Video: CBC’s Susan Lunn outed as reporter who implied female cabinet minister’s photo was slutty


The Media Party’s Mean Girls went on full-attack Thursday against Conservative cabinet minister Michelle Rempel for daring to confront the Liberals for their sexist Trudeau Ladies Night (see here).

Leading the charge was CBC’s Susan Lunn who suggested during a press scrum that Remple’s photo on her Twitter account:


is somehow skanky and Rempel should be ashamed of it. Instead, all it shows is how vicious these female Media Party members are and how low they will stoop to attack another woman who challenges Trudeau.

To see this verbal attack, check out Ezra Levant’s Sun News segment at approximately the 4:45 mark here. For reference, Lunn is shown in this picture, partially hidden and standing behind the male reporter.

lunn graham

The lesson here is that if you go after Trudeau, they will go after you.


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