Trudeau knew about sexual allegations against Liberal senator for over 3 months


Well, well…turns out Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was given the sexual harassment complaint (see here) from the female assistant of Senator Colin Kenny back in the summer:

She outlined her allegations against Kenny to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in August (see here)

Did any journos know about these charges and remained silent also?

I find it hard to believe Kenny had sexual harassment allegations levelled against him over 3 months ago and not one reporter heard about it.

Update: The Liberals are now trying to lay this off as an email problem

The Liberal Party of Canada is under fire after questions about when the Liberal Leader’s office first learned about a former staffer’s allegations of sexual harassment against Sen. Colin Kenny.

According to the office, as a result, the email “was triaged into a bulk folder of the Senate reform emails and was not seen by our office.” (see here)


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  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    Remember when Kenny was investigated by the Liberal Senate leader James Cowan at the behest of Justin Trudeau and was subsequently cleared of wrong doing (what a shocker)? This time, instead of getting a fellow Liberal to do the investigating, Trudeau just keeps a lid on it. And they berate Harper over leadership issues? Heh.

    I’m telling you, when the Auditor General’s report on the Senate comes out in December, I bet the Liberals are going to be washing a LOT of egg from their faces. Can’t wait. 😀

  2. Anne in swON Says:

    According to the CTV story the staffer went to JT over this in August. JT must not have done anything constructive because the staffer felt compelled to resign her position in Kenny’s office in September. It sure sounds like the sexual harassment may have continued even after JT was informed.

    • Michael Harkov Says:

      There is a story of Senator Kenny’s similar behaviour going all the way back to 2001 –

      A woman who worked at a tanning salon Kenny used to own complained to police that he told her to perform oral sex or risk losing her job. Police dismissed the complaint as not credible.

      Bureau has also obtained a 2001 letter sent by a North Atlantic Treaty Organization official alleging Kenny paid “persistent” and “unwelcome” attention toward two women working at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

      So not only did this sort of thing happen under Justin Trudeau’s tenure as leader, this Senator (that was appointed by his father Pierre Trudeau, by the way) was doing this under Jean Chretien’s reign as, too.

      Well……… wonder the little fop has his lips zipped for once.

      • Michael Harkov Says:

        Perhaps I should qualify that with “allegedly doing this under Jean Chretien’s reign, too”; and “alleged similar behaviour going all the way back to 2001”.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    Oh, and as an interesting aside, which Prime Minister was it that appointed Senator Kenny? You get one guess! 😉

    • Liz J Says:

      He’s been in the senate a very long time, my guess is Justin’s Papa Pierre appointed him so guess he’s practically family. How can you punish uncle Colin?

  4. Liz J Says:

    Not surprising this would be ignored, after all, allegations of sexual harassment when the perpetrator is a Liberal Senator would not be as serious for two reasons: they would apply innocent until proven guilty and they would worry more about the reputation of Kenny than the victim of his alleged actions, it’s the Liberal way. Justin is going down the path of soft on crime, dissing mandatory minimums.
    Look forward to having this the lead story on all political panels for weeks…..NOT!

  5. manitoba fay Says:

    Waiting and watching for CTV reporters to chase Liberal senator Colin Kenny down and yell accusations at him!!

  6. antfrm Says:

    well, well – amazing how Liberals, that are so quick to lay and play up false charges against any member of the CPC, are so willing to cover up their own wrongdoing – and all with a compliant media reporting every squeak about the Conservatives – time is long past for de-funding the CBC

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well lil’ Prince Pot-a- Lot has some ‘splaing to do.
    Of course Mandsbridge will want to know “what did JT know and when did he know it” Right sarc/off
    Thing of it is look at Mayor Rob Fords numbers, they ain’t moving very much if at all.
    I am thinking that the Maggot Media are reading their own press releases and believing them.
    They would be the only ones the public is not buying this clap trap anything like they used to.
    Trudeau standing up and reading off hils little piece of paper about Leadership and all the rest off the claptrap is actuall rather pathetic.
    I’m With Michael Harkov just wait till the Liberal Senator numbers come up.
    It’s too late to demand that the man who apointed Senator Kenny resign, will his son instead fall on his sword?
    Keeping it quiet till the by-elections were over were we.?
    I bet some if not most of Maggot Media were complicit in this coverup.

  8. Anne in swON Says:

    I read that the woman from the tanning salon complained to the police over his sexual demands but they apparently didn’t believe her and so there was no investigation. I can’t find the source.

    • Liz J Says:

      You have to wonder how or why anyone would make this stuff up about Kenny if it isn’t true. After all, he’s a long time Senator who really isn’t someone who would attract anyone sexually unless he’s paying for it or harassing someone who works for him.
      I sincerely hope this isn’t true but where there’s smoke……maybe Justin will need a reefer and try to channel his Papa to deal with this one.

