National Post’s Tasha Kheiriddin reiterates that Sun News women are “skanks”


The National Post’s Tasha Kheiriddin used the announcement of Rob and Doug Ford’s new show on Sun News to smear the female journalists who work there:

kheiriddinFor background, when Sun News started Kheiriddin and fellow Mean Girls member Luiza Ch. Savage from Macleans judged they were the ones who got to decide what other female journos could wear, culminating in Savage calling it “Skank TV” (see here).

Not done there, Kheiriddin also took a shot at the entire Sun News organization:


Now, it’s one thing to disagree with Sun News giving the Ford’s a program (which I do) but it’s something completely else when you act in such an unprofessional manner like Kheiriddin does out of pure hatred for Sun News and the women who work there.

It’s classless, shameful and another black eye for the National Post.


Photo: Winnipeg resident challenges Trudeau on talking to school kids about legalizing weed

sexton trudeau

It makes so proud when I see people confront politicians right to their faces like Suzanne Sexton did with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau on how he thinks it’s ok to advocate weed (see here) to school kids.

Sexton didn’t let Trudeau off with just that as she also challenged him on the Liberal Party’s CFO owning a weed grow-op (see here):

sextonA citizen doing the Media Party’s job – I love it.

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