Postmedia columnist says Rex Murphy hates Trudeau because he’s too ugly to “get laid” like him

Katherine Monk

If you want a perfect example of how completely unhinged Media Party fangirls can become when Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is challenged, check out this series of tweets from Katherine Monk who works at Postmedia, Global and the CBC about Rex Murphy.

Because you should state a coworker is for-sale:

monk 4Criticizing a sexist event is sexist:

monk 1Monk then shows she doesn’t understand irony by being sexist herself:

monk 2But Monk is just getting warmed up, saying Murphy hates Trudeau:

monk 3Then ends with high school level maturity:

monk murphy 1

This is what we now have in the Canadian media – calling female ministers whores (see here) and Murphy too ugly to “get laid”.

Curious what Monk’s bosses at the CBC and Postmedia think of her trashing their top-talent online like this?





25 Responses to “Postmedia columnist says Rex Murphy hates Trudeau because he’s too ugly to “get laid” like him”

  1. fhl Says:

    twitter brings out the best and worst
    WOW !!!!!

  2. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    The really funny part is the leftards are re-tweeting you Dean, seemingly without following the link to here…lmao…

  3. Ontario Girl Says:

    I thought Katherine Monk would of loved the comments…isn’t she an NDP but is a regular on CBC as the one with the NDP viewpoint. Maybe her appearance fee has made her less a voice for the NDP and more a voice for the Liberal party now. Kissing up for her $$$$.I was surprised by Rex on Trudeau though. Could be he see’s Trudeau as a bombshell going off for the party. Rex is no Conservative. I listen to him On Cross Country Check-up and he steers everything into the Hate Harper direction.

    Then we have Andrew Coyne calling Mayor Ford a MONSTER . and Conservatives aggressively DUMB…etc.
    QUOTE:And of all his enablers, the most culpable are the strategists, the ones who fashioned his image as the defender of the little guy, the suburban strivers, against the downtown elites, with their degrees and their symphonies — the ones who turned a bundle of inchoate resentments into Ford Nation. Sound familiar? It is the same condescending populism, the same aggressively dumb, harshly divisive message that has become the playbook for the right generally in this country, in all its contempt for learning, its disdain for facts, its disrespect of convention and debasing of standards. They can try to run away from him now, but they made this monster, and they will own him for years to come.

    • ofay cat Says:

      The D-bag Ms. Monk is so shallow that she resembles a street damp with dog urine as opposed to the ocean of wisdom and compassion she and her ilk fancy themselves to be.

      When ‘getting laid’ is the ultimate achievement of effeminate liberal males …… in the eyes of a rather homely female journo-jerk …. we can finally see the naked mind of the leftist and it looks a lot like cluster-fornication.

  4. Bocanut Says:

    Media party journalosers are in such a frenzied hurry to cover the Shiny Pony’s vapidity they forget they’re own stupid statements.
    Sun media ‘s Lisa Kirbie AKA Lala-VP at Daisy Co. in charge of kissing Kinsella’s keister scolded Justin for his China comments-
    ” First with the “ladies” night fundraiser’s condescending invitation, and then, with the much more troubling comments our leader made at said funder.”
    She’s apparently forgotten her opinion that “the Soviet Communist constitution was the most beautiful in the world” is in line with her leader’s “troubling comments”
    Hypocritical Liberal spokespunk just like boss Winkie.

  5. WTF Says:

    Memo to Kathy………Pot meet Kettle…..

  6. Martin Says:

    Hate seems like too strong a verb here, another example of journalistic exaggeration? If Jr and his supporters cannot stand valid ctriticism, then they are in the wrong business. What would they term the commentary PMSH deals with daily from a host of liberal columnists? It falls short of love or even fair comment, but he has to put up with it. So does Jr.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Guttersnipes who think they’re classy.
    Since they want to go there, that’s where their heads are, someone should ask if they’ve been “laid” lately and if Trudeau gives them urges.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Oh how they shriek and scream!
    Attack the wretch!
    He sees Justin has no clothes
    Like the King of long ago
    And says ewwww
    We say Ohhhhhh
    Justin take me!
    We see him in our dreams,
    His shiny locks
    His lovely smile
    That his policies are all fallacies,
    His Man – love for Chairman Mao
    A get out of jail card
    Just vote for me
    That he has gone to Pot
    It Matters not
    He is dreamy Rex
    And you are not

  9. gerry from gta Says:

    This stuff is kids stuff — If you truly want to see pure hatred — just read the trash/garbage in the Toronto Red Star. They do it openly in the columns, in so-called news coverage, and even in their editorials. The paper is pure hate from cover to cover. The good thing is their circulation numbers keep dropping at a faster rate than their competitors despite giving away their paper free almost everywhere one goes — grocery stores, coffee shops, fast food establishments etc etc. I always turn it down and tell the person peddling it why I will not read that rag. Our family cancelled the subscription last year as it was getting worse and worse.

