Media Party hide Trudeau’s soft stance on jail sentences for child pervs

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Besides Sun News:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper lashed out at Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for suggesting a Liberal government would review mandatory minimum sentences, including those for individuals convicted of violent and sexual crimes against children.

“I know [Trudeau] opposes any kind of mandatory minimum prison sentence for those who commit violent crime in this country; he should believe in some accountability on that,” Harper said. (see here)


The rest of the Canadian media has remained silent or deliberately hid Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s comments on reviewing mandatory minimum sentences for sexual offences against children.

In both the CBC (see here) and CP (see here) stories on today’s Question Period neither reporter mentioned it even though it was brought up by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

How much of a Liberal shill do you have to be to hide the fact Trudeau is in favour of potentially putting children at risk of sexual predators?

Do either of these reporters have any children of their own?

Do these reporters think child rape is a political game?

The Media Party would rather protect Trudeau from political damage than Canadian children from sexual predators and that is just plain sick.


12 Responses to “Media Party hide Trudeau’s soft stance on jail sentences for child pervs”

  1. Matthias Says:

    Did the Liberals not kick up a stink when the Conservatives passed legislation to raise the age of consent from 14 to 16? Why would that be? That is just too creepy to even think about.

  2. manitoba fay Says:

    I just shake my head. What are the media party thinking?

  3. jmw Says:

    “It is more important to focus on rehabilitating the criminal than on public safety” Pierre Elliot Trudeau. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. No wonder our justice system regards victims as a “nuisance” and we are in the mess we are, in this country.

  4. Robbie Says:

    Sick and disturbing way to pander for votes; more disturbing,though, is the Media Party shilling for JT

  5. Liz J Says:

    Who needs an enemy within when we have the Media Party shilling for an airhead who leads their party of choice to take over the business of the country? Trudeau is not fit to govern, he proves it every time he opens his gob.
    If this continues with the Media Party covering his ass and keeping the public uninformed as to his vacuity we all need to be concerned. He’s weak leader of a weakened party, the Liberals are an empty shell, there’s nothing left fit to govern, there are no John Manley’s left, just tired and tiresome old head bobbers like Ralphie Goodale who’s high on critique but bereft of solutions.

    We really should consider the Media to be an enemy of good governance, a detriment to the economic welfare and safety of our country when they cover-up for such an inept politician who is below the level of a high school student playing politics.

  6. Brenda Says:

    Turdeau is doing this for votes from the religion of peace. After all, they believe that girls can be married very earlier–I have seen 9 years old stated. So, of course he would say this for his supporters.

  7. Beachdude Says:

    Mr. Trudeau is just not ready for prime time, no matter how much the media protects him.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    Seriously folks his lack of judgement is troubling, we have made baby steps towards truth is sentencing.
    250 years ago a Scot called Adam Smith said
    “Mercy to the guilty, is cruelty to the innocent”
    The nature of mercy is to be the exception to the rule.
    The rule should be justice
    Justice can exist without mercy,
    But mercy cannot exist without justice
    When mercy is the rule you have neither justice or mercy.

  9. Martin Says:

    While a competent leader would have given a better political response, Jr is truthfully stating the liberal position of support for the criminal, as opposed to the victim. Think of his remarks on terrorist causes, at the time of the murderous rampage in Boston. This is what he actually believes.

    • ohboy Says:

      Yes he may actually believe his talking points but has he ever taken the time to really think them out?
      I have my doubts as that would require a necessary am’t of self discipline.

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