Trudeau says it’s perfectly ok for him to miss work

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In response to some long overdue media criticism for his brutal House of Commons attendance record (see here), Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s handlers quickly made a call to their dependable shill CP reporter Joan Bryden to help deflect it as all Harper’s fault.

And besides turning this interview into a Conservative attack ad, Bryden also calls the anger over Trudeau’s recent admiration (see here) of China’s dictatorship “fluff” and tries to run as much cover for Trudeau as possible:

Part of being a genuine political leader, warts and all, includes admitting when a mistake has been made, Trudeau said. He’s done that several times, for instance conceding that he shouldn’t have accepted public speaking fees after becoming an MP. (see here)

Bryden doesn’t ask Trudeau why then he didn’t give all that money back of course.



8 Responses to “Trudeau says it’s perfectly ok for him to miss work”

  1. gerry from gta Says:

    In any workplace — if you do not show up to work, after 3 days you need a doctors note. If you do not provide that, you are docked pay. Rightfully so.

    what am I missing.

  2. morri Says:

    he is after all a liberal and is entitled to his entitlements. why should he have to show up for work?.

  3. E Mac Says:

    Joan Bryden is well-aware all about “fluff”, that’s what her brain is made of.

  4. Michael Harkov Says:

    Bryden doesn’t ask Trudeau why then he didn’t give all that money back of course.

    Or if he is still doing it.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well if “Fluffy” does not want to show up for work is that not a “scandal” that he continues to collect his pay?
    Just-inny askin’

  6. Liz J Says:

    The Liberals chose Justin for “show” not for “know” hoping enough people would be mesmerized by his “charm” rather than what comes out of his mouth. His handlers know the less people are exposed to his ramblings the better his chances.

    • Johnny Says:

      Unfortunately, the strategy seems to be working. Did the brain trust behind Justin not keep McSqinty in office for ten years? They must be good.

  7. Sean M Says:

    A fine example of the colossal arrogance from the entitlement Liberals and their self important “leader”. Anyone who has had the misfortune of witnessing Trudumbs acting skills in the House would understand why his radical handlers keep Justy out on the campaign trail instead of doing his job… Pot smoking Justy’s act is akin to Keanu Reeves in Bill@Teds excellent adventure… dude. Justy stands in his place, script in hand, stammering over words he hasn’t memorized and probably doesn’t understand attempting to look and sound important, which he fails at big time. Trudumb has a worst attendance record then Iggo, and we all know how that worked out for the man from Haaaavaaad. Good luck continuing to cover for your candidate media maggots, you’ll need it.

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