CBC thinks it’s funny to smoke weed in Trudeau’s Parliamentary office

cbc weed trudeau

You really have to wonder what goes on in the minds of the CBC brainiacs when they believe showing Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau and This Hour Has 22 Minute’s Mark Critch sharing a doobie (see here) is responsible television.

It’s bad enough kids may be influenced by Trudeau’s pro-weed stance on its own but for the CBC to reinforce the notion that it’s cool to smoke weed is reprehensible.

There were no complaints about this?




12 Responses to “CBC thinks it’s funny to smoke weed in Trudeau’s Parliamentary office”

  1. fhl Says:

    unbelievable the CBC has no shame

  2. Ontario Girl Says:

    The CBC are sewer rats…after watching tonight’s “at issue” the place needs it’s doors locked & they need to be sued for slander.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    Justin demonstrates why it’s called “DOPE”

  4. Kelowna Lorne Says:

    Take away the sound track and you’ll find nobody is laughing. It’s really quite juvenile. This is what we cough up $1B per year for.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Satire or not,Trudeau is willing to be the poster boy for pot. He’s getting a message out to the young people, who in their immaturity look to him as an example and will think it’s cool to smoke dope.

  6. Michael Harkov Says:

    This “new organization” helped hound a mere mayor for his antics related to drugs, now they make a mockery an parody of it with the participation of a possible future PM?

    Are they really this f*&^%$# stupid?

  7. Jen Says:

    Can I smoke a joint here, asked the gentleman
    of course you can, you need not be afraid, the media is very well trained to not offend us or speak against us LPC, besides, they are too busy going after the cpc as we ordered them to do.

  8. Roy elsworth Says:

    you guys instead of complaining about it send this to foxnews and cnn and msnbc and make the playing field a little more fair. if they attack Rob Ford then make the americanmedia attack the fed liberals I this gets out there then it will make both cbc and the liebrals look bad. (hit back twice as hard) Andrew Breitbart.

  9. Roy elsworth Says:

    sorry if this gets out.

  10. Gary Says:

    Just what we need, a whole generation of little-Justins thinking it’s just fine to smoke pot and be a Pilot, Surgeon,Police Officer, Train Engineer hauling Oil, Oil Taker Captain , and Fire Fighter.

  11. Brad maynard Says:

    I’m not complaining. Hope they keep doing it. My guess is juniors stock drops every time he’s seen to be some playboy. Forget the polls, these images will drop him like a mike Tyson punch to the temple.

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