RCMP lied about reason they released Duffy ITO to public

rcmp Paulson

An explosive story from the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor suggests that the RCMP used a false premise to release their Senate scandal documents to the public (ie media) that reeks of political interference and manipulation:

It is unclear why the RCMP agreed to open up their investigation to public view.

RCMP spokesperson, Cpl. Lucy Shorey said that Horton was following an unspecified new process required by the court.

“We were told there is a new court process that the court implemented,” Shorey said. “It’s the court that’s asking us to do this, I’m told.”

But Ottawa court officials said there is no new system in place and that Horton’s consent simply allowed them to break with protocol and release the ITO before the return was filed.

“There is no new process,” said Jocelyn Gouthro, the senior clerk at the Ottawa courthouse. “It’s nothing new. This has been the policy forever” (see here)

Did the RCMP release this just to maximize the damage on PM Stephen Harper?

Commissioner Bob Paulson has a lot of explaining to do.


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  1. jmw Says:

    It isn’t news that police officials/judges in the past have been bought off and that corruption (i.e. Quebec) occurs. What we don’t know is how extensive is it, and in which areas? What is unfortunate is that there are dedicated and competent law enforcement out there but it’s hard to know which is which and who to believe.

  2. andycanuck Says:

    Funny that the only two ITOs I’ve ever heard being publicly announced and published by the police are the Ford one, oops, I mean “Lisi” (and the other guy no one ever mentions) one and the Duffy one. And oddly enough I haven’t found any new stories about Benjamin Levin since the ones from back in July.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Interesting. Very good catch!

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Yet one more smudge in the tarnish of the RCMP. It is a sad shame to see a Canadian icon and an institution reduced to this.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I hope Fife gets dinged. He’s too arrogant for his own good.

    OT: I just read (and now I can’t find it) that after the Jets game in Wpg., PM stayed for hours posing with fans that wanted pictures taken with him. Perhaps someone else can find that article, and post it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Who knows, maybe somebody in the media party saw a positive news story and found a way to get it ditched.. Just like those negative Liberal youtube videos that seem to disappear.

  6. bettie Says:

    I was wondering about this too. It’s not normal, and I don’t understand it. The media is salivating over all the info they have never been party to before. They twist, they misrepresent, they are selective. However, saner voices are beginning to be heard, especially that Mr. Wright can not be charged with climinal activity. Listen to Robert Walsh.

    OT: I just read (and now I can’t find the article) that after the Jets game in Wpg., the PM stayed for hours posing with fans that wanted their picture taken with him. If anyone else can find the article, please post it. It was heartening.

  7. fhl Says:

    I was relieved to learn that Justin Trudeau was taking responsibility for the alleged criminal activity of Colin Kenny.
    At least I believe that was what Ralph Goodale implied when he said the e mail was ignored by Justin Trudeau.

  8. Liz J Says:

    A National police force playing politics in a democracy means we have a serious problem.

  9. morri Says:

    it was not and is not illegal for a person to pay someone else’s debt.

  10. fhl Says:

    Justin Trudeau wants to appeal to women.
    Are the women he wants to appeal to a hand picked group?
    It appears that that is the case.
    Women who ask for his help NOT so much.
    Alleged sexual harassment by
    Liberal senator Colin Kenny towards his female staff
    gets buried in e mails. Somehow this does not warrant Justin Trudeau getting to the bottom of why this happened.

  11. Ontario Girl Says:

    Rob Walsh interview on P&P with Rosemary Barton yesterday…worth watching


    • Anonymous Says:

      Quite surprised CBC aired something so, not so damaging as this. Interesting to hear it said finally that all parties do whatever it takes, even if the Canadian public find it unsavoury, to protect their party brand. When it came to Chretien, he was lauded as a wily politician and a “street fighter” but the Conservatives are unethical and underhanded. It’s so true that Canadians don’t know how politics works. As they say it is a blood sport. Hopefully Cpl. Horton doesn’t get banished to the far reaches of the Arctic for his sake.

  12. Mary Hines Says:

    We should “ALL” NOT WATCH BOB Fife’s show on Sunday… He “smirts” and laughs when he brings up anything negative against the PM – but sure jumps to “pretty boys” defence…. Wonder where pretty boy is – do we have to see old ralph gooddale – day in and day out…. Ralphie better start looking for his lost money before he starts worrying about the Tories…. and collecting the money the members of his current liberal members owes Election Canada…

  13. Dave Says:

    Well that’s a shocker, the queens cowboys **** up yet again. Isn’t it about time for the clowns to be “riding off into the sunset”?
    Just sayin’

  14. Peter Says:

    Should Trudeau step up and apologize to the RCMP for attributing something on National TV, that they never said and is not factually correct, when in Question Period Wednesday in a prepared statement Trudeau said

    “The RCMP revealed this morning that the Prime Minister’s office was guilty of corruption and that the government has been covering it up for months.”

    Of course the RCMP never said that and Canadians know that the RCMP are an investigative body and it is the courts that determine guilt.
    Since Trudeau has not apologized to the RCMP, will the media point out this misrepresentation, to clear the air and defend the RCMP.

  15. wilson Says:

    Wondering why this 3 page memo from Wright and others in PMO that RCMP have and filed in court, was not made public along with everything else. Maybe I’m reading this article wrong???
    The memo is a ‘what did he know when’ that definitely supports PMs story.

  16. Peter Says:

    There is nobody more knowledgeable and neutral than Rob Walsh – take the time to listen.
    Rosemary Barton of CBC in an interview with Rob Walsh ,former law clerk of the House of Commons, was told that what is going on in the House now is just “normal politics, parliamentary politics” and that there isn’t “any possibility of charges against Nigel Wright” because he can not “be effectively charged, prosecuted and convicted of any charge”
    Walsh states “there isn’t anything by Cpl. Horton here that is criminal behaviour or criminal intent.”
    He also states that the only charges that may be filed, could be against Duffy and Wallin for their expense accounts.


