Liberal MP LeBlanc lets slip why Trudeau is so unprepared

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After reading this Global  interview of Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc, I’m left wondering who is less prepared for their position – LeBlanc or Liberal leader Justin Trudeau?

You have to shake your head when someone who has had a life-long immersion in federal politics can look so silly during an interview and out their leader as lazy like LeBlanc did:

I ask him if he is the one who decides on the questions.

“Um. You’re taping, eh. Ah,” he says, hesitating for a good 13 seconds before explaining that ultimately he “sort of calls” the decisions.

What about Justin Trudeau?

“He doesn’t participate in that,” says LeBlanc.

“Sometimes he will ask us…to give him advice on where we thinks he should start. Like, what subject should he start on.”

So what is Trudeau doing while his caucus prepares for the day?

“He’s probably dropping his kids off at school,” LeBlanc says, insisting neither Stephane Dion nor Michael Ignatieff attended such meetings.

“I mean, I don’t know what he’s doing at 8 o’clock.”

Using Dion and Ignatieff as examples of Parliamentary success is bright right?

Then he follows up with this flat-out lie:

“He [Mulcair] appears to have a short temper. I’ve never seen Justin Trudeau lose his temper.” (see here)

Thinking LeBlanc needs a babysitter himself.




10 Responses to “Liberal MP LeBlanc lets slip why Trudeau is so unprepared”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Guess old Dom wasn’t in the House when the Pony called Conservative MP Peter Kent a “piece of shit”.

  2. bocanut Says:

    lt takes a special kind of Liberal to remain in a party who made a mockery of his father’s funeral.
    “Wafergate” was all about an imagined faux pas instead of honouring his father’s memory.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    They’ll call it “consulting his members”, whereas Prime Minister Harper is a “control freak”. That is what one side says and does when their leader is utterly out of his depth and the other one is being a leader and taking charge, you know, like a leader should.

    Take Jean Chretien or Pierre Trudeau now. I couldn’t stand them or what they stood for, but right or wrong, no one can deny that they led and had the spine to do so. The last three Liberal leaders in succession have increasingly been devoid of anything resembling leadership material, with this latest incarnation being the most over his head of ANY leader of ANY federal party yet.

    The Tories will not be in power forever, nor should they. The Liberals have a good chance of being the alternative, and they had a responsibility to pick a decent leader to maybe become Prime Minster. They failed. They could have at least chosen Marc Garneau, a man of substance, experience, and intelligence. Instead of choosing responsibly, like the selfish power hungry fools that they are, they chose expediency with an empty suit and pretty hair to appeal to low information voters because any voter with more than a few brain cells and a modicum of common sense won’t vote for this vapid fop, and they KNOW it. Whatever the disastrous result of that will be on THEIR head. I bet that Leblanc knows this in his heart of hearts. Why else would he be so evasive when asked about his “leader”?

    • Monkey Says:

      I would argue as much as I dislike Mulcair’s policies, he seems far more prepared to be PM than Trudeau. Trudeau is popular for the same reason Justin Bieber is. Both are totally overrated and don’t deserve where they are but yet unfortunately get to that point. I should note as a disclosure, I dislike Harper, but plan to vote Libertarian next election if Harper is still Tory leader as I don’t like any of the three.

  4. Thucydides Says:

    And yet this is the man and the team considered able to lead a nation?

  5. WTF Says:

    He is technically correct when he says he has never seen JT lose his temper as JT seems to go all third person when angry so is it really him that is angry or his alter ego hmmmmm?

    What I bring home most out of what Leblanc said is that JT is just window dressing. He doesn’t run or decide anything. His is cast out in the water to see what low information voters bite. That is it.

  6. Sean M Says:

    LeBlanc is a fool, but I don’t believe he pretends to be anything other than a fool, just a guy occupying a seat in the House. Trudumb on the other hand while also a shallow superficial fool and the son of a former politician like LeBlanc was convinced by his handlers that a know nothing pretty boy doofus like himself could use his limited acting “skills” and his detestable name to become PM, just like Daddy, with the help of a compliant corrupt media machine of course. At least LeBlanc admits he’s an unqualified fool occupying a seat. If the media fail to sell Trustupid to the electorate by 2015, IMO the little actor boy will quit (“for family reasons”) and go back to being the empty headed trust fund adolescent that he is and always will be. The Liberal Party is a prime example of the corrupting nature that nepotism and cronyism has on a political party desperate for power.

  7. Beachdude Says:

    We all know that Mr.Trudeau will be massive trouble when he needs to think on his feet….his past has shown this time after time

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    “Never seen Justin lose his temper”
    What a crock! He stomped off at the Liberal “Debate” must be hard to debate the woman his dad had a child with.
    He called a Minister of the Crown a POS in the house, some Prime Minister this little pot and potty mouth would make.
    As for LeBlanc if the LPOC had used my dads funeral to score cheap points there would have been an accounting, that would have made Chretain’s “Hippy Dippy Shake” look like small potatoes.
    But I guess honour, fidelity and respect are not and never will be Lieberal values.
    Just elect the little Prince and happy days are here again.
    I am offended by Mr Garneau, a man with real and noteworthy accomplishments, shilling dinners with Justin and only 12 limited edition Justin scarves, cringe worthy?
    You betcha.

  9. Angus Says:

    Lil Pierre’s going to need a bigger mouth.. Not enough room to insert two feet.

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