Video: CBC’s Susan Lunn outed as reporter who implied female cabinet minister’s photo was slutty


The Media Party’s Mean Girls went on full-attack Thursday against Conservative cabinet minister Michelle Rempel for daring to confront the Liberals for their sexist Trudeau Ladies Night (see here).

Leading the charge was CBC’s Susan Lunn who suggested during a press scrum that Remple’s photo on her Twitter account:


is somehow skanky and Rempel should be ashamed of it. Instead, all it shows is how vicious these female Media Party members are and how low they will stoop to attack another woman who challenges Trudeau.

To see this verbal attack, check out Ezra Levant’s Sun News segment at approximately the 4:45 mark here. For reference, Lunn is shown in this picture, partially hidden and standing behind the male reporter.

lunn graham

The lesson here is that if you go after Trudeau, they will go after you.



24 Responses to “Video: CBC’s Susan Lunn outed as reporter who implied female cabinet minister’s photo was slutty”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What I find even more distasteful is her telling Rempel that she is just jealous or afraid of Trudeau and that’s why she objects to his ladies’ night. She said it’s typical the Conservatives changing the subject. How insulting is that!

  2. fhl Says:

    the reports look so sleazy yelling at the Ministers of the Crown about “JEALOUSY”

  3. lynn Says:

    It’s the most disgusting display of skank behavior that I have ever seen. Susan Lunn is a big mouth and a moron.

  4. Jen Says:

    These suppose people who imagine themselves as reporters are so brainwashed that they are jealous that Rempel has a mind of her own.
    BTW, Pierre Trudeau wanted Canada be runned CUBAN-STLYE. Well, we surely have that in the media. I wonder if the pipe pipers chorus (media) ask their liberal master permission just to talk

  5. Grant Says:

    So Trudeau does a striptease and because it is for charity, not a harsh word from these media sycophants. But Rempel takes a completely benign picture and this idiot Lunn believes it to be “skanky”? A media-whore calling someone else a skank. Ain’t that rich.

    I just laugh now when libtards claim that there is no pro-Liberal CBC bias.

  6. James Walker Says:

    Funny, Lunn’s twitter handle is ‘slunny’.

  7. TangoJuliette Says:

    Doomed ferrets fight the dirtiest. About theJerry Lewis-like Heeeey Laaaaadies flyer from the makers of sparkle, not substance??

    Derivative in art and style. Cum-Andy Warhol solarization & erzats silk screening. An unoriginal, highly juvnile, mostly overpriced, no doubt, copy of B.O.’s Hopey Changey schtick. I’m starting to catch the stateside Barry Buddy press starting to turn on the Great One. Our useful idiots will soon wake up as well, and realize that there is indeed a difference between $#!t and shinola, after all.

  8. Bocanut Says:

    These journalosers are rabid Trudeauista groupies.
    They almost make the Manson Family Girls look normal. .

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    On Evan Solomon’s Power & politics ,he put up a tweet from someone, below Michelle Rempel’s photo that said..” Have a little respect for the country without sitting in your chair looking like a HOOKER. It’s at the 1 hr. 12:18 min…then later with NDP Gerry Capman at 1 hr 25 min he says….”whoever on CBC allowed a comment calling someone a HOOKER needs to be FIRED…Solomon spend a great deal of time defending Turdeau on sexist marketing.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I (and others) went after Solomon on Twitter for doing that but he wouldn’t respond. We’ve outed the guy who wrote that tweet and another who compared her to a Russian Bride

  10. jon Says:

    What’s maddening is how Conservatives never really push back. Why don’t they challenge this stuff? Why didn’t Remple or Glover say to Lunn and Graham: “You guys are ‘reporters’ and are acting as Trudeau enforcers? Do you guys ever listen to yourselves? You are compromising yourselves when you’re supposed to be impartial and objective and are being anything but. Don’t you care about optics and how your credibility is coming into disrepute?”

    No, instead Remple tries to “explain” or “justify” her comments when she doesn’t have to (I saw the full clip that continues on where this one ends). It’s the reporters themselves she should be focusing on, not back peddling by defending what she doesn’t have to.

    These reporters have to be taken to tak RIGHT THERE in the scrum. But it never happens. Conservatives always back peddle. No wonder such reporters feel emboldened.

    • Sean M Says:

      Absolutely… i agree… but, I wonder if perhaps the Conservative strategy is to allow the media to expose themselves as the pathetic trudumb groupies that they are, furthering the media slide into complete irrelevance in the minds of the public. The media are obvious shills for the lefty “progressive cause”, have been for decades, but when it comes to their candidate, Trudumb, they seem to become even more hysterical, more emotionally unhinged than when their practicing their usual shilling for say, Iggy, or the incomprehensible Dion. Although, i do agree that it would be refreshing to see the Conservatives calling the media on their blatant advocacy for Trudumb.

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  12. Says:

    You know, even if Rempel was to push back at these media maggots and call them out on their idiocy it would never make the news. Or the reporter in question would lie or spin the story to make Conservatives look bad yet again and the poor little yellow journalist would be some kind of victim.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I disagree. There are ways to confront them and ensure they don’t try this crap again.

    • lynn Says:

      These two female reporters were obnoxious and I’m outraged. Their job is to interview the person they are reporting on and give fair coverage. They used their privilege to swarm, insult and attack someone like schoolyard bullies. Their opinion is irrelevant. It’s not their job to become part of the news cycle. They should be removed; but since that will never happen; they should be refused all access to Michelle. I for one, would like to see more video coverage and reporting of such unprofessional behavior so the public can see how skewed reporting has become..

  13. Lyndia Says:

    They need Ben Shapiro to teach them how to attack these scum. Offense first and never let them demean you without a comment back.

  14. lynn Says:

    You can’t compare this event to other events organized by women for women. This wasn’t an event between professional women getting together to further the goal of women in business or politics. This was an event organized to worship Justin. Big difference.

    I’ve listened to some dumb things on CTV; but saying that if Justin can use his looks to get elected with nothing else; then good for him. This is the problem that women have had all along. You can only get by on your looks. In Justin’s case, it’s the truth. What a strange inversion.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’ll just add “rich women”

      • lynn Says:

        I don’t need to have what Justin meant to say explained to me by his lackeys and trot-dogs in the media. And Michelle doesn’t have to explain herself to CTV or CBC hacks any longer. She should explain her point of view in an article to the NP instead and forget these vicious fan girls.

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