  9. Beachdude Says:

    I wonder how the media will spin this one, attack the victim?…….I cant help to think about his “ladies night” this past week.

  10. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well Liberal Ladies you are really, really getting to know Justin, are you not?
    Is he still your hero?
    Whats your favorite virtue?
    What is the biggest issue facing women?
    Is it the silence from Maggot Media and the party Leader Justin Trudeau when Liberal bigshots go rougue?
    This would make a truth ad of nuclear porportions.IMO

  11. Liz J Says:

    Wonder what Chrystia Freeland, Trudeau’s “star” candidate for the by-election in Toronto Centre feels about Justin’s tardiness in dealing with this serious charge? Will the media ask for her opinion?

  12. Sparky Says:

    Well, what else is there to say? I believe the Shiny Pony ( stoned pony?) said it best, so he oughta know.. but I think this makes Trudeau a “Piece of S**t”!!!

  13. Ontario Girl Says:

    I guess Justin Trudeau was waiting before coming forward with this information, because he was studying the “root causes”.
    Will CBC’s Susan Lunn come out and say how “SKANKY” Kenny is?
    The story has already been replaced on CBC’s home page to the senate report and regurgitating their Maddock points.
    Now don’t forget, Trudeau was at the gay parade with a sexual predator , so do we draw the same line like Ford & Harper? Over to you CBC and Milesky(breathless report on P&P tonight) along with a “SPECIAL” at issue tonight with Chantel, , Andrew and Jennifer?
    These “allegations ” are serious ones….more serious then “allegations” of $90,000 being paid back to taxpayers. Do you think CBC will treat it as so? pfffft

    • ohboy Says:

      Excellent point made OG.
      By the media party spin, PM Harper is complicit in some nefarious & convoluted way of twisted logic,(as only the unelected pimp media can conjure up), of somehow being involved at some level with Mayor Ford’s bus depot antics.

      So then I would imagine that by employing the same yardstick, we could infer that justin is indeed involved somehow in Ben Levin’s alleged ‘little indiscretions’ through nothing more than guilt by association.
      After all they are both liberals !!

  14. Ontario Girl Says:

    Not a peep about this on P&P tonight, so far. BUT, they had Rob Walsh on(he was on CTV LAST NIGHT) It’s still all about the RCMP report. Walsh said..”this is a great story for the media party,but how much has it to do with the legal part of the story. I look forward to part 2″. He didn’t seem to think there was anything illegal here, other then possibly Duffy?? Rosemary Barton was SQUIRMING!!!!!!! She actually said something like, why am I with this story then. It’s all a crock manufactured and manipulated by the CBC arm of the Liberal party ROSEMARY!!!!

  15. Ontario Girl Says:

    PS. David Akin on the Brian Lilly show said…”What’s going on in the senate right now is much, much, much, worse then Kenny. Kenny did such good work in the senate on security defence before Pamilla Whalen took his place.Why did it take so long for this to come out”.
    Riiiight……all the Liberal talking points made by Akin.

    When Liberal John McCallum was asked about senator Kenny he scurried away from the scrum like a rat.

  16. Ontario Girl Says:

    MulCair just came out an hour ago with this on Senator Kenny’s actions asking why Trudeau took so long to act….even though it wasn’t 17 years…things are heating up looking for bye-election votes…David Akin is helping out the Liberal party to change the channel.

  17. Bubba Brown Says:

    What you will hear from Trudeau is that the whole thing is just a misunderstanding.
    He told his cacus that he wanted more women to run.
    The Senator got right on that
    It is very hard to run in heels.
    As to why he waited 3 months to show a little leadership?
    He was just too busy obsessing about 90,000 dollars that was paid back to the taxpayer.
    Now that is a scandal.
    He says he didn’t get the e-mail………………. now what will we hear from the CBC besides repeating the Liberal talking points.
    Will Justin resign?

  18. Ontario Girl Says:

    Every single story about Senator Kenny over at National Newswatch is GONE today. Wiped out. One story on it on Thurs. on CBC’s The National, after, a 20 min story on the RCMP senate report. The senate report from the RCMP was on Thurs. Fri. and Saturday. NONE on senator Kenny after the short Thurs. report. That will be the end of it for the disgraced Liberal.

    No big pic. and write up in our daily paper either.. NOTHING BUT a giant pic. of PM Harper more or less calling him a liar.

  19. mahmood Says:

    It must have pained the old Grit war horse Susan Delacourt to hoof it past this story. If only Kenny had been a Con Senator.

  20. Ontario Girl Says:

    WOW…Sun News David Akin is looking for a new job at CBC …maybe replacing Solomon…he says Trudeau will be “GOLDEN” at the bye-elections.Read this gushing report today…So much for all the Conservatives who say he’s fair…PFFFT.

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