Female Sun News reporter abused at pro-Omar Khadr event at Simon Fraser University


Sun News reporter Ada Slivinski relates her story on how she was at first mocked, jeered and laughed at when she dared to ask one of the lawyers for murderer Omar Khadr some legitimate questions at an event held at Simon Fraser University and then when leaving, she was pushed and jostled (see here).

I’ve made the media relations at Simon Fraser aware of this incident which may have included assault(s) and they have acknowledged receiving.

sfu khadr

I will update when I get more information.


7 Responses to “Female Sun News reporter abused at pro-Omar Khadr event at Simon Fraser University”

  1. JEN Says:

    Where are the opposition parties mps like Liberal Dion for one who demanded for the return of Omar Khadr. Why isn’t he there to hold Omar’s hand.

    • Bubba Brown Says:

      Indeed Jen, where is little Justin looking for root causes.
      That a reporter is abused for asking some very basic and polite questions, this is not my Canada.
      Shame on the SFU for not providing adequate security.

  2. Doowleb Says:

    Most Universities today are hotbeds of intolerance and totalitarianism.
    This wasn’t about security for the press. The universities applaud any and all actions against those who don’t hold their leftist views.

  3. Alain Says:

    Assault charges should be laid at the very least even if as I suspect the cops do nothing. I would ensure at that it is on record. Doowleb is spot on about universities being hotbeds of what I prefer to call neo-communism, hence the intolerance, totalitarianism.

  4. Liz J Says:

    What kind of citizens of this country are lawyers who defend this trained terrorist who grew up in a family whose own Mother said on National TV,wearing a full coverage burka that she would be proud to have her son’s martyred for their cause, We all know what the cause is, they were close friends of Bin Laden.
    I know we all have the right to trial and representation but there ought to be some override to protect the citizens from dangerous people being allowed to walk free. He killed an allied medic in the field of battle as a Canadian citizen that’s treason.

  5. Omar the Medic Murderer Says:

    Kate knows, everyone knows, the opposite of diversity is university.

  6. Liz J Says:

    It seems to be a foregone conclusion this trained terrorist will be set free and will be suing the country he was birthed in, Canada, for millions. Surely the government has some recourse to counter charge him and keep him incarcerated. Canadian citizens do not fight against their own country or it’s allies and get rewarded with freedom to roam and litigate against it for millions.

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