Photo: Winnipeg resident challenges Trudeau on talking to school kids about legalizing weed

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It makes so proud when I see people confront politicians right to their faces like Suzanne Sexton did with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau on how he thinks it’s ok to advocate weed (see here) to school kids.

Sexton didn’t let Trudeau off with just that as she also challenged him on the Liberal Party’s CFO owning a weed grow-op (see here):

sextonA citizen doing the Media Party’s job – I love it.


16 Responses to “Photo: Winnipeg resident challenges Trudeau on talking to school kids about legalizing weed”

  1. Hans Says:

    Impressive, now “True-Dope-ia” can add corrupting the youth to his resume…only unlike Socrates it will actually be true.

    When he discovers his conscience, I’m sure he’ll let us all know.

    As if there aren’t enough perpetrators trying to seduce the youngsters into the wayward lifestyle…

    “Suzanne Sexton ‏@SuzakiTheAmazon 11h

    @sliiiiip No. Busy asking Justin Trudeau why he can talk to school kids about legalizing drugs. He couldn’t answer.”

    Maybe they should poll the Hell’s Angels on why they are allowing “True-Dope-ia” to hustle in on their action. That should make interesting reading…

    Awaiting the Tweed pot Co. vs Hell’s Angels ‘negotiations’ regarding profit splitting with the LIEberal brown envelope brigade.

    But of course…if the youth are too drugged up to know that the government is ripping them off; they’ll never complain.

    A ‘virtuous circle’ of corruption, what could possibly go wrong with a group of children that are already at risk with endemic native alcohol/drug abuse problems?


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

  2. Nicola T. Says:

    Should have also asked why he wants to destroy the West’s economy with a carbon tax like his father did with the National Energy Policy.

  3. Beachdude Says:

    Wait for the “He was joking line” coming from the media party……

  4. Bec Says:

    Gee, the media party may have to park their cars in front of his house and their microphones in front of his face because of this great citizen!
    Maybe politics will start feeling like to much of a challenge once he actually has one.

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    Nothing about Trudeau in the news but I guess the media are getting their defence of his talk with kids about dope ready(just in case) with this article out there

  6. Jen Says:

    Way to go Suzanne Sexton, don’t let the media claim you to be a fool for doing the job the media neglects daily.

  7. Martin Says:

    As usual MM have Jr’s back. Most reports of his remarks stress he was answering a student ‘s question, therefor his musings cannot be criticized.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I asked the Brandon Sun editor who was there if he asked any parents and school administration for comment on what Trudeau was telling these students – refused to answer me.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Yup the media wing of the Liberano crime family is circling the wagons, he was responding to a question?
    Patiently waiting for “he was joking (toking)” “out of context”.
    Gee Junior makes Martin, Dion, Iggnatiff, look good.
    Does anyone still think he is “Dreamy”
    If he was one of the seven dwarfs he would be “Dopey” JMO
    I. Am. Disgusted.

  9. TangoJuliette Says:

    re: Jr and pot-@-home. Did Any of this smoking up take place with the pregnant missus, or youngsters, in the house?

  10. Ontario Girl Says:

    Canadian Press article…the headline is ..Justice Minister Peter MacKay “SPOUTS” off over Justin Trudeau’s marijuana stand.
    Then the article is a few sentences…at the bottom it says click on for full article which doesn’t come up…just goes back to the article below: Note: TIRADE??

    The final news conference for the gathering of Canada’s justice ministers in Whitehorse was upstaged by a tirade by Justice Minister Peter MacKay.

    Just as questions wrapped up, MacKay interrupted saying he had heard that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau had discussed his proposal to legalize marijuana in front of elementary school children in Brandon, Man.

    That’s it…nothing else. Talk about being vague.

  11. Bubba Brown Says:

    Question the True-dope-ia Prince and you are “spouting” really a tirade ?
    Justin is just being Justin.
    Truely a WTF moment for Maggot Media.
    Juniors string of hits just keep on coming, he is a walking attack ad.
    Some of those kids look pretty young.
    If Trudeau spouted his brain fart disguised as policy at my grandkids school I would be challenging the little fop too.
    I would have to stand in line though.
    It is hard enough to talk to kids about drugs as it is without a fool like Justin advocating for them.
    Pot is not a benign drug and has an very detrimental effect on young peoples mental development.
    Example Justin, don’t let this happen to you kids!

    • wilson Says:

      Article I read said it was a mix of elementary and high school students.
      What the hell is he doing talking to kids 10-17 years old, only 10 days from e-day? Can’t he fill a room with adults who can actually vote.
      Or maybe he relates better to tweenies , and they don’t ask tough questions.

  12. Ontario Girl Says:

    Tango Juliette:Did Any of this smoking up take place with the pregnant missus, or youngsters, in the house?

    Justin Trudeau said” his children were at their Grandmothers house”
    This toke evening was at the dinner table…so he said in this recollection.

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    CBC just had a school teacher, Christine Boat on from an “independent school” in Toronto,who has her pupils drafting a letter to Mayor Ford to ask him to resign(but he can run in the next election).She doesn’t want children at city hall….bla bla bla She went on and on against mayor Ford. to Nancy Wilson anchoring the show for CBC. So now we can expect CBC to have the teachers from the native school on, to draft a letter using pupils to Justin Trudeau to step down???CBC has no shame and should have it’s doors closed.

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