My thoughts on last night’s by-elections results


A few short notes of my impressions on the four by-elections held yesterday:

Bourassa: Liberal’s Montreal stronghold that elected a guy who said during the campaign that Trudeau was lying about his commitment to legalize weed – awesome

Provencher: Conservative’s Manitoba stronghold which we retook easily – awesome

Toronto-Centre: Liberal’s TO stronghold that elected a Limousine Liberal with a life-time of gold for the Conservatives to quote – awesome

Brandon-Souris: Conservative Manitoba stronghold that we barely hung on to. Regardless of all the sad faces this morning in Media Party HQ, the Conservative’s campaign manager has some serious explaining to do about how they blew 20% from the last election


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  1. Michael Harkov Says:

    Awesome is the fact that in by-elections (if old memory serves LOL), the Conservatives have retained (and in some cases, gained) every seat that they have been occupying since general elections in 2006, 2008, and 2011, with the exception of the safe Liberal riding of Labrador that went back to the Liberals after the Peter Penashue controversy. Either the general “wisdom” that dictates that the electorate usually punishes the governing party in by-elections is BS, or the Conservatives have been doing a bang-up job. 😀

  2. wilson Says:

    Every poll I saw had the Shiny Pony winning Brandon-Souris, in one poll Libs had a 29 point lead….. how did Libs blow 30 points and not win…???
    It’s ok to have a razor thin win, it’s a reminder to all MPs/candidates that each seat has to be won by the candidate and team, not on PMs coat tails.
    Cons MPs need to be out in their ridings, working hard toward 2015.

    • BC Blue Says:

      That Forum poll was BS – the Liberals didn’t blow any lead

      • Michael Harkov Says:

        Agreed! I don’t know what the game was with a polling disparity that large, but how can it be believed THAT was within “margin of error”? So what the hell was that?

      • bertie Says:

        I heard only 20% turn out for the vote.Who gives arats ass who won.No one in the ridings cared.Why should we.

        • andycanuck Says:

          At the Elections Canada site it looks like the turnout was just under 40% of the eligible voters. I very briefly tried finding the turnout for 2011 but couldn’t although I’d assume there were fewer eligible last election than now due to population growth. Still, not a great turnout considering the MSM attacks on conservatives over the past year and the Dippers running a leftist “star” in the riding.

  3. Brenda Says:

    From what I understand the president of Forum is a heavy liberal hitter. I cannot remember where I read it. This is a push poll. He does not do real polls. This is the same guy that had Rob Ford below 30% for re-election. I don’t believe his polls.

  4. Bocanut Says:

    Liberals proved in Brandon-Souris that expecting to ride a family name is not a guarantee of victory.
    Trudeau should start planning an exit strategy.

  5. Michael Harkov Says:

    Evan Solomon paraphrased just now to his Tory “guest” —- can you explain the total and utter annihilation of the Tory vote in Brandon, you know, even though they won? What hope in hell does the CPC have now that the last Son Of Krypton Kal-el Trudeau is in play?

    Bloody Liberal hack.

    • jon Says:

      Oh, but he’s “FAIR”, dontcha know?! Just as that self-promotional ad featuring him states, with “FAIR” in bold font, plastered on the screen, with a confident-looking Solomon at the end of the spot in total pose — with one hand in his pocket as he nods in agreement with the ad’s narrator, touting him as some sort of supreme “moderator”. One wonders how many takes had to be done to complete the shoot, what with him and the crew bursting out in laughter wondering how many gullible Canadians would buy it. Then again, he’s such a professional BS’er, he probably got it done in the first take.

  6. Beachdude Says:

    Was not surprised by the results, did not watch any spin coverage either. I do wonder how people will react when Mr.Trudeau tries to sell a carbon tax or levy. From what I get from everyone from any political stripe they do not what want to pay more for anything tax related

  7. Ontario Girl Says:

    I read somewhere that the poll was done by robocall…on the weekend before the by-election. Press the number for who you support. Some people said they got called 4 or five times through the weekend to do the poll…they all found it odd. Apparently the poll was only from 400 people by robocall?? The usual poll to make people think the Liberals were waaaay ahead. Sort of like the Ford Smitherman poll just before that election in Toronto. No wonder they say polls are for dogs.

  8. Kayla Says:

    I’m in the Ted Falk area, and it was no surprise that he was declared the winner even less than an hour after the polls closed. It’s funny how the media is going on about how close the Conservative in the Brandon Souris riding was to losing the seat there. A win is a win. But we all know what poor losers Liberals are.

  9. David Weum Says:

    Two out of four victories in Conservative strongholds. Very good showing for a selection. We can’t expect more success than that.

    Libs in. Downtown TO wasa forgone conclusion.No gain there was expected and therefore no loss.

    • ianinamman Says:

      Somebody should tell Trudeau that claiming they ran a positive message campaign free of any attacks on their opponents is a figment of his imagination. Would you not constitute the flyer they circulated in Toronto Center with an unflattering photo of Mulcair and the words, “too angry”, as being an attack ad? I would!

  10. Sean M Says:

    The Turdeau media spin is something to behold, both funny and tragic. Funny in the sense that the media are handing a victory to their candidate, Trudumb, when there is no real evidence of victory other than holding on to seats the corrupt Liberals already had, and tragic for the same reason. Two full Months of the media carpet bombing the public with hysterical, attack propaganda, 24 hours a day against the Government, while cheerleading the imaginary second coming of the mental derangement syndrome known as “Turdeaumania”, and yet nothing changed. LOL… I expect the media’s hatred for Conservatives to ratchet up a few more notches, every fart in an elevator will be blamed on the Government followed by a lengthy onslaught of “scandal” mongering for months on end, while little Justy goes around the country blathering like a deranged cartoon character, stepping in one turd after another dutifully cheered on by the media. It’s gonna get real ugly!

    • ianinamman Says:

      The Ottawa Citizen Liberal rag had a huge photo of Trudeau on the front page with the big bold headline, Liberals retain their seats in Toronto Center and Bourassa, with a similar statement further down in small print about the Conservatives hanging onto their two ridings. So the BIG news was that the Libs held their seats. Someone should tell the Citizen that uh, the Conservatives are the governing party and really they should get top billing don’t you think! But that’s the Citizen for you. You could feel the euphoria by the Citizen in the headline.

  11. Ontario Girl Says:

    I am surprised the voters in Toronto voted Liberal. Seeing Kathlynn Wynne out supporting Freeland, a person would think that Wynne would turn the voters off. Guess they haven’t heard of all her boondoggles yet…the media certainly are keeping it a cover up. Wait till Freeland the air head gets to talk in the scrums …should be entertaining.

    How can anyone in Quebec vote Liberal, after adscam? Short memories……2 head shakers.

    • Johnny Says:

      I totally agree. Boggles my mind for sure.

      So with Rogers getting the NHL rights next year and the CBC getting no revenue form the NHL anymore, does this mean the beginning of the end of the CBC as we know it? There is no way the news division makes any money. Will we be seeing some serious layoffs fairly soon? My fingers are crossed and I have a list of who to layoff if needed.

  12. Martin Says:

    For an explanation of Forum’s continued inaccuracies see this link.
    As I understand it Forum results have to be analyzed with different confidence levels to be used in his model. Not a great advertisement for Forum.

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