CP’s “political expert” on Trudeau pro-dictatorship story called female Conservative minister “eye candy”


You could smell a rat right away reading Canadian Press’ Diana Mehta’s article on Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s China admiration from her use of Michael Behiels as her source:

Federal politics expert Michael Behiels said there was nothing eyebrow-raising about Trudeau’s comments, although the Liberal leader could learn something from the kerfuffle sparked by his words.

“It was almost guaranteed that the PMO and their war room were going to do this, because this is what they do,” said Behiels.

“Trying to explain these things after the fact to people who weren’t there and when it’s already been twisted, is almost impossible,” he said.

“The take away is that Canadians have to take the criticisms of the Conservative partisan machine with a grain of salt and ask for the full quote and the context and make up their own mind…If they do that then they’re not going to be led around by the nose by the excessive partisanship on behalf of any of these parties.” (see here)

You see, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Trudeau saying he admired China’s dictatorship and that the only problem is with those nasty Conservatives.

So, who is Bihiels? A quick Google search and you find this photo of him getting an award from ex-Liberal cabinet minister Allan Rock:


and an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen where he calls PM Stephen Harper “our not so benign dictator” (see here) and a Twitter time-line loaded with pro-Liberal/anti-Conservative propaganda (see here) with this one calling Conservative minister Michelle Rempel “eye candy”:


The only question remains is whether Mehta wrote this Trudeau cover-up story on her own or was instructed to by a CP editor.


Picture: Muammar Trudeau and his female Media Party bodyguards


Flanked by his female bodyguards Susan Lunn from the CBC and Laurie Graham from the CTV, Liberal leader Muammar Trudeau gets off his private jet on way to a Ladies Night event in downtown Toronto.

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