CTV and Postmedia intentionally omit law professor’s anti-Conservative background

fifemcgregor maher

If you want a perfect example of unethical reporting in the Ottawa Press Gallery check out CTV’s Robert Fife and Postmedia’s Stephen Maher’s pieces on the latest anti-Conservative antics by Amir Attaran.

chow attaran

Both Fife and Maher breathlessly report that Attaran has filed a complaint with the BC and Ontario law societies against lawyer Benjamin Perrin who recently worked in the PMO (see here and here).

What Fife and Maher conveniently leave out is that Attaran has a long history of anti-Conservative activism as recently as last month when he had his complaint against Attorney General Peter MacKay dismissed by the Nova Scotia law society (see here).

For additional examples of Attaran’s political war against the Conservatives and how the Media Party use him as a weapon, type his name into my blog’s search box.

Thinking I should file my own complaint against Fife and Maher.

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