CP’s “political expert” on Trudeau pro-dictatorship story called female Conservative minister “eye candy”


You could smell a rat right away reading Canadian Press’ Diana Mehta’s article on Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s China admiration from her use of Michael Behiels as her source:

Federal politics expert Michael Behiels said there was nothing eyebrow-raising about Trudeau’s comments, although the Liberal leader could learn something from the kerfuffle sparked by his words.

“It was almost guaranteed that the PMO and their war room were going to do this, because this is what they do,” said Behiels.

“Trying to explain these things after the fact to people who weren’t there and when it’s already been twisted, is almost impossible,” he said.

“The take away is that Canadians have to take the criticisms of the Conservative partisan machine with a grain of salt and ask for the full quote and the context and make up their own mind…If they do that then they’re not going to be led around by the nose by the excessive partisanship on behalf of any of these parties.” (see here)

You see, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Trudeau saying he admired China’s dictatorship and that the only problem is with those nasty Conservatives.

So, who is Bihiels? A quick Google search and you find this photo of him getting an award from ex-Liberal cabinet minister Allan Rock:


and an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen where he calls PM Stephen Harper “our not so benign dictator” (see here) and a Twitter time-line loaded with pro-Liberal/anti-Conservative propaganda (see here) with this one calling Conservative minister Michelle Rempel “eye candy”:


The only question remains is whether Mehta wrote this Trudeau cover-up story on her own or was instructed to by a CP editor.


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  1. jmw Says:

    100,000,000 dead Chinese have definitely made the Communist Chinese government more “efficient”—none of that freedom of speech or representation stuff for them to slow them down from their agenda. As for going “green”, China is building 2 COAL-fired plants a week, while selling us solar panels — do they know something Europe and Australia are finally figuring out? It isn’t Conservatives who are responsible for criticizing Trudeau–every time he opens his mouth, we find a new level of stupid.

  2. Mary Hines Says:

    Conservatives are “not needed” to make the liberal leader “LOOK STUPID”… When asked a question that hasn’t been written for him – that is all that is needed!! I thought he was a DRAMA teacher, you would think in Question Period – he would be able to memorize his lines – “just once” and not have to “READ” – all the time. Maybe, the liberals are afraid he will go off script!… Canadian ideal only…..I am afraid that isn’t saying much about our Canadian women – if he is what they are looking for in a PM!

  3. ohboy Says:

    michael behiels says:
    ” Some have noted that Rempel is the CP eye candy in the House sitting in awe of PMSH ! ”

    WELL GOSH Michael…some of us couldn’t help but notice that JT is the eye candy of the LPC and that the media party chicks are in awe of the young pretender.
    Grab yourself a brain Michael…at least Ms. Rempel has a real job and brains to match.

    What does pierre’s boy have besides an open shirt image and a mouth that mindlessly runs away on him at every opportunity?

  4. Lloyd Lintott Says:

    I think that even a bigger issue here is that Mr. Trudeau is completely ignorant to the political structure of his own country, Canada. To suggest that the Yukon is not governed by the party system tells me all I need to know about this buffoon.

  5. Martin Says:

    Unfortunately for Trudeau, the full quote and context of his remarks are available for all to view; opponents are careful to air the whole video precisely because it is so damaging. No amount of rationalization by Behlels, Solomon or anyone else can undo this self-inflicted damage. CPC have a ready made campaign add, Trudeau Jr in his very own words, unscripted, what he actually thinks.

  6. wilson Says:

    Sun News was first out of the gate this week re: the Shiny Pony and his girlgab and gaffs and the reaction of Trudeau’s mean girls in the media…
    when the ‘it’s a joke’ didn’t work, they trot out ‘experts’ to explain it’s out of context.
    Ha, it was not a joke, not out of context, it was Justin Unplugged and he’s in way way way over his head.

  7. Bocanut Says:

    Justin and his rabid Trudeauistas-You cant cure stupid.

  8. lynn Says:

    I suppose “eye candy” is only slightly less offensive than being characterized as a “beaver”. Gee, I wonder who said that when he was bragging to the men in the room.

  9. Michael Harkov Says:

    First its a joke, then it is about context, then it is about someone else twisting his words, then it is “but….but….but……Harrrrrpppperrrr!!!!!” Can’t this fop EVER take responsibility for anything he says without the sycophants covering for him? Where will these sycophants be when he is alone with Vladimir Putin defending and negotiating on behalf of Canadian interests?