  17. Ontario Girl Says:

    WILSON:10:01 am
    Send your link over to David Akin…he is salivating and smearing the prime minister to “DEATH” on Sun News. It’s totally sickening to listen to. He needs some FACTS to counter his Liberal talking points. He is sounding like the RAT that he is. Cherry picking like CBC. Everyone knows his comrade is Wells from Liberal MacLeans.

    • Kimmy Says:

      When are you all going to give up on Sun News Network? Yes Ezra rocks but that where it ends. Look who owns the network if you don’t already know. It should scare you.

      • Bec Says:

        INDEED! To say nothing of the fact that the only Canadians who are watching SNN, pay.
        …That would mean Libs and Dippers do not because they ‘don’t pay, they take’.

        • Liz J Says:

          We may have been sold the proverbial bill of goods with SNN, it appears some of their “balance” is treading left.

        • manitoba fay Says:

          David Akin has glowing report of Justin Trudeau’s dominance in these byelections. Sun News is peddling the same message as all the other news channels now .I thought maybe Sun News would be the first to report that Rolf Dinsdale’s own brother is campaigning for Larry Maguire and Stephen Harper.It appears that even Sun News has chosen to manipulate the message for Justin Trudeau. I am definitely wasting my money paying extra for Sun News.

    • wilson Says:

      Ontario Girl, Akin brings in LibDipper viewers for the Sun, I find John Robson’s vicious attacks on PMSH from the right aggravating too!
      -That 3 pg memo from Wright explains why RCMP alleged fraud on govt, by acting without consent of head of govt.
      So why wasn’t the memo also made public? It’s part of the allegations, very relevant and it was filed in court.
      -Why make public the ‘good to go’ email on a transaction that did not take place, and then state there was no evidence PMSH knew of the (Wright chq) plan, yet that email suggests (out of context) that he did know about a previous plan???
      What was the point in making public info that was irrelevant to the allegations and never did come to fruititon, other than to give the media/Opps another line of attack??

  18. Martin Says:

    Some of the same people who excoriated the PMO for mildly suggesting RCMP return firearms to High River owners as soon as possible, see nothing wrong with this unprecedented move by the police into the political arena.
    It is not normal for the investigating body to air there evidence to the press before any charges are even laid; we have a distinct separation of the investigative and the prosecution arms of the legal system for this exact purpose. How else could anyone be ensured of a fair trial otherwise? Opposition would do well to consider the ramifications before they egg on the RCMP.

    • wilson Says:

      I am suspicious that the Corporal picked what emails/memos to release publicly.
      He should have released all or none.
      Day after day Mulcair and Trudeau have stood in Parliament, under immunity, and shamelessly trashed the reputation of many good people, based on allegations and gossip.

  19. Liz J Says:

    By-elections today and the Dipps and the Liberal party of Trudumb are counting on gaining seats because of the Senate kerfuffle. If that’s all the country has to worry about we have a very shallow pool of voters incapable of looking around the industrialized world and comparing us to them. It’s down to not being able to see past their own back yard, their own little spot in the wide world.

  20. Jen Says:

    I have this nagging suspicion that some members of the RCMP and other members within the POLICE FORCE work and take orders from the NDPQ. Too many times I have seen the police react instantly to the command and wishes from the NDP to probe into personal lives as well as into policians (except in the ndp).

  21. wilson Says:

    Important facts the media has spun into confusion.
    I’m repeating myself here, but we have to get a good grip on the facts.
    -Gerstien told the convention attendants the truth, at no time did the party offer to pay Duffy’s ineligible expenses.
    -the $90k is the total of 2 parts, Duffy’s housing allowance and expenses.
    -The party was going to pay up to $32k for his “housing allowance”, and Deloitte found the rules were unclear and did NOT conclude Dully’s housing allowance was in eligible.
    -The rest of what constitutes the $90k was “ineligible expenses”, where Duffy charged taxpayers for meals, incidentals and per diems while living in his own house in Ottawa as if he was living away from home.
    RCMP doc states that the grounds for the alleged ‘fraud’ charges on Wright and Duffy are due to acting WITHOUT Harper’s consent.
    See page 2, 3rd and 4th bullets.
    So RCMP are beyond doubt that PM did not know of the plan and chq, and use that as grounds for fraud.

  22. Ruth Says:

    I’m getting very sick of the same question every day. How many times do they have to be told that the PM knew nothing about the payment from Wright. The broken record gets tiring after several months of the same question every day.

  23. wilson Says:

    Now Ivison picked up on the 3pg memo
    I hit the pay wall so can’t give a short on this (not gonna pay $10 month to read the odd article that interests me)

    • wilson Says:

      CPC won their 2 seats back! Brandon Souris a squeaker, but many Cons candidates squeak in and get re-elected by a wide margin, Tony Clement for example.
      Libs retained theirs too.
      Media party all giggly about libs gaining in the vote count. But they were supposed to steal a CPC seat…….right?
      ha. didn’t happen.

  24. Liz J Says:

    Liberals got the seats they had, ditto Conservatives, nothing changed but you wouldn’t know it from the adulation by the media party bestowed on their Shiny Pony. As if Toronto Centre or Bourassa would vote anything but Liberal. Perhaps Angry Tom Mulcair will become angrier and start attacking his real threat in Quebec, the Pony could wipe him out unless there’s a resurgence of the Bloc in that misfit in the Federation.

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