Trudeau campaigns on pro-weed while speaking to school kids


The stunning gaffes keep adding up from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau with today’s revelation that he was campaigning to Sioux Valley School students in Brandon, Manitoba with his candidate Rolf Dinsdale on the platform of legalizing marijuana:

trudeau weedAnother day and another massive blunder from Trudeau.

Also: See earlier post on Liberal candidate Rolf Dinsdale caught lying about his bio here


41 Responses to “Trudeau campaigns on pro-weed while speaking to school kids”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s like the age old question, “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it make any noise”? If nobody in the MSM reports that he said this, does it make any difference. Not only dies he give this speech to school kids, but goes to a First Nation community where drug and alcohol addictions are problematic. By the way, is there an election campaign ongoing right now? Why is an MP from Montreal speaking in Manitoba? No doubt on the taxpayer’s dime. Trudeau reminds me of Obama during his first term. The MSM liberal media in the US (and Canada) protected him and even went so far as to play partisan during the Presidential debate against Romney.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Here’s what the editor of the Brandon Sun tweeted me back after I asked him about that issue:

      • Anonymous Says:

        You can’t ask the Liberal media any serious questions without them getting all indignant and uppity. This guy obviously has his head in the sand when it comes to aboriginal addiction issues, but more than likely he’s just protecting his buddy.

  2. My Info Says:

    Disgraceful. What a fool.

  3. BC Blue Says:

    Posted with permission from a FB friend:

    So Justin Trudeau spent the day talking to school kids in Manitoba. That’s nice. What was he talking to the CHILDREN about? Legalizing Drugs! No for real! He got a large round of applause from the kids too. And the applause is supposed to mean something right? Because school age children have so much life experience making good choices with illegal drugs don’t they? Does anyone see a problem with a man who wants to be PRIME MINISTER of this country talking to your kids about drugs aren’t so bad, we want to make it your choice. BEST PART- Justin is the Liberal party’s leader. The Liberal party’s chief financial officer is Chuck Rifici. Guess what company Chuck owns? Tweed! A company applying to grow medical marijuana—when the law is changed by his best buddy Justin’s policy—they would be a legal pot growing corporation that would make billions off of this generation of kids Justin was talking to today. Do you want this guy talking to your kids?

  4. wilson Says:

    Oh gawd, the guy has zero judgement.
    But it’s become so obvious the media can’t ignore it much longer. Hebert article is pretty negative

    • Anonymous Says:

      Pretty good article by Hebert. She regularly appears as a panelist on election nights and seems to make sense. Maybe she’s the Token Conservative at the Star. Like I’ve said before, the more Trudeau speaks, the more ammo Harper will have in 2015.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Appears Trudeau has pot on his mind so we should be forgiven if we assume he’s a regular user, he’s serious about pot. Can anyone imagine the glaring headlines if PM Harper were to do this?

    Trudeau’s gaffe meter is getting close to over the top. He’s not funny either, he’s a joke, far from Prime Minister material.

  6. Bocanut Says:

    Rolf Dinsdale AKA -Ritalin Boy, punk rocker from Kinsella’s band Sh#t From Hell- trying to score an easy gig by ridng on his father’s coattails just like his leader

  7. guffman Says:

    JT is his own worst enemy and the Conservatives best friend. Another two years of this and Conservatives will have another majority.

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    I think this would encourage the young looking kids in the photo to do drugs. Did their parents know what Trudeau was going to be talking to their children about? I think this is so wrong and sick. But Trudeau is a Liberal, nothing to see here.

  9. Stan Says:


  10. Robert Says:

    We have included your post in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

  11. Bec Says:

    I wonder if Trudeau, the guy who is out there telling “holiday” partiers not to drink and drive has a common sense compass or is just generally a hypocrite?

    For me to process how irresponsible this dialogue was to have with this age group, impossible. I think about the people who come a spend time with this age group, telling their stories about tragic impaired driving consequences and people like Trudeau have completely undone that compass within this age group.

