National Post’s Andrew Coyne calls PM Stephen Harper a liar

coyneThe National Post’s Andrew Coyne (an admitted Liberal-voter) has once again allowed his hatred for PM Stephen Harper to over boil with this slanderous(?) statement after it was revealed today that the RCMP are saying Nigel Wright broke the law cutting a cheque to Mike Duffy:

“everyone from the PM down lying through their teeth”

Problem for Coyne and the other Media Party members is this:

“Wright told RCMP that Harper was unaware of his decision to personally pay back Duffy’s ineligible expense claims”

There are a few journos and political pundits who should be very careful with what they currently spouting-off online about this.



32 Responses to “National Post’s Andrew Coyne calls PM Stephen Harper a liar”

  1. Dillon Says:

    Coyne should be sued immediatelyy

  2. fhl Says:

    It appears that the media are misrepresenting the facts. Nothing new here but calling the PM of Canada a liar is TREASON

  3. Liz J Says:

    I would say the PM should make an example of Liberal hack Coyne and demand an immediate apology,otherwise this stuff goes giddyup all over the wires and people will believe the PM to be a liar as charged by Coyne.
    This is a serious and bold statement for anyone to make against the PM, swift action needs to be taken.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    I think CBC LIBERAL Andrew Coyne is feeling foolish after MONTHS of him and his media mud slinging buddies, tried to insinuate the Prime Minister was involved, when he wasn’t, has left them all with “EGG ON THEIR FACES” .Coyne is striking back like a kid having a tantrum. Bwwwwaaaaa. CBC and Coyne are trying to drag PM Harper down to the corrupt level of their crooked Liberals, but no cigar.

    From the RCMP where this should of STAYED…not judged on innuendo by the media maggots with a vendetta
    “I have seen no evidence to suggest that the prime minister was personally involved in the minutiae of those matters,” Horton said in the documents.
    Case closed…now they will have Mildewski and Solomon and Mansbridge out to manipulate the facts….then they will move onto robo-calls and Mayor Ford. Desperate much?
    PM Harper should start to sue the lying SOB’s.Too bad he doesn’t close them down.

  5. Ontario Girl Says:

    For all you David Akin supporters that say he is “fair” where I have said differently, check out this video of his take on the RCMP findings…he is giddy with joy, while he practically calls the prime Minister a Liar . I think Akin should move over to CBC…maybe they pay more then Sun News…read the comments below…no one knows the FACTS.

    • ohboy Says:

      I may concede you your point here OG though I’ll have to see where this unravels over the next few days.
      Aiken’s reasons for his “enthusiasm” are not yet clear.

  6. Sean M Says:

    “Have I missed anything”… yes you have Andy, the truth. Coyne is always a hysterical half wit when it comes to this Government, or other non Liberals (Mayor Ford) but lately he has really lost it. Coyne is nothing more than a Liberal attack dog, although a small yappy neutered one, this is born out in his complete indifference to Liberal corruption in Quebec, which is breath taking in it’s scope, or with the Ontario Liberals and their unprecedented corruption, or Liberal Joe Fontana. Coyne’s hysterical obsession with “getting” the Conservative Government has seriously impaired whatever little judgement he may of once had. Coyne’s relevance as a “journalist” is in tatters. Coyne behaves like a toothless village idiot with a pitch fork in one hand and a burning torch in the other hand encouraging anyone who will listen to him to join in his unhinged crusade to bring back the long form census and “punish” the Conservatives for “crimes” only Coyne can see.

    • wilson Says:

      Wright in police statement said PM didn’t know about the cheque and only knew in broad strokes Duffy was paying back his expenses,
      and now the RCMP with thousands of emails/docs stated PM didn’t know about the cheque or the deal……
      poor media maggots have to get a different line of accusation, one that resembles the truth

    • jfa Says:

      Amen Sean!

  7. Liz J Says:

    It’s very unfortunate the PM had anything at all to say in the Senate affair, it should have been left for the Senate to deal with according to their rules. PM’s appoint Senators, they are not responsible for their behaviour in that place. If they misspend money, the Senate can mete out the punishment according to their rules. All PM Harper needed to say was if they broke rules or misused taxpayer money the should pay it back and case closed.
    Of all the PM’s we’ve had, Stephen Harper is not one I would believe would lie abut anything like this. There’s a feeding frenzy on the Hill right now, the hungry wolves are looking for meat and blood. Perhaps the PM should give them a real frenzy and call a snap election.

  8. wilson Says:

    RCMP stated PMSH knew nothing about the Wright-Duffy cheque, and PM ordered non-shredding of docs/emails, and all involved waived their right to immunity.
    The Harper haters will never change their minds,
    but any CPC supporters who were in doubt about the truth now know our PM told the truth.
    And that’s what matters.
    Both Duffy and Wright had legal advice/assistance, makes me wonder why they went along with this stupid deal to bail out Duffy if there was any chance it was illegal…..?

    • wilson Says:

      Wow. Only got to page 23,
      Duffy’s expenses grew to $90k because beside the $32k housing allowance he also charged meals and incidentals while living in his own house in Ottawa!!!!

