Trudeau hid charges of sexual harassment against Liberal Senator Kenny for at least 8 days


The entire time Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was standing in the House of Commons accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of keeping information about Mike Duffy secret, Trudeau was himself hiding that Liberal Senator Colin Kenny had been removed from the Liberal caucus due to sexual harassment allegations:

Kate Purchase, a spokeswoman for the Liberal Party, said Mr. Kenny informed the party Wednesday that he was withdrawing from the caucus effective Nov. 13, “pending the outcome of an investigation by the Senate administration.” (see here)

And of course the day this information became public, Trudeau was not in Parliament.

This isn’t the first sexual harassment allegations against Kenny as the CBC reports. He has a lengthy history of being accused of inappropriate behaviour around women (see here).

Will the Media Party demand Trudeau explain himself or like every other time a scandal comes up, help him keep it as quiet as possible?


20 Responses to “Trudeau hid charges of sexual harassment against Liberal Senator Kenny for at least 8 days”

  1. Liz J Says:

    So let’s watch as the double standard plays out on this one. Hoe soon will we get all the juicy gossip they would spread around if it were a Conservative Senator. BTW did we get any money back from “Mac” Harb?

  2. Manitoba Fay Says:

    Same old same old… Liberals good and Conservatives bad. I am sure there will be no further investigation of these victims or reporting of this Senators problems after today.

  3. Bec Says:

    Is this one of the guys that inspired the ‘shiny pony’ to express current opposing comments on ‘mandatory minimums’? The media will be completely duh, duh, duh on this one too.

    You know, I am completely gobsmacked by the crazy media. ‘1,000 flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ ? At least that many self absorbed, nutty selfies in our Canadian media!

  4. Dan Cummings Says:

    They were trying to delay until after the byelections. Everything has been driven by the byelections this Fall, except what the government’s doing. Eye on the ball.

  5. Bec Says:

    Kennedy, cheated and took drugs for his back, his Brother was in a vehicle that drowned a girl, his other Brother was allegedly also connected to the Marilyn Monroe death, as was his Brother-in-law. The shenanigans of US Presidents are mind boggling. The media wailing on Doug Ford and now……the Prime Minister….over this?

    The ‘PMO’ IS NOT the ‘PM’. The fact that these media outlets say “the prime minister’s office’……..did..blah.blah.blah is their tacky way of implicating the PM.

    I can guarantee that THIS PM is as much a victim as us tax payers and those of us that wanted to believe Duffy.

    A person KNOWS where they live, they know where they have their primary residence and to dupe the tax payer, frig you!

  6. Sean M Says:

    Typical of the media and the Liberals co-ordinating their agendas for political gain, the truth be damned. The media run a hysterical smear campaign against the PM, and Conservatives in general, while they keep the lid on the Kenney allegations, which the media surely knew about. Maggots… although thats probably an insult to maggots. Will the media now become completely unhinged and try to implicate their little boy stupid in Kenney’s sleaze, yeah, very unlikely. The media in this country are so absolutely corrupt it’s difficult to keep up with their sleazy tactics. It should get really bizarre when the AG implicates a swath of Liberal Senators in his audit of ALL Senators, including Liberals. Although, the last audit flagged a majority of Liberal Senators, 10 of 15, for “mis-spending” and the media dutifully ignored those inconvenient truths. Maggots!

  7. Liz J Says:

    He has already stated the accusations are bogus so that’s it, that’s all folks.

  8. Bettie Says:

    On last night’s ‘At Issue’, the panel remarked that big announcements by the gov’t were not getting coverage. Duh! I wonder why that is… Couldn’t be the fault of media, could it!!

    BTW, that ‘At Issue’ panel is so unbalanced, it makes me sick. CTV’s program had two reasonable people giving sound opinions– Keith Beadsly and John Walsh. Worth watching.

