Video: Liberal MP Karygiannis says veterans will just blow money on booze

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis stepped into it deep today after appearing on CBC Power and Politics and smeared Canadian veterans as a bunch of drunks and druggies who can’t be trusted with their own money.

This may not be quite as damaging to the Liberals as Scott Reid’s infamous “Beer and Popcorn” quote:

But Kariygiannis is a sitting MP and their Veterans Affairs Critic which the Conservatives have rightly called for his firing (see here).

Karygiannis got away with lying to Canada Customs (see here) in February but will he now survive after insulting veterans as boozers?


11 Responses to “Video: Liberal MP Karygiannis says veterans will just blow money on booze”

  1. Bec Says:

    My hubby and I were living in Halifax when the Chretien govt started cheaping out on the Canadian military. To hear this comment brings back so many memories of how Liberals made those warriors feel back then.

    This is not a surprise to me and I have waited for this shoe to drop from someone coming out of the hate the military, Liberal closet.
    Remembrance Days back then were local only/ Provincial only and the Feds did it but you didn’t feel it like we do again now.

    The Libs imo would again slaughter the funding for our Canadian service members, without question..

    • Jen Says:

      Yep, and while the liberals were cutting funding to the military, and getting away with it; they will surely do so again.

  2. Pissedoff Says:

    Handing liberal MPs the keys to the exchequer is like throwing your money to a lunatic.

  3. brad maynard Says:

    enter the liberal MSM. itll be all cleared up by morning.

  4. Liz J Says:

    It’s worse than the “beer and popcorn” comment. It’s not defensible, there are no words the media or the Liberals can spew that will sanitize it.

  5. Jen Says:

    Karygiannis is not the only one to smear the soldiers. The NDP called them War Criminals and not only that, one of the NDPQ mp called the WWI soldiers -BUTCHERS.
    If the media can cover up both the libs and ndp, liberal Karygiannis expects the same treatment without any questions.

    You are correct Brad, by morning the media has all this under tightly sealed from the their public- (their public) meaning those who only have access to CBC.

    • TickedVetran Says:

      In 2006 I was heckled by NDP’ers while wearing my uniform. All the usual crap…baby killer, George W puppet..etc..etc…. These were students from the University of Victoria. The same crowd that tried to stop us from putting up displays during “career day” at the campus. Best part….they heckled standing outside of Denise Savoie’s campaign office across from the Tudor House (bar).

      In the mid-90’s, there were some Liberals visiting CFB Stadacona for an announcement by the PM. Some of the backroom boys were getting coffee at the Tim Horton’s in the main barracks, and the discussion centered on the effects of the FRP program. Overhead from one Liberal Backroom sleazeball when he responded, “Who cares what they think. People who join the military usually come from the Lower classes”

      Yep….not surprising from either group, the NDP or the LIbs. The NDP hates us, and the Liberals prefer to simply ignore us.

  6. Dave Says:

    “Foot in Mouth”, the liberal mantra. So whats new? Same sh*t different day. Nothing new here, carry on.
    Just another day.

  7. ianinamman Says:

    First we had the Liberal media apologists saying he was taken out of context and now we have him apologizing.

  8. Robert Says:

    Your post has been included in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

  9. Kai Vuorinen Says:

    Karygiannis’ comments aside , and they are downright offensive, what is currently happening within the Forces and Veterans’ Affairs is a travesty. It was always accepted that squaddies would get looked after if injured in time of war. Typically with a fully indexed pension and health benefits. Alas, to cut a few pennies here and there, the current Government has decided to adopt a one time payoff similar to a workers’ compensation payout. In essence, the poor injured soldier, sailor or airman is told: Here ya go Jimmy, we offer 800K lump sum for your legs and arm that got done blowed off in that there Afghanistan. take it or leave it. Well, for someone seriously injured and requiring a lot of rehab, a lump sum of 800K may not be enough, cponsidering that the lad may only be in his 20’s at the time of his catastophic injuries. And, to make matters worse, they are punting service people who have just a few months to full pension (10 years service) because they become classified as not deployable on operations due to an injury. Nice way to show some gratitude, Mr. Harper and Co.

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