How Sun News’ David Akin unwittingly(?) became part of the Liberal’s propaganda machine

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For a little insight how the Liberals use their connections to get the media to do their dirty work for them are these two related examples.

First, we have Yahoo’s Andy Radia slinging the muddy lie from the Liberal’s BC shill Diamond Isinger who is pushing that the NDP’s Linda McQuaig is pretty darn financially comfortable for someone bashing rich people:

isinger radia

It’s fair game to go after McQuaig for being such a blatant hypocrite but she sold this house in 2000 and to state she recently did for $5 million is a flat-out lie which Radia unethically regurgitated (see here).

The second example is also ‘started’ by Isinger.

This one has to do with the BC NDP having their own ‘Ladies Night’ and how they were hypocritical to condemn Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s (see here) which was then posted by Sun News’ David Akin:

The poster above, which I first saw when former Parliament Hill Liberal staffer Ben Parsons brought it to my attention on Twitter, is from the BC NDP.

It advertises a political fundraiser to be held this March. In fact, the B.C. NDP have been holding this annual event since 2003. Here’s the poster from the 2013 version. Over at the event’s 2013 Facebook page, it quite clearly says that this event was held to celebrate “International Women’s Day.(see here)

I don’t find these two events even the slightest related but what I did find interesting was who fed this to Akin.

The Liberal staffer Ben Parsons who Akin says he got this tip from happens to be the boyfriend of Diamond Isinger who (quelle surprise!) Akin also uses as a source in his article:

parsons isinger akin

I’ve asked Akin if he knew the personal relationship between Isinger and Parsons before he wrote his piece and will get back to you if he answers.

For good measure, I also asked Akin if he will be writing about Isinger voting illegally in a recent Liberal nomination race after using Parsons’ home address (see here) to register and will get back to you on that as well.


20 Responses to “How Sun News’ David Akin unwittingly(?) became part of the Liberal’s propaganda machine”

  1. Ontario Girl Says:

    Anyone who watches the David Akin’s show,and can read between the lines, just listen to him. It doesn’t matter what the subject is about the Liberal Party or anything else, he always manages to get in a negative remark about PM Harper or any Conservative. He just sneaks it in there, ALWAYS!!!!!He goes off topic to do it.PMO PMO PMO…he sounds like MulClair and the CBC. I thought when I got Sun News it would be a Conservative side to issues…but his show isn’t. His guests in by-elections are always LIBERALS and running down whoever the Conservative candidate is. We get enough of this with CBC/CTV/Global/ Toronto STAR/Globe and mail/ CPAC with Mark Sutcliff/ Canadian Press. I can’t stand to listen to David Akin anymore so I shut the TV off when he comes on. He is a closet Liberal pretending to be a Conservative…FAIL!!!!! He’s not fooling me.

  2. Lyndia Says:

    Same here. I have called him out on it and I would go to extremes not to listen to him. I told him he should leave SNN.

  3. Alain Says:

    He is one of two people on SNN that I refuse to watch or listen to. I have never found him the least bit conservative. He always strikes me as the Kambaya crowd which for me is a turn-off.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Yeah, i have to agree, Akin spends so much of his on air time promoting Justine trudumb, that it leaves one no choice but to turn the channel, or risk throwing up. Not really sure why Akin got the gig in the first place… maybe something to do with the CRTC “culture” police.

  5. jon Says:

    I’ll probably get criticized but I don’t have any real problems with Akin. Granted, I don’t watch his show all that often (maybe twice a week, 3 times at most) but every time I do he seems to be fairly even. And I’m a guy who’s pretty attuned to media bias. I find that Akin goes after Libs and NDP just as often as he does cons, hammering Trudeau last week on not just the China gaffe but his subsequent “clarification” that followed. Akin dismissed it as a bunch of gobbledygook and was quite animated in doing so — putting his hands up after the clip of TrudeAU was played and said something to the effect of, “What the hell was that?! He never even answered the question!”

    Akin is actually a guy who I think would make a fine replacement for Solomon. I’d have more trust in him to go after the opps in Ottawa as well as the gov’t than the sad excuse for a “moderator” PnP currently has. Do I think Akin votes Lib? Yeah, he probably does. But overall, I think he does a pretty good job of going after all sides.

    • BC Blue Says:

      I have no issues with Akin either. He leans Left but is generally very fair.

      • jj Says:

        Akin, was a long time Harper basher, always leaned left and was right at home at the Establishment Left CTV News.
        It is absolutely mind-boggling that SUN News EVER hired him in the first place!
        Akin is rumored to be a liberal party mole.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Agree with you Jon. Akin may be a little left of center but he is a hard right conservative when you compare him to the lefty idiots Evan Solomon and Don Martin

  6. Roy Elsworth Says:

    actually you guys I have akin on my following me on twitter. and in the last election he actually went out to defend Harper. he went after the ndp students planted in the audience at the conservative convention and he broke the story about the liberals hitting a Pregnant journalist.. when no one else did he also went after Justin trudeau on twitter about his all girl meetings and challenged him on why he so for pot. so he has went after liberals and ndp. and COnservatives. please don’t excruciate me to bad I really don’t think he votes liberal I really think he is a red torie. and voted conservative. but I could be wrong. but that is my opinion. I really don’t like some of the things he saids or reports like a single poll result when all the other polls have different results but other then that I actually foind him fair. he even said about the duffy case to be fair though for duffy. and played devils advocate for a bit in defense of duffy.

  7. ohboy Says:

    I don’t have a problem with David either. He appears reasonably measured in his reporting. He’s informed, he calls it as he perceives it and he stays calm.
    I don’t always agree with what he has to say and yes he is a little more centre road than me.
    When all is said, I find him alright though I don’t beat a path to his show.
    I could care less how he votes…that’s his business.
    People should also keep in mind that I’m sure TV personalities ( to some degree), have to answer to their paymasters who in turn answer to their shareholders.

    David’s okay…there’s a lot worse out there…a whole lot!

  8. Liz J Says:

    I think Akin is balanced in his coverage which is what we all wanted from SNN that we are not getting from our publicly owned CBC. CTV and Global are washouts as far as fair and balanced coverage, their bias screams out loud and clear.
    We can handle both sides and still come out on top.

  9. Robert Says:

    We have included your post in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at Loonie Politics.

  10. M&M Says:

    Akin balanced? No way. No doubt there will be examples of him criticizing or praising members or policies of various parties (presumably he does not write or control all of the content of the show), The man, however, is unquestionably a Liberal with a deep-seated animosity for the Harper Government which though he obviously tries, does not conceal his partisanship very well. Long-time Liberal contributors Warren Kinsella and Ray Heard are heads and tails above him when it comes to presenting a balanced view of the story. I think if Akin came out and admitted his political leanings (like most of the rest of the show hosts) he would be better accepted and respected. Personally I find “Battleground” to be one of the most boring and annoying shows on SNN (e.g. their excessive coverage of provincial election campaigns to a national audience is off-putting). In my opinion It should be cancelled or limited considerably, perhaps only reappearing during national election campaigns or other events of sufficiently broad interest to the Canadian public as a whole.

  11. M&M Says:

    If anyone still denies Akin is biased in favour of the Liberals, watch the following segment. When he isn’t reporting basic facts about the situation in question, his political prejudices comes through loud and clear to the point where he will actually try to minimize the seriousness of allegations of unequivocal crimes and immoral acts committed by a Liberal Senator (certainly in relation to Conservative “crimes”) as well as the LPC’s delay in revealing this scandal to the public.

    Of course some aspects of this Liberal scandal are indefensible, but he does his best to help them out where he can.

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