Postmedia columnist says Rex Murphy hates Trudeau because he’s too ugly to “get laid” like him

Katherine Monk

If you want a perfect example of how completely unhinged Media Party fangirls can become when Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is challenged, check out this series of tweets from Katherine Monk who works at Postmedia, Global and the CBC about Rex Murphy.

Because you should state a coworker is for-sale:

monk 4Criticizing a sexist event is sexist:

monk 1Monk then shows she doesn’t understand irony by being sexist herself:

monk 2But Monk is just getting warmed up, saying Murphy hates Trudeau:

monk 3Then ends with high school level maturity:

monk murphy 1

This is what we now have in the Canadian media – calling female ministers whores (see here) and Murphy too ugly to “get laid”.

Curious what Monk’s bosses at the CBC and Postmedia think of her trashing their top-talent online like this?




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