CBC thinks it’s funny to smoke weed in Trudeau’s Parliamentary office

cbc weed trudeau

You really have to wonder what goes on in the minds of the CBC brainiacs when they believe showing Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau and This Hour Has 22 Minute’s Mark Critch sharing a doobie (see here) is responsible television.

It’s bad enough kids may be influenced by Trudeau’s pro-weed stance on its own but for the CBC to reinforce the notion that it’s cool to smoke weed is reprehensible.

There were no complaints about this?




NDP MP Megan Leslie admits she won’t hold Liberals to account

ladies man 1

You know NDP MP Megan Leslie is hedging her bets just in case the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau looks more promising than the NDP with Thomas Mulcair when you read things like this:

leslieThink about a Leslie confessing she doesn’t “usually comment on what the Liberals are doing” and ask yourself how committed she is to the NDP.

Also: See earlier post here on Trudeau’s Ladies Night event

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