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    Meanwhile all comments in the Globe & Mail are CLOSED to this story, yet OPEN on the story of Duffy for months. Then we have hypocrite NDP Charlie Angus on every talk show all outraged over the Delotte audit findings but when it was on Chief Spence, he said Delotte was right wing bla bla bla and gave Spence warm socks and candles for her tent and she couldn’t account for millions. Now Liberal MP McGuinty thinks delotte should come clean to save their “Professionalism” when his own brother took off for the states and didn’t come clean on anything. What a bunch of clowns. Here’s their remarks….they are bringing the delotte firm before the senate committee this coming Thurs. (Just to keep the story alive and play the concerned MP’s) farce .Meanwhile:

    NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus said Deloitte needed to explain its work to Parliament not just on the Senate file but on other politically sensitive audits, such as on expenses at the beleaguered northern Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat. (In that case, auditors were critical of millions of dollars in federal funding for housing. The results were released just as Attawapiskat Chief Therese Spence was holding a hunger strike that fuelled the Idle No More protest movement.)

    Liberal MP David McGuinty said Deloitte should come forward immediately and explain what happened.

    “I would be hard-pressed to believe Deloitte didn’t push back hard,” McGuinty said. “They should come immediately and declare what did or did not transpire here. For their own professional reputations.”

    • Liz J Says:

      David McGuinty, like his brother Dalton would be wise to STFU on every issue, neither of them are all that bright, they’re Liberals and nothing else matters as far as the media party are concerned.
      If a Conservative led a scandal ridden government from the economic of the country engine to the bread line in have not status,they’d be hounding their every move. Not so Dalton the liar, he’s living his private life, no cameras following him about as his party-chosen successor carries on his legacy of failure.

  10. Michael Harkov Says:

    And of course the day this information became public, Trudeau was not in Parliament.

    Actually, I haven’t seen much of Trudeau lately at all in QP. Ohhhhh………..right……..his little cross-Canada tour of personal self-promotion.

  11. guy stone Says:

    Will Justin Trudeau show he can be a true leader like Stephen Harper?
    Will he protect his senator or get him kicked out of the Senate?
    He protected Liberal Mac Harb for enough time for him to retire and acquire a big fat taxpayer funded pension plan
    The guy that took almost as much as all the Conservative senators combined?
    The one that sold over 99% of his house and then claimed it as his personal residence
    The one that “borrowed” the money from a friend’s numbered company that does business with the Federal government.
    Justin – Harper kicked his senators out – you did nothing. You didn’t feel that your senators should have to be punished for committing fraud against the taxpayer?

    Will Justin Trudeau again, protect his own, ahead of the taxpayers and ahead of women that were sexually harassed?

    Justin – you need to get him booted right now! You cannot wait for his retirement like you did with Liberal Mac Harb.

    If he doesn’t, we will know why he prefers the Chinese government over any other government in the world. He is an extension of his father whom personally endorsed Mao Zedong whom had over 50 million people die directly from his orders and his economic policies.

    • Sparky Says:

      Of course Tru-d’oh will cover for Kenney.These are Liberals. It’s their right to lie to us. The ends justify the means. And it’s their right to help themselves to taxpayer money. Just ask Dingwall. Just more proof that Liberals are self-serving hypocrites above all else.

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  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    The Manitoba Bye-election of Vic Toews old riding has the CBC trying to sway the voters over to the Liberals with this story below. Why are taxpayers paying for the CBC arm of the Liberal party to be campaigning in bye-elections with lame stories dragged out of cobwebs? CBC is out of control with their bias using their NEWS station for freebies to the Liberal party to smear Conservatives.

  14. Ken M. Says:

    Hypocrisy, sure, but “hid charges for eight days?”. Most shakeup decisions are spread out over days while stories get checked and damage limitation is readied.

  15. manitoba fay Says:

    The Brandon Sun is not even trying to be fair and balanced. Todays front page is a full sized picture of Justin and Rolf with the headline… Change is coming to Brandon- Souris.
    Sounds similar to the message the media pushed for Obama?
    Same old , same old… Liberals good, Conservatives bad !

  16. Trudeau knew about sexual allegations against Liberal senator for over 3 months | TRUE NORTH REPORT Says:

    […] Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was given the sexual harassment complaint from the female assistant of Senator Colin Kenny back in the summer. […]

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