Trudeau doesn’t think child rapists should have minimum mandatory sentences

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau refused to commit to mandatory minimum sentences for child sexual predators when asked by Sun News reporter Marissa Semkiw today:

No, I wouldn’t rule out repealing mandatory minimums for anyone (watch video here)

Parents will love knowing that won’t they?


15 Responses to “Trudeau doesn’t think child rapists should have minimum mandatory sentences”

  1. guffman Says:

    How long can the media party keep covering for Justine and his endlessly stupid statements?
    He’s giving Harper all kinds of fire-power for when the Conservatives are ready to start up the truth ads again.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Potential future PM wants to go easy on child rapists – Media Party busy tweeting about Rob Ford

    • Jen Says:

      How long? As long as it takes them for they are strickly to report on others even you for that matter rather than go after the liberals.

  2. Michael Harkov Says:

    How many feet does Trudeau have? He just keeps jamming them down his throat.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    The SUN asking the questions Maggot Media won’t.
    Justin is a brain fart on two legs, with great hair.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    He’s a typical Liberal politician. All things to all people.

  5. Sean M Says:

    The arrogant idiot Liberal speaks again, and once again confirms the notion that he is indeed an idiot. You can tell that little Justy has tried very hard to memorize his talking points, but is far too stupid to know those same talking points regarding minimum sentences related to child sexual predators are ludicrous at best. Trudumb can’t separate the difference between minimum sentences related to gun crime and sexual barbarism against children, instead he doubles down in his ridiculous assertion that mandatory minimums are bad no matter what… IDIOT!! How someone can believe mandatory minimums laid against child sexual predators are wrong is a stunning admission of colossal ignorance at best, or an acceptance of this behaviour at the worst, maybe Trudumb is more concerned with the “root causes” of pedophile criminality.Just keep talking Justine, leave no doubt what a dangerous fool you clearly are.

  6. Joe Says:

    Trudeau doesn’t think.
    There fixed the headline for you.

  7. mw1410 Says:

    Maybe like some of those judges, he is only trying to protect his friends.

  8. Powell Lucas Says:

    I also don’t believe there should be minimum sentences for child rapists. There should be a single penalty…and that’s death.

  9. MaryLS Says:

    Maybe Justin does not know that mandatory minimums were first introduced by the Liberals. In general, there is nothing wrong with mandatory minimums that are reasonable. They ensure consistency in sentencing for various crimes — vs. lucking out and getting the easy judge. The problem with mandatory minimums in the States for drug crimes is that they are ridiculous — like 30 years or something for relatively innocuous crimes. No one should be comparing the Conservatives quite limited mandatory minimums to the situation in the US.

  10. Peter Says:

    We have heard this story many times from the druggies that they have stopped the use of illegal drugs.

    Is Ford any different and can we expect Ford has as little chance and success of kicking the use of them as Junior Trudeau has?
    Or does Ford have more chance of success since he doesn’t appear to be involved with the Groupies?

  11. Philanthropist Says:

    Jack Layton was caught by the cops naked in a whorehouse with an illegal immigrant Asian girl who said she was twenty. Cops told him to beat it, and likely didn’t investigate to see if the girl was twenty or not. He may be deceased, but Justin has to look out for all Liberal/NDP politicians.

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