RCMP hide evidence of Liberal senator involved in car accident

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In what appears to be Liberal Senator Romeo Dallaire driving when he was in no condition to do so:

“He was very tired, he had a hard week last week,” Sylvie Biard, an assistant at Dallaire’s office, told QMI Agency. “He was travelling a lot. Yesterday he had a 16-hour workday.”

Also comes a report that the RCMP removed his Senate parking pass after he got in an accident:

Sen. Romeo Dallaire crashed his BMW 328 into a stop sign on Parliament Hill Tuesday morning, knocking it over and causing some damage to his car.

The BMW 328 was sitting on the sidewalk outside of East Block around 10 a.m. Tuesday. RCMP officers on the scene offered little comment but did remove the Senate parking pass that could have identified which senator was behind the wheel. (see here)

When did it become RCMP policy to cover-up the identity of a politician involved in a driving incident?

Update: Dallaire admits to falling asleep while driving:

He says he simply did not monitor his fatigue level and feel asleep at the wheel. (see here)

Also notice that the CP reporter doesn’t mention the RCMP covering-up for Dallaire and takes an anonymous source’s word that he wasn’t drinking.


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  1. Guffman Says:

    “When did it become RCMP policy to cover-up the identity of a politician involved in a driving incident?”
    When the politician is a Liberal.

    • Jen Says:

      I notice that some members of the RCMP are ‘acting’ private police for the liberals and most definitely for the NDPQ.

  2. bertie Says:

    Why does PM Harper not have these RCMP up in front of him for questioning.At the very least he has to question the loyalty of these officers who are on the hill.Covering up an offence such as this is a crime in itself and should warrant an immediate enquiry.These guys are also guarding our Prime Minister,we must have total faith in their loyalty.

  3. wilson Says:

    Perhaps it’s time the good Senator took a walk in the snow…….

  4. Sean M Says:

    Dallaire is a Liberal, therefore, above the law. Using the Rawanda excuse in 1-2-3… Remember we’re all supposed to “feel” sorry for old Romeo because of what happened in Rawanda 20 years ago… Dallaire may have been a coward that left woman and children to be slaughtered, but he’s a Liberal “soldier”, so it’s not his fault he’s an incompetent coward. Now if this was a Conservative, well, then we would have ourselves a “scandal”, a good old fashioned media party lynching. Alas, it’s Romeo Dallaire, he’s a Liberal, so, it’s not his fault, it never is.

    • Beachdude Says:

      Hmmmmm I think you may of crossed the line, yes he is a Liberal but coward, no way? I’m a coward because I do not want to put myself in the line of fire, any soldier regardless of political status is not a coward. I do not agree with this senators political position nor his feeble excuse for the accident. If he was a Conservative sure the media would be telling a different story than it is now and go on about it for days, but a coward? Sorry Sean that’s just a cheap partisan shot and you should know better.

      • Sean M Says:

        Well, you’re entitled to your opinion of my opinion, thats fine, but I stand by my Statement that not only was Dallaire a coward while serving in Rwanda he was an incompetent bureaucratic fool. Dallaire knowingly left defenseless woman and children to be slaughtered in the most gruesome fashion possible, he knew they would be slaughtered but chose to leave these people defenseless. The victims occupying one “safe zone” ( a school) begged Dallaire for protection from the oncoming nightmare, he refused, and every one of them were butchered. You have to understand that the savage cowards that carried out this slaughter were mainly armed with knives and machete’s, Dallaire could have easily set up an armed perimeter around these woman and children and it’s my belief those people could’ve been saved. If Dallaire had died fighting like a real soldier instead of a bureaucrat disguised as a soldier , I would have a great deal of respect for the man,he would have died fighting to save those that couldn’t save themselves… he’s had a difficult time living with his cowardly decisions ever since, and it’s no wonder. I respect that you feel I have “crossed the line”, but I suggest you read the findings of the Belgian courts and military’s findings surrounding Dallaires actions, or inactions, and then judge for yourself. There is definitely a lot of blame to be spread around regarding the genecide in Rwanda, the UN command led by another Canadian “soldier” Maurice Baril, the Clinton administration, the UN in general. IMO, real soldiers take action on the ground, do what they have to do and don’t sit around waiting for orders , or help they know will never come. I’m sorry, but I have no respect for the man, pity, but not respect.