    I love twitter for how it exposes the “not so-secret agenda” of these reporters. I gather many of these reporters do not think before they tweet — or are so surounded with like-minded individuals they don’t see how fringe/delusional they are.

    Reading/watching the media I get the distinct impression there is an orchestrated media campaign offensive against politicians on the right side of the spectrum. Rex Murphy was attacked by the media party because he diverted from the script as he always seems to be his own person. I get the distinct impression it is to ensure the Libs get back into power from municipal to provincial to federal levels of government. I am always so amazed how the scandals of the Ontario Liberals for the most part have been buried. The OPP Raid on Wynn’s office on Wednesday hardly even got a mention.

    • Jen Says:

      The next thing , the toronto star plans to after is you, just as it was done to joe the plummer. Remember him?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    These two “ladies” ahem, are nothing more than granola crunching hacks. Monk does movie and music reviews in Vancouver I think and that Cameron woman, well I don’t know what. She too is some kind of lefty living in Victoria writing trash. They are pure class all the way. I wonder if Trudeau would even want them writing things in his defense. By the looks of Monk, she aint getting it too often herself.

  11. Michael Harkov Says:

    And once again another Trudeau media drone outs themselves, confirming, again, what we have known all along.

  12. Beachdude Says:

    WOW, these “ladies” have real issues and hate inside themselves…….

  13. lynn Says:

    I’ll listen to Rex Murphy’s scholarship over Kathleen Munk running her mouth as fast as possible any day of the week. I don’t know anything about Rex’s politics; but he understands the nature of sexism in a way that these two can’t comprehend. But there are always going to be some women who only think with their penis.

  14. Ontario Girl Says:

    Kathleen Monk is Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute. Prior to this, Ms. Monk served as Director of Strategic Communications for New Democrat leader Jack Layton.

    During the 2011 Canadian federal election, Ms. Monk directed the media unit and served as spokesperson for the NDP campaign.
    Before entering politics, Ms. Monk worked in newsrooms Toronto, Ottawa and Washington. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics and an active volunteer with Equal Voice, an organization dedicated to electing more women into politics.

    She is a frequent commentator on Canadian politics, appearing regularly on CBC News Network’s Power and Politics and on CBC The National’s Insiders panel, discussing how decisions are made and strategies devised in Canadian politics.

    She is also the NDP who defended “Vegas Girl” when her profile said she was a college graduate….which she wasn’t.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    So I guess if I use the term, “panties in a knot” or some such term, it’s not sexist or offensive, according to Monk. We have to remember one thing about Twitter, it’s usually only the person’s followers that see any of the tweets, and they likely agree with them. These people are cowards because they would never say the same things outside the twittersphere.

  16. Liz J Says:

    It’s tough for the Liberal/Left to hear the truth when the truth about their “shiny” new leader cannot be complimentary or positive. He’s the latest mannequin the Liberals have dressed up to put in the window of their empty store.
    Monk et al simply cannot handle the truth without attacking the messenger. In this case Rex Murphy gave his opinion which perfectly matches up with the facts.

    Trudeau is a gaffe a minute and we need to ensure they are picked up on when the media is determined he should be the next Prime Minister of Canada. We need to keep watch, to ensure we don’t become the laughing stock of the world with that loose cannon at the helm with the LPC at it’s lowest for brain power.

    One thing we can be sure of, he probably won’t get caught with his shirt tucked into his under shorts like Iggy, he probably wears thongs. Wonder if the girls asked him if he wears thongs, jockies or boxers at his girls only soiree? If anyone wants to call Murphy’s remarks sexist wonder what they’d call a girls/ladies only meeting with a political leader of any stripe?
    What ever happened to the women’s lib movement, did they get muscled out?

  17. Rob Says:

    Geez. Seems like looks are blatantly more important than intelligence to her making a dig on Rex’s supposed sexual awesomeness. Way feminist right?

  18. Fred Mc. Says:

    Of coures Trudeau gets laid, after all he is married. Or is Monk suggesting that perhaps JT is getting some extra curricular activity?

  19. Montréalaise Says:

    Those tweets read as though they were written by 13-year-olds.

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