Bombshell: RCMP lay charges against Liberal Party organizer for role in Adscam


The RCMP released this notice of charges against Liberal Jacques Corriveau:

Montréal, December 13, 2013 – This morning, Commercial Crime Section investigators served Jacques Corriveau, a former Liberal Party of Canada organizer, with a summons to appear in court. Mr. Corriveau is charged with fraud on the government, forgery and laundering proceeds of crime. He is scheduled to appear in court in Montréal on January 10, 2014.

These charges were laid as part of a far-reaching investigation, dubbed Project CARNEGIE, into allegations of irregularities in the management of the Government of Canada’s Sponsorship Program. The investigation targeting Mr. Corriveau is one of several investigation components in this case initiated in 2002.

Kickback System

It is alleged that the accused set up a kickback system on the contracts that were awarded in the Sponsorship Program. Mr. Corriveau allegedly claimed that he could exercise influence on the Federal Government to facilitate the awarding of contracts to certain Quebec-based communication firms in return for several million dollars’ worth of advantages and/or benefits for himself and other persons.

Among other things, the accused allegedly facilitated the awarding of federal sponsorships to Groupe Polygone-Expour for the production of various publications and the organization of hunting, fishing and outdoors trade shows. Through this kickback system, Mr. Corriveau is believed to have received millions of dollars paid by Polygone-Expour to Pluridesign, a company that he owns. The money was allegedly used to pay for fictitious professional services described on bogus invoices.

It is further alleged that Mr. Corriveau claimed that he could exercise influence on the Government of Canada so that Groupaction Marketing be given the mandate manage part of the sponsorship contracts awarded to Groupe Polygone-Expour. The accused allegedly used false invoices to authenticate these so-called services.

Restraint Orders

As a result of the investigation component conducted by the Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit, restraint orders were issued in respect of two investment accounts held by the accused as well as his residence. It is alleged that Mr. Corriveau deposited in the coffers of the Liberal Party of Canada part of the funds he obtained through fraudulent activities, and that he kept the rest for his personal benefit.(see here)


21 Responses to “Bombshell: RCMP lay charges against Liberal Party organizer for role in Adscam”

  1. Guffman Says:

    The only shocker here is that it took the RCMP this many years to lay these charges. Long, long overdue…
    Wasn’t Corriveau Jean Chretien’s best buddy??

  2. revanche00 Says:

    They announce this on a Friday afternoon before Christmas. Is there even one journo sober enough to cover this? I think it is safe to say this never happened….

    Tell me again how non-political the RCMP is.

  3. Michael Harkov Says:

    Of course the Libtards are going to whine about the “convenient timing”, but when isn’t it good timing to bust a crooked Liberal? 😀

  4. Sean M Says:

    Time for the media to circle the wagons, crawl into their Liberal bunkers and quickly, calmly and quietly ignore this story, after all, the media have the “scandal” of the Conservatives paying back 90.000 dollars to the taxpayer to be all “outraged” about. It will be interesting to see how the media contort this story of more Librano theft and alleged Librano criminality into…”it’s all Harpers fault”!

  5. E Mac Says:

    Another rung up the ladder closer to the real perp, and about time.

  6. old white guy Says:

    11 years to lay a charge. what a police force. do we have statutes of limitations for some crimes?

  7. Ontario Girl Says:

    Why do we have a “NATIONAL” Broadcast system called CBC when they don’t report the news? The crimes in Ontario by the Provincial Liberals is mind boggling, yet CBC won’t report anything about it or this story either. Last night they had a Wynne feel good story with photo’s, yet NOTHING about the corruption. Too busy harassing Doug Ford for giving out xmas gifts to kids and $20 bills to their parents. How does CBC get away with it?

  8. Ontario Girl Says:

    And then we have a tweet by Andrew Coyne…..”.I wonder if Jacques Corriveau’s story will be that he acted alone….”

    Coyne, coming to a Liberals rescue and leaving a suspicion of the Wright/Duffy non-scandal.

    • Sean M Says:

      Yeah, typical Liberal voting Coyne… Coyne has been in a hysterical fit for weeks claiming that there is no way the PM could have been unaware of Nigel Wright using his own money to pay back Duffy’s expenses, but doesn’t believe for a second that old Cretch was involved in Adscam, despite the fact that it was run out of the Cretch PMO. When this Adscam story broke yesterday Coyne quickly scribbled yet another blathering story about “Duffygate”… nice deflection Andy, you old Liberal you.

  9. ianinamman Says:

    I niticed that this story was the lead story on CTV for a few hours but now it’s been bumped down with yet another report on Nelson Mandela’s funeral as the main story. It’s as if CTV couldn’t wait to remove it as the top story.

  10. ianinamman Says:

    Read a CBC piece on line and it doesn’t give much info (no surprize) and it makes no mention of of the money funneled into the Liberal party coffers of course. has already bumped the story down 2 notches since yesterday. Once again “nothing to see hear people, move along”

  11. Liz J Says:

    Money doesn’t sprout wings or get shifted from government coffers on it’s own, there has to be a source and an enabler.
    Chretien brushed it all off as “what’s a few million to keep the country together”. Sounds a lot like admitting to buying votes to elect Liberals instead of Bloc Heads. Dirty pool, slimy politics. It had nothing to do with keeping the country together, it was all about keeping the LPC in power.

  12. gerry from gta Says:

    This is long overdue — how can a 1/4 billion go missing with no records and/or justification?

    This is only the start to weed out the brown envelope crowd.

  13. ianinamman Says:

    Well CTV seems to have decided that this story is not very important. After less than 24 hours it is no longer in the Top Stories but is #3 under the Politics banner. Of course there is a story about Mike Duffy that has more prominence.

  14. Did RCMP release Liberal Party/Corriveau Adscam documents same as Duffy/Wright ones? | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] light of the charges laid yesterday (see here) against the ex-Liberal Party organizer and long-time friend of ex-Liberal PM Jean Chretien, a few […]

  15. Ontario Girl Says:

    Nothing about it in our daily newspaper today…it won’t be. Shocking.

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