Did CBC pull Rex Murphy video ripping apart Trudeau?

blue steel

Curiously, the video of CBC’s Rex Murphy destroying Liberal leader Justin Trudeau as a moronic light-weight doesn’t seem to be working any longer.

All that’s left is this on CBC’s website:


And when you try to play it you only get this black screen:

murphy 1

Also curious, notice that not only is the YouTube link gone that CBC’s Peter Mansbridge had linked (see here) in his tweet:

mansbridge murphyThat same tweet has now been deleted from his Twitter feed:

mansbridge 1I’m sure that this is all just a technically problem though and CBC didn’t spike Murphy’s dissection of Trudeau intentionally, right?

Update: A new YouTube version has now been posted

Update: Looks like I made a mistake in thinking both were Mansbridge’s Twitter accounts. One is The Nationals.

Update: The mystery has been solved? Looks like CBC pulled it to edit out the image of Hitler behind Murphy:

murphy trudeau

I reviewed the new link CBC had posted and the photo of Hitler is indeed gone now.


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