National Post’s Tasha Kheiriddin reiterates that Sun News women are “skanks”


The National Post’s Tasha Kheiriddin used the announcement of Rob and Doug Ford’s new show on Sun News to smear the female journalists who work there:

kheiriddinFor background, when Sun News started Kheiriddin and fellow Mean Girls member Luiza Ch. Savage from Macleans judged they were the ones who got to decide what other female journos could wear, culminating in Savage calling it “Skank TV” (see here).

Not done there, Kheiriddin also took a shot at the entire Sun News organization:


Now, it’s one thing to disagree with Sun News giving the Ford’s a program (which I do) but it’s something completely else when you act in such an unprofessional manner like Kheiriddin does out of pure hatred for Sun News and the women who work there.

It’s classless, shameful and another black eye for the National Post.


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  1. Beachdude Says:

    Tasha and others have the right to say anything they wish but let’s be clear Sun Network also has the right to air anything they wish….. appalled they might be but this show will be a ratings bonanza which Tasha could only dream of. Her time on TV having her own show let’s say very short lived. Television is a business and high ratings equals more revenue through ad buys, means more profits, after all we are capitalistic society aren’t we? I do sort of laugh when Tasha’s ilk get all worked up over Sun News choices of anchors . I do not know any network, anywhere, which would put any overweight or fat woman who is not carrying child on air as an anchor. With men it doesn’t matter, old out of shape, doesn’t appear to matter. So maybe Tasha should focus her jealous/high brow rage at all networks and their decision makers of what and whom they put on air.

  2. jon Says:

    Minutes after the mayor held a press conference in which he repeated his plea for the media to leve his family alone, CTV Toronto reporter Zuraidah Alman chases the mayor’s wife and shoves a mic in her face to ask her for comment on her husband, gets criticized for it afterwards on Twitter and doesn’t respond.

    CTV reporter John Vennavally-Rao uses his colleague’s footage for his own report on CTV National News.

    “And as reporters caught up with her, she simply defended her husband”

    Again, no mention of the criticism CTV has faced for chasing her down in the first place.

    Spouses of elected officials should never be questioned by reporters.

    Maybe reporters should’ve asked the wife of former premier Dalton McGuinty about how she felt about her husband blowing a billion taxpayer dollars at the news conference she attended where he announced his resignation because of the gas plants scandal. Oh wait, she’s the wife of a Liberal. Off limits she is.

  3. Paul Says:

    Why would you be against the Fords having their own TV show?
    If is good people will watch it.
    If not they won’t.
    Isn’t that part of being a free society?
    Just because you don’t like someone their forums to speak should be limited?
    You don’t have to watch.
    Why I don’t watch CBC…I detest the fact my taxes pay for it.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Who said anything about not liking the Fords? I’m not interested in watching train wrecks.

    • RJ65 Says:

      I was surprised at the announcement myself. Not living in Toronto I don’t have much interest in watching it, but do wonder if it would have been better to put the show on their weekend lineup.

      From the armchair, it would seem like the best thing for Ford to do is to step back and get his life back together. But that is his choice.

  4. Jen Says:

    What’s with the wannabes reporters, nobody taking them on anymore?

  5. National Post’s Tasha Kheiriddin: Sun News women are ‘skanks’ | TRUE NORTH REPORT Says:

    […] BCBLUE] Tags:  media addthis.layers({ 'theme' : 'light', 'share' : { 'position' : 'left', […]

    • RJ65 Says:

      I have found Sun’s reporters overall to actually be quite informed which is refreshing, something that other networks could do well to emulate.

  6. Robert Says:

    Your post has been included in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

  7. Sandy Says:

    I don’t know what it is about women that feel it necessary to put down other women. It happens in all walks of life. Most of the time it is about jealousy. Kheiriddin should be ashamed!

  8. Sandy Says:

    Thanks Dean for keeping the media on their toes. Commenters may not realize how much time that takes but as a fellow blogger I know only too well. So, know that what you do is appreciated!

  9. Sandy Says:

    Like the “skank” comment, the “scum news” comment says more about her than Sun News or the Ford brothers. Mind you, I hope someone will keep things respectable.

  10. ohboy Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Sandy. Tasha appears to have an axe to grind though I can’t really fathom why. Her negative comments are trite and as such I can’t see why she chooses to open herself to criticism.
    There’s no reason for her to jump in with both feet when all she gets out of it is a pair of muddy boots that she now has to clean.
    This is the second time that I’ve seen her use this tactic.
    C’mon Tasha what’s in it for you to want to have to wear these snide tantrums?
    You are descending into the mosh-pit of irrelevance .

  11. Stan Says:

    Would Tasha have her gig on CBC if she looked like a cow?

  12. Liz J Says:

    Tasha has nothing to gain by making such remarks, Why she would say such a thing is very puzzling. Was she turned down for a job with SNN or is it the green eyed monster syndrome?

  13. wilson Says:

    Did reporters chase after Olivia Chow after she stood beside Jack in in a scrum to defend him being caught butt naked in a massage parlor…? NO
    Did anyone catch NDPer Gerry Caplan on CBC P&P attacking Ford for having his wife by his side in a scrum?
    Is there a more glaring double standard for how media and critics selectively attack who they go after.

    Ms Tasha is boring, one of the Ottawa elites who like to hear themselves talk.

  14. Bec Says:

    Tasha K is the kind of woman that makes women hate working with women, they get catty and attack personal attributes. It mostly seems that it happens because they feel threatened either physically or intellectually but it does wreck the credibility of people that behave like this because as the saying goes, if they talk about others, they’ll talk about you.

    The female Journalists on SNN are qualified, intellectual, they do great research and are not ‘skanks’. A shame on you comment and put women back to the high school bathroom.

  15. wilson Says:

    I really like watching SunNN women journalist-reporters-hosts. They are a sharp bunch, know their files and are interesting, with few exceptions.
    And I also like the way they dress, rather than some stuck up flannel suit trying not to be too womanly.

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