CP’s Ditchburn looking to get sued by PMO and Senators


The Media Party is playing a dangerous game as the Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn joins the National Post’s Andrew Coyne (see here) in tempting someone to slap them with a slander suit:

PMO, Senators colluded to Whitewash Duffy report

A pretty definite statement to make which may come back to bite Ditchburn once the dust clears.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Chantel Hubert wasn’t on the “at issue” special last night. She was replaced with Jennifer Ditchburn. Looks like she was well scripted by CBC ahead of the show.cherry picked parts of the RCMP report she could SPIN Negatively to suit her boss Mansbridge…Tonight there will be ANOTHER “at issue” with Hubert….guess an extra day gave her time to get her talking points down pat. Check out the 3 stooges from last night in tabloid action pumped up and urged on by Harper hater Mansbridge…


  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Indeed I am so sick of hearing about this regurigated Maggot Media crap.
    Prove it ! Jennifer Ditchburn, Coyne and others of your ilk
    From what actual e-mails are suggesting is that Senator Duffy was fortunate in telling his sob story under Senate protection.
    In fact page 70 of the RCMP report as published on Daniel Dicken’s blog states there is no evidence that the PM was involved.
    CBC has been wallowing in this for how long?
    Meanwhile an accused serial pedophile connected to the Premier of Ontario’s cabinet, in charge of the kiddy education program,Yawn……….
    A billion dollars pissed away…….yawn
    9,000 new windmills…………..yawn.
    I also really think it is time for a slander suit.
    It is all just hatred of all things Conservative.
    It has not moved our base support, rather it has energized them.
    Scandal is all the opposition have, even political junkies are no longer applauding the flogging of the dead horse of the Senate.
    Paying back every cent of taxpayer money, thats a scandal alright.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      Not to mention that we will see what happens when the Auditor General comes out with his report in December and who will be caught out. There could be a LOT of Liberals big mouths about to be closed when this gets released.

  3. Jen Says:

    Llberal PM Chretien manipulated the bank to loan him money to pay for his ‘hotel and golf.’

    Nigel Wright took money from his own personal bank account to help Duffy and the media has a huge problem with that.

  4. wilson Says:

    There is an email from Wright in the police report that makes it clear the concern was not about the audit (which they conceded to have no control over) but it was the Deloitte decision on primary and secondary residency that could set a precedent. Saying the Duffy payout makes that decision moot.

    Following Ditchburn’s assertions means also that the House of Commons colluded to have Lib MP Judy Sgro’s ineligible housing allowance report whitewashed.

  5. Peter Says:

    Here Corporal Greg Horton of the RCMP outs the deliberate lies in Mike Duffy’s comments in the Senate.
    In two October speeches to the Senate, Mr. Duffy laid out his version of events. The RCMP were watching. While the Senate is “privileged” – meaning senators aren’t legally liable for what they say inside – Corporal Greg Horton broke down some of Mr. Duffy’s claims in court documents, unproven but made public Wednesday.

    Mr. Duffy once declared “that this monstrous fraud was the PMO’s creation from start to finish.” Cpl. Horton saw it differently: “The evidence I have seen shows that the demands made by senator Duffy in February were the start of the ‘monstrous fraud.'”

    The senator also said that Conservative Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton had a two-page document outlining residence rules, which he said “does not depend in any way on the number of days spent in one’s home province.” Cpl. Horton said he has seen that two-page report, which “does not address primary and secondary residency, and what expense claims they represent.”

    Mr. Duffy said he “immediately voiced my objections to this fake pay-back scheme.” Cpl. Horton said he has “seen no evidence that Senator Duffy ever objected to someone else paying for his expenses.” Mr. Duffy also said the ploy to take out a mortgage was “written by the PMO to deceive Canadians,” while Cpl. Horton says no e-mails he has seen “suggest that this was a plot or script created by the PMO.”

    Finally, Mr. Duffy said then chief of staff Nigel Wright “had my expenses checked.” Cpl. Horton said he has seen no evidence of this. Rather, Mr. Wright said in one e-mail that he was “told you have complied with all the applicable rules.”

  6. guffman Says:

    I’d love to see Ditchburn and Coyne both get slapped with libel lawsuits. Both are making unproven accusations of criminal activity regarding the PM and I think it’s high time someone made an example of these mouthy morons, and show that there are lines that can, and have been crossed in real journalism.
    I’m sure they’re assuming that Harper wouldn’t have the nerve to counter-attack any member of the Media Party, but I really don’t see the downside for him here. They all hold a seething hatred for him and run him down daily in any forum they can.

  7. Liz J Says:

    No charges have been laid. The media people and the opposition going on and on about this affair and making accusations before the investigation is even finished is beyond fairness, decency or respect for what we all have in this country, innocent until proven guilty.
    Why wait? Ditchburn and Coyne have already gone over the line IMO. Act now, put an end to their hate filled screed.

    • Jen Says:

      imo, I do not think that the PM would file a libel lawsuit, he has more prblems to worry about like our country than go after a puppet-stringed Jennifer D.

  8. Martin Says:

    My impression is that Coyne was mush less strident in his column in Nat Post, then in this personal twitter account. I suspect the same is true for Ditchburn. This could mean that their editors/producers are more wary of a libel suit than they are in personal tweets.Or perhaps they do not think personal tweets are subject to libel laws.Dean has posted a number of careless tweets from people, things they would not care to repeat in any newspaper.

  9. Dwayne Says:

    This seems to be being tried in the court of public opinion and not in a court. When did the RCMP start handing the media information on investigations where no charges have been laid? This could all end up in front of a Crown prosecutor who tells the RCMP there is not enough EVIDENCE to proceed. This is where lives are ruined and reputations are sullied.

    This leads to the question, if the RCMP are being so forthcoming with information in this case, why not in every other case they investigate?

  10. fhl Says:

    this is a fantastic interview with Robert Walsh

    • wilson Says:

      Mr Walsh is an expert and says from reading the police report Nigel Wright did not commit fraud, bribery nor breach of trust; Duffy is a different story. Media party has completely ignored that the report tears down Duffy’s Senate performances.
      Rex Murphy covered some of it tonight.

      • Fat Tony Says:

        Do you have a link to the Rex Murphy segment? I looked at cbc.ca, could not find it, love to see it.

  11. Ontario Girl Says:

    Funny thing, also, how the media have been crying about the 3 senators not having their day in court and are being dismissed from the senate, and how undemocratic it all is. YET, the RCMP report hasn’t had it’s day in court either , but that doesn’t stop Mansbridge and crew to convict the PM of all sorts of innuendo and insinuations with nothing to back it all up…they completely ignore the parts of the report where Wright said “The PM knew NOTHING of the transaction”. Mansbridge is the LEADER of this BS and using the taxpayers money to spread the slander along with his $500 an appearance sheep. That’s the REAL scandal here.

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