Call-out HuffPost’s Althia Raj for unethical journalism, get smeared as Conservative puppet

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It doesn’t get much more telling than what Huffington Post’s Althia Raj wrote to me on Twitter after I called her anonymous sourced “Secret Conservative MP meetings” story (see here) unethical journalism:


I’ve asked Raj to back-up her claim that I was sent out by the PMO to discredit her or retract and apologise.

What are the odds of either of those happening?


5 Responses to “Call-out HuffPost’s Althia Raj for unethical journalism, get smeared as Conservative puppet”

  1. Mary Hines Says:

    You should go back and tell her – her “pretty boy” pulls her “strings” and tells her what to say about the PM….. It sure looks like it!

  2. Mary Hines Says:

    We depend on the blogs getting our stories out as the MSM sure will not. I noticed in Question Period – it was stated the CBC, Peter and the famous “liberal reporter” who thinks pretty boy Justin can do no wrong, did not state in their report that the CBC paid a liberal for the information they reported on the G20 and the spying scandal…. Wonder how accurate that report was, or their only job is to dig, dig, dig and find anything, even if their credibility is questioned to report
    negative on this PM….

  3. Tim Says:

    …and another brain-dead Liberal just reinforced the stereotype. Cowadly journalism at it’s Progressive best.

  4. Ontario Girl Says:

    I posted this story at BLY but here it is again…The media and their sheep followers in action. I emailed Raj a few years ago about her bias and she emailed me back and said she had no horse in this show..right..until pretty boy had her heart thumping…by the pic above, it looks like they were elevated in some smokey cloud…
    Anyway, back to this statement by members today…no media will report this…Quote:
    Paul Colandra had a question for Peter Mansbridge and Greg Weston today in Question Period: It went like this:

    The CBC journalistic standard & practices goes like this “To maintain our independence we do not pay for information from a source in a story”.

    When the CBC aired their story of US activities in the G8 G20 neither Peter Mansbridge or Greg Weston disclosed they “PAID” their source Glen Grenwall- a Brazilian based former “PORN” industry executive, now assisting Edward Snowdon with National Security information. CBC only “admitted” to their “CASH FOR NEWS SCHEME” after The Wall Street Journal “FORCED” it out of them.

    CBC is trying to justify their violation of their own ethical standards by trying to claim Grenwall is a freelancer. When CBC “PAYS” for news, we have to ask “Why is furthering Grenwall lining his Brazilian Bank Acct. more important then CBC maintaining the “PUBLIC BROADCASTERS” journalistic integrity”?End of Quote

    Good much did they pay..was it the taxpayers who paid…when did it take place…how long did they know…when was it GOOD TO GO. How much do Mansbridge and Weston donate to the Liberal party…so many QUESTIONS…over to you Mansbridge and Weston….sneaky .hypocrites.

  5. Sean M Says:

    It’s difficult to take a Trudumb groupie like Raj seriously. Raj is far too vapid and shallow to fool anyone into believing she’s anything other than a Harper hating, Trudumb adoring media maggot. Raj sounds paranoid, perhaps mentally unstable, just like her hero, Justy. Her first reaction to being questioned regarding her imaginary sources is to accuse the PMO of being out to get her… wow… what a self important twit, not to mention paranoid and delusional. The media maggots for Trudumb have gone from desperately vicious partisans for the “progressive cause”, to deranged paranoids… I guess it’s true that Turdomania is a mental disorder, and no one shows more symptoms of this manic derangement than Justy groupie, Raj. What a silly, superficial little girl.

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