    You know, when you can predict exactly when they will come running to his defense, who they will be, and what they will say after he says something stupid, you know the MSM/PPG is in the bag.

    But no one has seen anything yet; just wait until an election campaign. Even a leader’s debate will be gamed with a Trudeau groupie moderator or the presstitutes claiming a Trudeau overwhelming victory for merely exceeding expectations.

    I think he’ll be elected. There are enough L.I.Vs out there that will make at least a minority possible. The Liberals that elevated this dilletante, silver spooned, airheaded fop will be the ones to blame. They could have went with Marc Garneau who is at least a man of substance and experience. But no, they chose the easy route by pandering to the lowest denominator because they couldn’t do the heavy lifting and rebuild their party in a substantive way.

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    Behiels was always on the political shows with the likes of Goldhawk and Sutcliff on Cpac. Just a puppet Harper hater to bob his head in agreement to everything they want to hear against anything Conservative. yawn He usually appeared with that other Harper hater, Lawrence Martin…that tells you everything. Those guys are a dime a dozen.

  11. Agent Smith Says:

    Ah yes, the ever handy ‘Expurt’ to explain to us what we hear with our own two ears. I feel very comforted to discover that my initial take of how head shakingly bad JT’s answer was – was completely groundless. I’ll never trust my own judgement again.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The way the media treats Prince Justin today is what Yogi Berra would call, “deja vue all over again”. King Pierre back in the 60s was protected by the media too. Stories of his fascist/communist/seperatist leanings were completely ignored. Who cared that he rode around montreal on his motorcycle wearing a Nazi helmet and a Swastika on his back, while fellow Canadians were dying during WW2. No the media then, just like today shoved their collective heads up their A and totally ignored it. The so called academic class turned into fawning teenagers covering the latest pop group. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be Canadian!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    The problem with only Sun News covering the story honestly is that nobody can see Sun News. The CRTC took care of that. I loved the clip of Trudeau being asked the question about the Taliban and making his rude comment about Sun News being there. “Actually I’m from CBC” was priceless. Can you imagine a Conservative making an anti-CBC or CTV comment in one of those scrums. We’d hear about it forever.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I just wrote to Michelle Rempel telling her about the tweet and what I thought of it. I also asked her if the party could start fighting back against these media hacks. I then wrote to Behiel and told him what I thought of his comments. I feel better now.

  15. biff Says:

    Michelle Rempel “eye candy”: Expert

    • BC Blue Says:

      “Eye candy: The implication is that they are eye-catching in a superficial fashion, for example due to adding an element of sexuality.”

  16. biff Says:

    New stream of social science required – Justin Trudeau statement reinterpretationology

    That’ll be worth six credit hours soon.

  17. biff Says:

    New debate format coming to this election: After Justin speaks there will be a required period of “expert analysis” to properly “interpret” his words. Harper will then be required to address the expertly interpreted version rather than Justin’s actual statements.

    To insure fairness in the process only properly accredited “Justin Trudeau statement reinterpretationologists” (taken from the finest third year arts student lounges in the country) will be utilized.

  18. CBC’s Milewski wins award for shilling the hardest to defend Trudeau’s pro-dictatorship comments | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] a whore in her Twitter photo (see here), run to Liberal apologists to downplay his moronic words (see here), deflect and make up excuses (see here), but CBC’s Terry Mileswki takes the […]

  19. biff Says:

    These same experts have only now reinterpreted Justin’s eulogy of his father – given in a faux European accent, delivered with B movie overacting, and told through odd Shakespearese – as a deft display at fooling the audience into thinking he is a political equivalent of Zoolander. These experts now confirm this was the greatest act of polity rope a dope ever accomplished and that Canada will gain immensely from this great, great man.

  20. Ontario Girl Says:

    Just to prove what I said above, low and behold, CBC RADIO had none other then Liberal Harper hating Lawrence Martin on to repeat CBC’s Terry Mildews crap word for word dragging PM Harper into the Trudeau gaff.CBC can’t be trusted with the truth…time to get the taxpayers 1.1 BILLION sent over to Sun News where the whole story is reported. Tabloid yellow journalism CBC needs to have it’s doors shut.

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