CBC’s Milewski wins award for shilling the hardest to defend Trudeau’s pro-dictatorship comments


On Liberal leader Justin Trudeau saying he admires China’s dictatorship (see here), the Media Party is becoming unglued right before our eyes trying to defend him.

We’ve seen them attack a female Conservative minister for looking like a whore in her Twitter photo (see here), run to Liberal apologists to downplay his moronic words (see here), deflect and make up excuses (see here), but CBC’s Terry Mileswki takes the cake:

milewskiIn Milewski’s fevered mind, Trudeau said nothing different than what Harper has and besides, this was all a trap set by the vile “Sun TV” (see here).

I used to believe there was a possibility of saving some aspects of the CBC – I no longer think that.


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  1. Mary Hines Says:

    Terry Milewski main job is to “bash” the Conservative Government… When he travels with the PM – all of his reports have a negative towards the Government – and at night – when he reports, it is always to bash the Conservative Party. Someone said – last night he had a report – saying “Harper” as he calls our PM – may get a week off – but everyone will be back next week at the senate scandal……. When the main street media have to come out in force to defend their little “boy” with designer clothes – you know Trudeau is in trouble and they are all starting to look as “sick” as Trudeau. There is a big difference saying you like the way China is being run – a dictatorship, compared to PM Harper talking about China as far as doing business with them…. The funny thing, you talk with your average person, they know it too and by reporting what Milewski is trying to do… just lowers the bar that much more on his credibility…(that is, if it can go any lower)

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    The CBC needs to be de-funded.
    For Mr Mildewski to attempt to defend yet another Justin brain fart is just as pathetic and shallow as Justin’s world view.
    A little telling tht both Justin and Terry find it necessary to reference PM Harper to somehow deflect any critisim of Trudeau.
    He said it he owns it, “Justin Trudeay, in over his head”

  3. Liz J Says:

    On this Remembrance Day the thought of Trudeau Sr or Jr or Milewski and his ilk is puke inducing. These are the people our ancestors fought to give them the freedom to be real jackasses.
    We are so lucky in Canada to have the PM we have, when he speaks on this Remembrance Day we know he means it, there’s no doubt, no hypocrisy.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    The same guy who showed his true colors harassing the Prime Minister during the election 2011, for all Canadians to see. Not surprised he would try to make excuses for his Liberal idol. For him to try and drag PM Harper into this, is the CBC way…like him busting his s$$ trying to connect Harper and Ford…….. CBC running scared because Trudeau is an idiot.

  5. lynn Says:

    I seem to recall a CBC reporter asking Justin a serious question and being smirked at and dismissed as Sun News Reporter. Was that a vile trap? Should we stop taking the CBC seriously? I think we know the answer to that question.

  6. Beachdude007 Says:

    Of course Terry is going to defend him, for the left they are all in with Justin. Equal reporting……from the CBC!!! Now thats a good one! They do not have “reporters” but opinion makers, and let’s not forget “they go there”.

  7. Martin Says:

    Same guy who reported from on the far reaching Canada -EU trade signing, a pact supported by practically all political sides; he was left to sniff that PMSH mangled José Manuel Barroso’s name. Funny, no other reporter present seemed to notice this.
    All most as bad as missing a photo shoot while in the bathroom, or misplacing a communion wafer.

  8. Robert Says:

    We have included your post in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at looniepolitics.com

  9. Sean M Says:

    it was clear the media Presstitutes” were in a panicked state after their idiot boy started blathering his Fathers ideology concerning dictatorships… he loves them! Yeah, no kidding… The Trudumb media were caught with their pants down, lost for a narrative or convenient spin. First the media said their idiot boy was simply joking, that didn’t work, now their using the desperate tactic that states,” Harper too”… funny, because I don’t remember PM Harper ever saying he admires dictatorships for their ability to get things done. I guess all the media have left to say is that it was no big deal. This won’t be the last time the medias candidate opens his stupid mouth and leaves the media scrambling to cover for him.

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    A wise man speaks because he has something to say.
    Trudeau speaks because he has to say something
    Here he goes again, Justin says he will “re-think mandatory minimums”
    Whatever that means probably will look for root causes.

  11. Bec Says:

    I’d love to know how these people are hired. Is it their supposed educational credentials or is it their political preferences? Inquiring minds want to know.

    We need an undercover ‘girl with a dragon tattoo’ to get us the goods on what exactly happens behind those taxpayer funded doors.
    …….Because we the taxpayers……are never told why they spend our money on everything but common sense and stellar journalism.
    …..Because we pay for pure crap.

  12. jon Says:

    Terry Mildew says, “Ah. Too bad he didn’t put it that way while Sun TV’s camera was rolling, watching for any slip-up to wave before the nation’s horrified eyes. Of course, what Trudeau actually said was catnip to Sun News, and to the Conservative Party, and to the NDP.”

    Such partisan phraseology is unbecoming for any news “reporter”, especially one who works for a public broadcaster. It reads more like a rebuttal from a Liberal hack — quoted TO a reporter rather than coming FROM a reporter. But, hey, Terry likes to cut out the middle man, doesn’t he? And give the man his due; he’s a genius. He’s getting an early jump on his colleagues showing why he’ll be a top leadership contender for the Media Party in 2015, leading them into battle.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      In other words, “it is too bad he didn’t have a 100% partisan room so he wouldn’t have to watch his words, where he wouldn’t have to worry about clarifying what he REALLY meant”.

      These MSM/PPG Liberal shills emerge more from under their rocks the closer that L.I.V.s get to installing this fop.

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    Justin does ladies night…Margaret Wente wasn’t fooled by the other media, after Sun News exposed Turdeau


  14. Ontario Girl Says:

    Then to top off the morning, CBC RADIO had Liberal Lawrence Martin dragged out of cobwebs, to repeat Terry Mildews comments word for word to protect idiot Turdeau. CBC news cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

  15. Ontario Girl Says:

    CBC’s anything Liberal cheerleader said this…lololol
    The media are shameless.
    I will never believe a word reported on CBC ever.
    “Does it matter? Much too much is made of gaffes generally. Was it really enough to rule out Howard Dean’s bid for president that he got a little too enthusiastic at a rally? Was Bob Stanfield’s inability to squeeze a football — in one of dozens of shots taken that day — really evidence of his unfitness for prime minister?”

  16. Ontario Girl Says:

    That was Andrew Coyne’s QUOTE above…oops

  17. brad Says:

    wasn’t sure if I was going to laugh or throw something heavy at the TV when I saw his rambling. watching sun news is going to get expensive if one day I do lose it on flatscreen. cant believe the garbage that comes out of the liberal press.

  18. Rich Says:

    Was it not Terry Mileski That ridiculed PM Harper in 2006 because he refused to meet with the Chinese Leadership because of their human rights abuses regarding the Falun Gong and also chastised the PM for not attending the Olympics in Beijing.
    If Mr. Mileski so admires the Chinese Government, Why, does he not go there and work for Xinshua News agency. That is the media arm of the Chinese government.

  19. Ontario Girl Says:

    This show was totally disgusting,,all in the cloak of comedy…I am not laughing. It is CBC 22 minutes. A whole 1/2 hour of making fun of mayor Ford with some PM Harper thrown in. Someone needs to shut the CBC up with legal charges.


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