CBC panellist Adam Goldenberg breaks internal policies by threatening people’s employment

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In a personal vendetta against some Twitter users (by outing and labelling them as anti-gay bigots) Adam Goldenberg stepped over the line by bullying, harassing and trying to damage their jobs and businesses:

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I’ve blacked-out the personal info believing that enough harm has been done to these people by Goldenberg and his pack of new-age Liberal McCarthyites and I encourage them to file a complaint with the CBC and the CBC Ombudsman based on the policies set by the CBC:

Personal use of social media:

– We maintain professional decorum and do nothing that can bring the Corporation into disrepute.

– In our personal social media activity, we are mindful of our professional association with CBC.

– Policy 2.2.15 Anti-Discrimination and Harassment: CBC/Radio-Canada will not tolerate any behaviour, including from independent contractors and other individuals with whom CBC/Radio-Canada does business

Also related: See yesterday’s post where the VP of the polling company Environics called Conservatives anti-gay bigots here

Update: Goldenberg has now had a complaint filed against him with Yale Security.

It stems from a back-and-forth between Goldenberg and another person on Twitter who made the comment that he was ‘grateful Goldenberg was at least leaving kids out of it’ when Goldenberg responded with these two tweets:

goldenberg clive packer

The person took it as Goldenberg taunting his kids by saying they have nice eyes and that he sees the family through their house window.

Not only did he file a complaint with Yale, he also emailed Goldenberg asking for an apology.

I received permission to post this and asked to be kept informed – will update when more information comes along.

Update: Now, that didn’t take long did it? Goldenberg has now just sent an email expressing his “regret”.

Update: Goldenberg has now posted a column about outing people on the internet but omits mentioning his own vile behaviour (see here)


Polling company’s vice president calls Canadian conservatives anti-gay bigots


The above tweet is from Derek Leebosh who is the Vice President, Public Affairs for Environics Research:

leebosh 1

I have sent the two people listed on the company’s contact page (Barry Watson and Tony Coulson) this email:

I am writing you today in hope that Environics Research will publicly condemn the attached tweet from your Vice President of Public Affairs Derek Leebosh where he smears Canadian conservatives as anti-gay bigots.

I find it stunning that you would have someone who would write such a vile remark about a huge segment of Canadian society as your Public Affairs VP.

I await your response.


Dean Skoreyko

I will update if and when I hear back.

Star’s Delacourt admits to knowing about unethical Press Gallery members?

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In Preston Manning’s op-ed in the Globe and Mail, he calls-out the Parliamentary Press Gallery members for not living up to their own code of ethics:

Section 10 of that constitution provides for the expulsion of a member by a majority vote of the members for only one reason: “… that such member uses his membership or the facilities of the Gallery to obtain a benefit other than by journalism …”

And alludes that he has inside information on who in the Press Gallery have been unethical by feathering their own nests:

Most of its members are sincere, dedicated individuals who adhere to and practise high professional and ethical standards. (see here)

The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt responded in the Press Gallery’s defense with her own column but actually ended up supporting Manning’s assertion:

I can tell you, with some certainty, that I would be in a considerable amount of trouble with my employer if I had ever lobbied for a Senate or government appointment while reporting on federal politics. I’m not saying this hasn’t happened…(see here)

Delacourt must now name all journalists (past and present) who she may be aware of that lobbied for a Senate or government appointment.

delacourt munson

Citizen’s McGregor: “Conservatives taking its cues from Sun News”


You have to admire the sheer audacity of a Press Gallery reporter who claims that there is no such thing as the anti-Conservative Media Party:

Conservatives seems to be taking its cues from Sun News Network, a TV channel with close ties to the governing party. Sun hosts repeatedly use the phrase “Media Party” and allege a conspiracy by journalists — other than their own — to attack conservative politicians and bolster the Liberal leader.

While the Harper Tories have long taken an adversarial posture toward the parliamentary press gallery, the notion that journalists are in league against the Tories has featured prominently this year in party fundraising drives. (see here)

While writing on the same day this ridiculous story about video clips of Senator Mike Duffy doing promo spots for the Conservatives:

The virtual Duffy site was rediscovered this week by the Citizen and then quickly archived by an Ottawa computer programmer Kevin O’Donnell before the party removed it this week.

O’Donnell, who is also the Green Party provincial candidate in Ottawa Centre, wrote a computer program to robotically send a long list of commonly used first names to the site and capture the video greetings the digital Duffy sent back. (see here)

And only the guy who wrote 100+ robocall stories for his newspaper can’t see the blatant hypocrisy and irony here.



Conrad Black claims letter from Torstar Chair John Honderich was sent to blackmail “prominent Torontonians” into denouncing Ford


Besides eviscerating Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno, who seriously brought a knife to a gun fight, Conrad Black made this stunning allegation:

In another aspect of the Ford controversy, a number of people have angrily sent me copies of a letter that the disgraceful John Honderich — the chair of the board of Torstar Corporation (the Star’s owner) and a former Star publisher — assumedly approved for distribution to 70 prominent Torontonians, urging them to agitate for the mayor’s removal in mid-term, and taking them to task as moral outcasts of the community for not joining in the full Christmas revelry of the Star’s attempted putsch. (see here)

Not only is Black saying Honderich sent out this letter but also threatened to name them publicly if they refused to participate.

If this is true (and I can’t imagine Black doesn’t have this letter in his possession) Honderich would be forced to resign no?

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