Website set-up to hold David Suzuki accountable


You have to love this website which features videos from Sun News’ Ezra Levant’s show exposing CBC’s David Suzuki as a hypocritical fraud, a section devoted to his nutbar pseudo-science and includes a petition for people to sign:

  • To downsize from your 8 million dollar, double-lot, seaside mansion to a normal-sized home;
  • To reclaim your other three homes, and plant them with carbon-absorbing trees and mosses and lichens;
  • To appear at your public events by videoconference, instead of jetting to the events across the country and around the world;
  • To bicycle, not take chauffeured vehicles;
  • To stop your creepy and sexist demands for female bodyguards to escort you in our schools;
  • To speak to Canadian students altruistically, not charge $41,000 fees;
  • And, to stop pretending you’re the victim, when in fact you’re the bully;
  • In short, to live like you believe what you’re preaching (see here)

In your face Suzuki.


4 Responses to “Website set-up to hold David Suzuki accountable”

  1. ohboy Says:

    David should have quit years ago while he was still ahead.
    Now not so much so.
    I guess that old saying holds about ‘no fool like an old fool’
    Then again greedy fools always provide the rope with which to hang themselves.
    Watch for him to retire soon should this get traction.

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    What a fraud…an oversexed old coot in his “Shades”. His days are numbered since Ezra showed us what a no nothing jerk he is.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Thank you for putting this up David Suzuki has gotten a free ride for way too long.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    It is a nice thought. However, the thing about one being held accountable is that one also has to be credible. Since Suzuki is hardly the latter the former is impossible.

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