        • Beachdude Says:

          It is easy playing a ” What If ” type of thing as in IF We did this or IF we did that. That is nothing more than a “Monday Morning Quarterback”. He maybe a bureaucrat but the coward name calling and now playing the Monday Morning Quarterback and what if game is just sad.

        • BC Blue Says:

          Lewis MacKenzie says you’re wrong

  5. Fat Tony Says:

    This fits the definition of IMPAIRED DRIVING!!!
    Que the crickets…

  6. Joseph Caskenette Says:

    Ask the Belgians what they think about Dallaire, are the police charging him with undue care and attention or driving while doped up? Oh that’s right he’s a Lieberal never mind….

  7. Bec Says:

    It’s not like you don’t know you are “exhausted” when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. That is just so irresponsible to even process and to think that this is a person responsible for the “sober second thought” of our nation. Just dandy.

  8. Beachdude Says:

    He should not have been driving period under the situation he says he was under, how much would a cab cost? Besides he could of even billed the tax payer for the cab ride. For sure though the media went light on him because who he is. Lucky he didn’t hit anyone on the sidewalk

  9. Ontario Girl Says:

    Our daily newspaper had a giant picture in of Rob Ford getting his picture taken with those two guys from hells angels. It also had a giant pic of MulCair in QP about the emails of Perron. In a tiny article called “In Brief” about two inches high on the bottom of the page(almost missed it) it said..”Senator crashes car on Parliament Hill” BUT it didn’t say it was a LIBERAL SEATOR leaving an impression it was another Conservative.I am so sick of the media. CTV has the Rob Ford pic taking episode with comments. Mine wasn’t allowed because I said I’d rather see a pic of Mayor Fontana and his :Friends: who bilked the charity of 8 MILLION dollars. Nope…that’s a “secret”…only reported by Sun News.

    • Liz J Says:

      Rob Ford is a celebrity and the lefty media hacks are to blame as much as any actions he has taken. People want to pose with him and he obliges without knowing who they are, they then use these photos against him, some probably pay them to set him up. I think he’s just giving them all they want and will come out the winner in the end, He can then be called “Boomerang Rob”.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Romeo Dallaire has had a tough time dealing with his past military experiences for whatever reasons, not much argument there. If he’s having issues too big for him to handle there must be help for him, the last thing he should do is drive is own car when he knows he is not up to it, other people could be at risk. I’m sure a Senator would have no trouble finding transportation to the “Office”. That said, the authorities should report on this the same way they do on Conservatives, no playing special favours according to your political stripe.

  11. TickedVetran Says:


    This Senator is well remembered for his time in the military. We thought he was useless enough when he was still in uniform.

    Imagine the outcome if instead of a “nice Liberal” like Dellaire being in charge of the Rwandan file….we had an actual warriar like Rick Hillier. A lot fewer people would have died, as Hillier would not have stood around while families were being butched like animals with machetes….waiting for directions from the UN.

    He would have clicked “full auto” and put an end to it rather quickly. Delaire isn’t a drunk because PTSD has forced his hand….he was a drunk that happened to get PTSD, and is now using it as an excuse to avoid being charged with DUI.


  12. Peter Says:

    Don’t forget General Dallaire jumped past a lot more qualified and capable officers to his position because he was bilingual and they weren’t. As a result the disaster in Rwanda –

    • TickedVetran Says:


      Better to have an incompetent bialingual Officer, as opposed to a Competent English Officer. I saw it quite often unfortunately,

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