Did CBC pull Rex Murphy video ripping apart Trudeau?

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Curiously, the video of CBC’s Rex Murphy destroying Liberal leader Justin Trudeau as a moronic light-weight doesn’t seem to be working any longer.

All that’s left is this on CBC’s website:


And when you try to play it you only get this black screen:

murphy 1

Also curious, notice that not only is the YouTube link gone that CBC’s Peter Mansbridge had linked (see here) in his tweet:

mansbridge murphyThat same tweet has now been deleted from his Twitter feed:

mansbridge 1I’m sure that this is all just a technically problem though and CBC didn’t spike Murphy’s dissection of Trudeau intentionally, right?

Update: A new YouTube version has now been posted

Update: Looks like I made a mistake in thinking both were Mansbridge’s Twitter accounts. One is The Nationals.

Update: The mystery has been solved? Looks like CBC pulled it to edit out the image of Hitler behind Murphy:

murphy trudeau

I reviewed the new link CBC had posted and the photo of Hitler is indeed gone now.



15 Responses to “Did CBC pull Rex Murphy video ripping apart Trudeau?”

  1. robertson Says:

    I dunno. Video on the CBC website is sometimes flaky for me, but the Rex Murphy video worked for me. And I think your screen shots of Twitter are of two separate accounts, @CBCTheNational and @petermansbridge.

  2. Agent Smith Says:

    ha Rex was excellent as always! Wow how’d CBC let that one get thru – someone must have been asleep at the switch.

    Thanks for putting it up – as i don’t watch CBC anymore, havn’t in eons – i’da done missed it.

  3. Agent Smith Says:

    JT’s taken a bit of a shellacking lately even by the MSM morlocks – the theory being put forth in some quarters being is that in 6 months or so they can come back to peddle him to the masses again and say ” but look how far he’s come after his earlier missteps…obviously he’s a quick study blah blah…”

  4. Roy Elsworth Says:

    Rex Murphy and Don Cherry are the only Two conservatives on CBC ones on Radio though and the other on T.V

    • gerry from gta Says:

      Actually Rex Murphy is not strictly a conservative. He ran for the PC’s in 1975 & 1985 and then for the Liberals in 1987. He lost all 3 elections. He also worked for Liberal Premier Clyde Wells.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Better pegged he’ll never be. That “ladies’ night” gaffe was exactly the kind of fluff that defined him better than anyone could dream up. He is what he is and no amount of spit and polish will gloss that over, this tool is not leadership material, there’s nothing of substance there.

  6. Michael Harkov Says:

    And the sad thing is that as eviscerating as it was, it all may not manner. There are enough LIVs out there to put this fop at least within striking range with a coalition, if not a majority or a minority. I have been told to have faith in Canadian voters, that surely they won’t, that Twitterati and Facebook likes don’t necessarily translate into votes. Sorry I don’t buy that. One look south of the border is all I need to tell me so. I am truly scared for the future of our country if this airheaded idiot ends up as PM.

  7. Jen Says:

    Notice that the NDPQ not saying much to Trudeau’s comments made to aboriginals kids or for taking money from the Ontario Natives for speech eng? Now why is that?

  8. wilson Says:

    Pundits and critics said the CPC attack ad on Trudeau didn’t work, I wonder what they think now.
    Trudeau himself turned it into a truth ad.
    Could add lots more material now, like ‘Canada isn’t working because it’s run by Albertans’ or when asked about Senate reform ‘what the Senate needs is more Liberal Senators’…. the list is getting long.

  9. Stan Says:

    If Communist China is so wonderful because they can turn on a dime and end pollution, why hasn’t communist China turned on a dime and ended polllution?

    Justin’s stupidity has many levels.

  10. Boblondon Says:

    Was that a comparison to the national socialist German workers party? Not that I object to t)3 comparison but on the state broadcaster it is a surprise.

  11. Stan Says:

    Off topic, sort of, but where has the CBCs Obamacare coverage gone?

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