    Analytically the obvious sticks out for me, these kids will be voters in 2 years. Emotionally, that makes him an opportunist and his moral conscience must be seriously dysfunctional. Again, this man has made a disgusting and horrifically irresponsible decision to talk about this subject with this age group..

  12. Martin Says:

    How is it possible for mainstream media like CBC to devote whole days to the travails of Rob Ford’s drug abuse problems, but totally ignore a potential PM campaigning to school children about relaxed availability of marijuana?
    I would be outraged were my children subjected to this nonsense, apparently the MM not so much.

    • andycanuck Says:

      Because Justin isn’t going to Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade, Martin, so the MSM thinks it’s okay for him to discuss!

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    I wonder if he told the children about these experiences he had, as he told the Huffington Post

    Trudeau in his own words…but did he do crack too? Would he lie about THAT one?

    Quote:::: “Once, in British Columbia, he suspects, friends added hallucinogenic mushrooms to his spaghetti, but he never confirmed it. The mushrooms in his pasta seemed to have a bit more of an impact than they should have, he said.”

    “His first experience with drugs was at an Amsterdam café during a backpacking trip in Europe when he was 18. His friend thought it would be easier to order hash than a joint, Trudeau said.”

    I seem to recall him saying his first experience was when he toked in his back yard with friends ?? Which is it?

    • Anonymous Says:

      I just re-read that Huff Post article and knowing a thing or two about “interviewing ” people there are some red flags for me. People who are trying to hide something but want to look like they are being transparent are easy to figure out. You’ll notice that it was always someone else who seemed to be the leader or instigator whenever he smoked pot. Seems like he had lots of friends who took drugs whether it be hash, weed or mushrooms, but he himself never bought it. A person who knows or believes their story can’t be verified will offer information, even untruths, to look cooperative and forthright. Then there’s the Marc Emery issue where he was adamant he smoked hash with Trudeau then after perhaps being pressured said he was mistaken. Who knows, maybe the Liberal war machine got to him. Maybe the Toronto Star should look into that story!

  14. maddie Says:

    D’ya think that trudeau could be more than an occasional dope smoker?… his judgement (lack of) seems to substantiate this.
    To me this is one step short of being the local high school dealer.
    He shows all the hallmarks of one who regularly partakes.
    Most certainly a classless act!

  15. Martin Says:

    Wonder if Jr charged this board $10,000 like he did Kincardine, SW Ont. before becoming leader. There he prattled on about leadership and about himself.

  16. Bubba Brown Says:

    Every time I think JT could not possibly do something more stupid, well there he goes again.
    Industrial strength stupidity,
    The last one was vote for me, a get out of jail card is waiting for you.

  17. Jen Says:

    Justin is a Traveling Salesman for the promotion of marijuana. Whatever he says will be tended too and smoothed over by the media.
    What bothers me is that the Chiefs and FN complain and complain about drugs use within their community yet here is Justin basically favouring marijuana to the FN children. The Chiefs should go after the person or persons who allowed this to happened. If the Chiefs don’t, then we know that they too, are no more interested in the welfare of those kids than they are at the mess in which some natives live.

    • ohboy Says:

      “The Chiefs should go after the person or persons who allowed this to happen.”

      Jen I believe one would have to drop this bomb directly on Mr Trudeau’s doorstep.
      He is after all the official head of the LPC even though he most certainly isn’t their brain trust.
      Some Canadians bemoan the unintended demise of the Liberal Party in Canada, while others strike out saying that PM Harper’s underlying agenda is the full destruction of the LPC.
      Either way…the LPC is a political party that would best serve Canada by (in its present name/form), fading into the annals of history.
      True we do need another party, though whether or not the ndp could fill that void remains to be seen.
      Though certainly not in their present day form.

  18. Ontario Girl Says:

    Looks like Sun News is going to level the playing field. Starting Mon. night at 8pm there will be a new show . The Ford brothers STRAIGHT TALK. After listening to the CBC. CTV and Global bash the Mayor since he was elected,, Sun News is giving the Fords their own hour to talk back. FANTASTIC. It’s about time…bet all the councillors will be glued to their chairs, watching , chewing their nails.Now maybe CBC will be shown up on how they manipulate the news.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Stupid of Fords and embarrassing for Sun News

    • Liz J Says:

      I was surprised at Sun News for taking on the Fords. It may be better for all concerned to keep a distance from this side show, allow some time to pass and see what unfolds. There comes a time in situations like this when the less said the better, we do not know all the facts, what’s truth, what’s lies.

