CBC Kady flips out over MP staff confidentiality agreement – silent on her own?

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Ottawa Press Gallery members make their living by having Parliamentary staffers leak them information so it’s no wonder CBC’s Kady O’Malley got her knickers in a knot with an email given to her by the union that represents the NDP staff:

A proposed lifetime gag order for employees of members of Parliament that would restrict their ability to share information — and stifle the kind of whistleblowing that led to some of the revelations in the Senate scandal — is triggering alarm among Parliament Hill staff, according to a union representing some of the workers. (see here)

I’ve looking into if CBC employees sign confidentiality agreements and will update when I find out.

I’ve also asked if O’Malley will demand the CBC and Parks Canada release the signed confidentially agreement that paid The National’s Peter Mansbridge to run stories on the Franklin Exhibition:

The CBC accepted more than $68,000 from Parks Canada in an agreement over TV and online coverage of a search for the lost Franklin expedition in the Canadian Arctic last year, prompting Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq to seek a review of the payment.

E-mails obtained through the Access to Information Act show that Parks Canada and the CBC signed a confidential agreement over the funds and coverage, reported Ottawa political news website Blacklock’s Reporter on Thursday. (see here)

Or does she think whistleblowers are only a good thing in other government-related organizations?



10 Responses to “CBC Kady flips out over MP staff confidentiality agreement – silent on her own?”

  1. Liz J Says:

    They’ve always got drinks in their hands, smiles n their faces, guessing sobriety isn’t a job requirement.

  2. jfa Says:

    CBC goofball! What do you expect?

  3. Sandy Says:

    Dean — When I worked for the Ontario PC MPP back in the late 90s, our entire staff had to sign such long-term confidentiality agreements. As the EA and Chief of Staff, I actually had to sign two. That is normal. An ex staffer could try to blackmail the politician, for example.

    The other reason for it is not to protect other staffers and the public. For instance, all MPP or MPs help the general public with appeals. Constituency Offices would have entire files on CPP disability appeals, EI appeals or Passport applications, etc. If there isn’t such an agreement, a staffer could inadvertently or purposefully give out private information.

    With an agreement, all parties, constituents and governments are protected.

    Someone should ask the NDP and Liberals what their staff agreements are like because, believe you me, they ALL have them.

  4. Martin Says:

    What continues to grate so much about Kady, is that taxpayers are one the hook for a resident CBC blogger in the first place. She comments on precisely the subjects that interest her, and from her own political perspective. Sounds like dozens of other sites. including this one, the difference being that others are not on the public payroll.
    I would love to know what her salary grade is, whatever it is it is too high. CBC seems to have its own gag order on salary levels.

  5. gerry from gta Says:

    lets face it, the CBC is an insider club — much like the senate — you are appointed a position and rediculous salary (much needed sunshine law with a rel limit 60k – 100k).

    Could any of these individuals survive such scrutiny?

  6. James R. Halifax Says:

    Reading anything by Kady O’Malley……..is like reading the facebook page of a 14 year old girl with a Bieber Crush.

    Not much substance…but hey, it’s like ..totally awesome and cool and stuff.

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