      • wilson Says:

        and Duffy refused to repay the expenses unless the PMO met his 5 demands (in writing from his lawyer) and talking points (script) agreed to.
        So much for the nefarious plot poor sick Duffy was intimidated into accepting, some people will say anything while under immunity. Duffy must have been betting PMO would have the shredder going 24/7 and he could cherry pick a few of his emails, boy was he wrong eh.

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    Just like I predicted…there was Mildewski and Mansbridge spinning on “the National” What a misrepresentation of the documents. Mansbridge started out in his booming voice..”New revelations in Documents that reach right into the Prime Ministers office.The Prime Minister was more deeply involved. The PMO had the audit changed. What does this say of the lengths the PMO tried to go to manage things. Whats next for the Prime Minister now?”There was more stunning BS coming out of Mansbridges mouth .
    Then Mildewski took over along with Chris Hall and topped off the misinformation. Some women then came on and ran down Marjory LeBretton. It was a disgrace the way it was all reported. Now there will be a “SPECIAL” at issue tonight to hammer it all home.
    My god…what a tabloid propaganda show pimping for the Liberal party.

    • jon Says:

      Agreed. Canadians should be wary of Mansbridge. His Browkaw-like deep tones are used by him to convey trust, honesty and professionalism when the opposite is true. And note as well that in Mildew’s report, all 3 clips of the PM’s response during QP were cut off, with Terry choosing to insert his narration, talking over the PM instead of allowing him to finish, while Mulcair is not talked over in the report.

      When broken down to its components, the so-called Wright-Duffy affair is much ado about nothing. At its worst we have a situation where the PMSH wanted to avoid an embarrassing situation. As with the Ford “scandal”, there’s no pilfering of the public purse involved, only at the hands of the 3 suspending senators, each of whom have been dealt with as a result. Yet two other scandals — the thousand-million dollar gas plants scandal and Joe Fontana’s fraud trial– are the ones the Media Party have been apathetic toward, in spite of involving taxpayer dollars. Simply put, those stories don’t involve conservatives.

  10. Powell Lucas Says:

    The MSM, a.k.a. shills for the Liberal Party, seem to be missing the point. All the people caught up in this tale of woe report that the Prime Minister did not know about it. Why did he not know about it? Because if anyone had told him the truth he would have put an end to the nonsense and, as usual, the staffers in the PMO not only think they know what is best for us, the great unwashed, but they thought they knew what was best for Harper.

  11. Nicola Timmerman Says:

    And Thomas Mulcair as usually not telling the whole truth – hell, not telling the truth at all.

  12. andycanuck Says:

    And all of this over the CPC trying to pay the taxpayers’ money back!

  13. Beachdude Says:

    This is going to be a massive pile on by the media party no doubt…..

  14. Liz J Says:

    Mulcair has already done this one to death in his desperate attempt to score points with Canadians beyond his base in the province of Quebec. He fears losing the seats in Quebec he got when the people decided to get rid of the Bloc, he was used and he knows he cannot count on that support again. Trudeau likes the Senate, his province is well represented in that place, he and Mulcair will offer Quebec two clear choices on that front. Mulcair, Mansbridge, Terry the Terrible Mildew, reporter who oozes a hatred for the PM that is palpable through the TV screen, and all the other regular story tellers and tattlers need to be called out on all their accusations. Insinuating the PM is lying is the same as calling him a liar as far as the public is concerned. The PM should be able to defend his honour and litigate against outright lies.

  15. morri Says:

    I wonder what would happen if Canada had a real crisis ?

    • Jen Says:

      They plan to reduce every conservatives from every level of overnment and when that is done they the media would come after each and one of us for breathing conservativism.

      Andrew imo upholds the criminal activities within the liberal party of canada.

  16. Liz J Says:

    It’s starting to get out of hand when the MSM are constantly insinuating the PM had to know about the Wright to Duffy cheque. The PM as usual is taking it on the chin and not showing any sign of concern about being accused of not telling the truth. Maybe it’s time he address the Nation and put an end to this all consuming hatchet job being done by the Liberal/NDP/Media Party over paying back a mere $90,000.00 dollars with private money. This has got to stop before there will be irreparable damage done and we will end up with an airhead for PM.

    • Jen Says:

      $40 MILLION ORDERED by a JUDGE to the liberals to RETURN to the public has yet to be done.
      $161MILLION taken from Taxpayers by PM PAUL MARTIN for his CSL.

      There is more but somehow Andrew Coyne has a big problem with a mere $90k given to Duffy from his own bank account.

      Also, the LPC voted against their very own bill ‘THE ANTI-TERRORIST’ BILL” -A BILL repeated by this Conservative government.
      Unfortunately, the canadian public were and still not worthy of the liberal immediate vote. The NDP under Layton also voted against the bill.

  17. CP’s Ditchburn looking to get sued by PMO and Senators | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] game as the Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn joins the National Post’s Andrew Coyne (see here) in tempting someone to slap them with a slander […]

  18. wilson Says:

    Where is the so called interference in the Deloitte audit the media party is proclaiming?
    I read the docs and police state that Gerstien contacted Deloitte auditor (who was not on the file) who answered a hypothetical question about the audit status if Duffy made the repayment.
    Duffy wanted the audit to stop, but no one tried to make that happen. Duffy’s lawyer quit cooperating with auditors but the audit continued.

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