  19. Ontario Girl Says:

    I am not so sure of that. It all depends on how it’s done. It would be nice if Ezra is on with them to keep things on a level keel. Why shouldn’t they be able to defend themselves?I am fed up with the media massive smear job going on right now.

    Might not happen now…apparently Premier Wynne is going to make a statement at 2:30 PM eastern on CBC tabloid news manipulating station. The next shoe to drop? Drip…drip

  20. ohboy Says:

    WTF haven’t we had enough vaudeville in our politics to last awhile.
    Agreed Dean…desperate move on Fords’ part, dumb move on Sun’s.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Next show to be announced on Sun News: Anthony Wiener’s Junk Shots

      • jon Says:

        I cannot believe SNN could make such a stupid move. And it wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t a scandal. Simply put, elected officials, left or right, should never have their own programs — TV or on radio. Before one is elected or after they retire from public life? Fair enough. But not during. Never, under any circumstance.

        And I’m glad to see that many conservatives are denouncing this. It shows a difference between us and the lib-left. We can disagree among each other while with the left group think seems to dominate.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I just read a piece in the Brandon Sun’s point of view POV column written July 5th about a Native fellow who has teamed up with alcohol and drug councillors to hold sweat lodge ceremonies on the Sioux Valley reserve. So the editor of the Sun now tells you that the drug addiction problem on the reserve is no worse than any white community. Hmm so I guess their POV piece was a pile of crap that they used to sell newspapers? Just wondering what the editor would say to that.

  22. Ontario Girl Says:

    Maybe the show will be about what the Mayor has done for Toronto and what he plans to do in the future?

    I think the negative media should go home…stop camping outside the mayors office.. CBC should stop giving 24/7 media coverage of this gong show instigated by the CBC and others.The councillors should stop turning their backs around in their chairs when the Mayor wants to get to work. The Judge should stop releasing police reports in drips to add to this witch hunt. Keep it for the courts…. if they want to keep this up, then release the video, if it even exists.CHARGE the Mayor if there is anything there or go home. STOP ruining his reputation day after day. The councillors are rebel rousers too, especially Wong who wants the Mayors job. This is exactly what the media want to happen especially over there at CBC…keep it up..keep kicking…keep it in the news…waiting like vultures for Mayor Ford to have a breakdown, then they will all be happy. The news they are reporting is so torqued .I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck . I see through the antics loud and clear.

    • andycanuck Says:

      I agree with you, Ontario Girl.

      • Lore White Says:

        Very very true. They know how to ruin a person. The media are a bunch of totally disgusting vultures.

    • Bec Says:

      I agree too! The Councillors acted like idiots today. Had they not, I may have had a moment of respect for them and given this whole thing another look. They didn’t and I don’t. I believe they are behind this witch hunt and feeding the media ‘THEIR DRUG’ of choice,a sleazy scandal.

      I do however think that because they have packed, have involved the international media, the Mayor had better say something of importance on SNN or not bother. I also think that given any of the choices on that rebel council or any of the socialist names floating around, his many supporters have bunkered down and are entrenched.

  23. Sean M Says:

    Justine sure likes his weed. In fact, he likes it so much he’s trying to sell it to indian children… what a DOPE! I always thought there was something desperately wrong with Justine, he just has that far away look in his eyes, but this is just further proof that Justine has some serious mental health issues. Son of a madman! It shouldn’t be too surprising considering that Justines Father was in the care of a psychiatrist from the time he hit puberty until the end of his miserable life, and most people are aware of his Mother’s mental health issues. The boy/man is simply, not all there. Seriously, it’s not just that little Justy is stupid, which clearly he is, there’s something else wrong with that boy, something seriously wrong.

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    […] Sexton did with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau on how he thinks it’s ok to advocate weed (see here) to school […]

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