over this sexist story?


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  7. Sean M Says:

    Good grief… selling the empty headed turd has already reached a new low. I guess Andrew Coyne, Paul Wells and Micheal Den Taint will be there dressed in drag. Truly pathetic!

  8. wilson Says:

    LOL. When you are that full of yourself, yah gotta feed it.

  9. Mary Hines Says:

    Disgusting…Spending $250 to be with Justin…. does that sound like a “middle class” evening out!! The liberals will never get it!! They are entitled to their entitlement….

  10. Liz J Says:

    He’s totally screwed with this one, it would be appropriate for him to hand out red thongs and red condoms, people will want something more than a cocktail or two for $250 bucks.

  11. Jen Says:

    Bring your own Marijuana or one will be provided for you since Justin is a pot-user.

  12. Jen Says:

    You never know, CBC might gather a whole bunch of women for a Getaway Treat to see Justin, paid for by all Canadians.

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    Seems he thinks women are empty headed, thus women only. Why not a men only night? Men might ask about his “carbon tax and women won’t?
    Meanwhile, his wife is sitting at home pregnant while he’s pimping for girls, like Susuki. Some respect for his wife huh? sickening, like his Dad was with his women. Next he will be walking around with a rose in his teeth.pffft

  14. ohboy Says:

    I think Justin is hoping for a turnout of at least a hundred female spectators …that way he makes his usual speaking fee.
    Will it be a casual affair …tight jeans and open shirt?

  15. bocanut Says:

    Shiny Pony is hooked on being adulated by women.
    This event will just sate his addiction temporarily.

  16. ohboy Says:

    gig·o·lo (jg-l, zhg-)
    n. pl. gig·o·los
    1. A man who receives financial support from (a woman)/women.

    Gigolo Trudeau ?

  17. Ontario Girl Says:

    Pole dance? The guys an empty headed fool. Strange that the cbc did a clip of this story.(advertising for the event compliments of the Liberal propaganda machine the CBC)…..guess to look like they aren’t biased against the Mayor. …BUT still nothing from CBC on Trudeau’s “carbon tax”.

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  20. Stan Says:

    Mick’s looks, Maggie’s brains….

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