Ottawa Citizen caught lying about op-ed writer’s bio who bashes Conservatives

Maher Potter

The Ottawa Citizen ran this bio on an op-ed by David Sachs titled “Stephen Harper puts Conservatives in a bind”:

David Sachs is a Conservative communications consultant who has worked for cabinet ministers Lawrence Cannon and Peter Kent. He is a board member of the Pontiac Conservative Riding Association in Quebec. (see here)

I’d never heard of the guy but that doesn’t mean much so I Googled him and didn’t find really anything at all so just chalked it up to a disgruntled ex-employee until I saw a series of tweets from Conservative MP Peter Kent denying Sachs had ever “worked for” him:

citizen kent potter sachs

Someone volunteering for a campaign is a far cry from working for them as a minister. Notice both the Citizen’s Twitter account and editor Andrew Potter admit this was untrue yet refuse to retract and apologise.

More unethical journalism on display from the Media Party trying to damage the Conservatives – this time intentionally torquing someone’s credentials to give them more credence to the readers

Also: See earlier post on Ezra Levant catching Potter telling tall tales when he worked at Macleans here

Update: Potter now calls Kent a liar



Conservative MP’s statement made in House on the CBC paying for stolen NSA documents


Mr. Paul Calandra (Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and for Intergovernmental Affairs, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, the CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices make clear that:

To ensure we maintain our independence, we do not pay for information from a source in a story.

When CBC’s The National aired a report about U.S. activities during the G8 and G20, neither Peter Mansbridge nor Greg Weston disclosed that they had paid their source, Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald is a Brazilian based former porn industry executive, now assisting Edward Snowden leak national security information.

CBC only admitted to its cash for news scheme after The Wall Street Journal forced it out. CBC is trying to justify the violation of its own ethical standards by claiming that Greenwald is a freelancer.

Greenwald has strong and controversial opinions about national security. Of course, that is his right, but when CBC pays for news, we have to ask why furthering Glenn Greenwald’s agenda and lining his Brazilian bank account more important than maintaining the public broadcaster’s journalistic integrity?

Note: I’ve asked the minister in charge of the CBC Shelly Glover if she has responded to Calandra and will update if she responds.

Call-out HuffPost’s Althia Raj for unethical journalism, get smeared as Conservative puppet

trudeau wells raj

It doesn’t get much more telling than what Huffington Post’s Althia Raj wrote to me on Twitter after I called her anonymous sourced “Secret Conservative MP meetings” story (see here) unethical journalism:


I’ve asked Raj to back-up her claim that I was sent out by the PMO to discredit her or retract and apologise.

What are the odds of either of those happening?

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