BC Green MLA Andrew Weaver still drawing salary from University of Victoria


How is it even remotely ethical for the Media Party darling and Green Party’s first BC MLA to be on the payroll of a publicly funded institute like a university while influencing provincial government decisions that include post secondary schools?:

There’s also Weaver’s duties at the University of Victoria, where he’s still on staff as a part-timer. (He said he’s collecting one-fifth salary or about $20,000.)

Then Weaver justifies it:

“I took a huge salary cut to take this job,” Weaver said. “It’s not like I’m double-dipping.” (see here)

Umm ya, this is exactly what double-dipping is: When someone draws a salary from two sources of public monies.

You’d think a guy bright enough to be involved in the “Nobel-prize-winning UN panel on climate change” would understand that.


6 Responses to “BC Green MLA Andrew Weaver still drawing salary from University of Victoria”

  1. Krysta Says:

    We elect MLAs with the understanding that they’re going to give the job their full time attention, not as a hobby second job.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    No you’ve got it all wrong. They are entitled to their entitlements. Their enormous egos make it easy to justify double dipping because after all, they gave up a lot of money to “serve the public” and take the piddly wage of an MLA. It’s funny how the lefties are “all about the common man” yet they are usually part of the elitist crowd.

  3. Norman Says:

    If he is ‘smart’ enough to be part of the IPCC, a proven scam organisation and part of the biggest international scam in history, then it is not surprising that he is expanding the scam to include UVIC and the public of BC.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Is this an example of just how little there is to do in the Green Party? Maybe they really shouldn’t have party status, they’re more like a protest movement anyway.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Andrew Weaver

    Grow up and accept the responsibility of your personal choices.
    No one forced you to stand for election and the MLA financial renumerations were clearly posted had you cared to look.
    Yes this is double dipping and you d@mn well know it is.
    Clean up your act immediately and pay back what you fraudulently took from the taxpayers.
    There is enough entitlement and theft from the public purse…it has to stop.

    Personally I believe the honest thing to do would be for you to resign.

  6. Tripper523 Says:

    Very valid points made on a very valid thread. True enough, anonymous, re. the often “elitist” profile of the Left, who use as their calling card the virtues of Joe Commoner. That was one of Michael Ignatieff’s downfalls. We do see certain undeniable instances of “double dipping”, “conflicts of interest”, and even “hypocrisy of existence” in various levels of government. My own pet peeve, which is perhaps the most legitimately glaring one to gripe about, concerns the very purpose of the bastard “federal party”, the Bloc Québecois, whose sole aim is to further the interests of Quebec ONLY, not at all for Canada, except for the eventual separation from it. And for THAT we allow federal public funding???

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