How Sun News’ David Akin unwittingly(?) became part of the Liberal’s propaganda machine

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For a little insight how the Liberals use their connections to get the media to do their dirty work for them are these two related examples.

First, we have Yahoo’s Andy Radia slinging the muddy lie from the Liberal’s BC shill Diamond Isinger who is pushing that the NDP’s Linda McQuaig is pretty darn financially comfortable for someone bashing rich people:

isinger radia

It’s fair game to go after McQuaig for being such a blatant hypocrite but she sold this house in 2000 and to state she recently did for $5 million is a flat-out lie which Radia unethically regurgitated (see here).

The second example is also ‘started’ by Isinger.

This one has to do with the BC NDP having their own ‘Ladies Night’ and how they were hypocritical to condemn Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s (see here) which was then posted by Sun News’ David Akin:

The poster above, which I first saw when former Parliament Hill Liberal staffer Ben Parsons brought it to my attention on Twitter, is from the BC NDP.

It advertises a political fundraiser to be held this March. In fact, the B.C. NDP have been holding this annual event since 2003. Here’s the poster from the 2013 version. Over at the event’s 2013 Facebook page, it quite clearly says that this event was held to celebrate “International Women’s Day.(see here)

I don’t find these two events even the slightest related but what I did find interesting was who fed this to Akin.

The Liberal staffer Ben Parsons who Akin says he got this tip from happens to be the boyfriend of Diamond Isinger who (quelle surprise!) Akin also uses as a source in his article:

parsons isinger akin

I’ve asked Akin if he knew the personal relationship between Isinger and Parsons before he wrote his piece and will get back to you if he answers.

For good measure, I also asked Akin if he will be writing about Isinger voting illegally in a recent Liberal nomination race after using Parsons’ home address (see here) to register and will get back to you on that as well.

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