Trudeau hid charges of sexual harassment against Liberal Senator Kenny for at least 8 days


The entire time Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was standing in the House of Commons accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of keeping information about Mike Duffy secret, Trudeau was himself hiding that Liberal Senator Colin Kenny had been removed from the Liberal caucus due to sexual harassment allegations:

Kate Purchase, a spokeswoman for the Liberal Party, said Mr. Kenny informed the party Wednesday that he was withdrawing from the caucus effective Nov. 13, “pending the outcome of an investigation by the Senate administration.” (see here)

And of course the day this information became public, Trudeau was not in Parliament.

This isn’t the first sexual harassment allegations against Kenny as the CBC reports. He has a lengthy history of being accused of inappropriate behaviour around women (see here).

Will the Media Party demand Trudeau explain himself or like every other time a scandal comes up, help him keep it as quiet as possible?


CP’s Ditchburn looking to get sued by PMO and Senators


The Media Party is playing a dangerous game as the Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn joins the National Post’s Andrew Coyne (see here) in tempting someone to slap them with a slander suit:

PMO, Senators colluded to Whitewash Duffy report

A pretty definite statement to make which may come back to bite Ditchburn once the dust clears.

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