Conservative Senator rips National Post’s Andrew Coyne for irresponsible journalism

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Conservative Senator David Tkachuk has had enough of the Media Party’s blatantly biased, slanted and one-sided coverage of the Senate expense scandals by penning a Ottawa Citizen op-ed mainly directed at the National Post’s Andrew Coyne:

I understand the Liberals and the NDP playing politics with this so-called “scandal”. That’s their job. What I don’t understand is Andrew Coyne carrying their water. That’s not his job. His readers should demand better.

But Tkachuk also shoots at CTV’s Robert Fife for acting as a Liberal plant:

There were more Liberals on committee than Conservatives when she made it, so they could have forced and won the vote. They didn’t. It was mischief. With Robert Fife waiting outside to report on it all (what a coincidence!), no doubt prepared to give the Liberals another free pass and the Conservatives a drubbing. (see here)


About time the Conservatives starting pushing back and calling-out the Media Party.



10 Responses to “Conservative Senator rips National Post’s Andrew Coyne for irresponsible journalism”

  1. manitoba fay Says:

    Bravo Senator David Tkachuk!

  2. goody Says:

    I don’t listen to news on ctv and definitely not cbc anymore . I used to watch ctv faithfully but they don’t tell the truth.
    A lot of people can see through all the lies ,people aren’t stupid. The media thinks we are but we’re not. Election day will tell the truth. The media used to be able to make or break a politician but not now with internet.

  3. Tripper523 Says:

    Well-said and well-illuminated, so everyone gets the true scoop on these characters.

  4. Sean M Says:

    Good for the Senator… as far as Coyne goes, that pompous loser has been campaigning for the Liberals and against the Conservatives since the last election when Coyne said that the Conservatives needed to be “punished”… why is Coyne carrying the water for the opposition regarding the so called “Senate scandal”? Corruption? Derangement? probably a little of both. Everyone knows Fife is a Liberal plant and played a starring role in framing this whole media labelled, “Senate scandal”, if not for Fife Canadians might be aware that the majority of Senators caught up in the so called “Senate scandal” were Liberals… Fife made sure that didn’t happen. Glad to see the Conservatives finally hitting back at these Liberals in disguise.

  5. Fred from Canuckistan Says:

    Journalists in Canada know they are part of a dying industry but why they do the self inflicted wound thingy is a mystery.

    Maybe they figure muck racking, gossiping and attempting to creat hysteria via faux scandal will preserve their jobs until they can get a pension.

    Bunch of Shipping News fools.

  6. Ontario Girl Says:

    Coyne is still at his Hate On for PM Harper and obsessed about the so called “senate scandal”…on last nights “at issue” I heard “sponsorship and Watergate”, and so much nastiness it was a disgrace. Peter Mansbridge looks like a fool leading his panel to be Harper nasty. Looks like last nights at issue was all staged and practiced ahead of time…the writing and words came up ahead of the answers. I guess they all earned their xmas bonus last night. According to CBC PM harper did NOTHING good in 2013.Listen to the video and be ready to be flabbergasted…..A panel of idiots

    • Liz J Says:

      Coyne et al are citing the Senate “scandal” as a reason PM Harper would resign. How pathetic an excuse is that?
      The Senate had “scandals” under the Liberals, much more serious than anything going on with Conservative appointees. They were not instructed to do what they did by the PM, he has no control over what they do after they get their butts in the Senate. The trio of Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau are not getting any support from the PM, he said they should pay the money back, in fact, they let him down. The people in the Senate who approve and sign expense claims need to be accountable for this as well. An inquiring mind might wonder if this wasn’t done, or allowed to happen to cause trouble, the opps and media have been upset since the Conservatives got a Majority in the upper Chamber.

  7. Liz J Says:

    Wonder who’s supplying the booze, they surely can’t be buying their own and the LPC can hardly afford it when they need to keep the shine on the Pony.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    I am so glad to see these fart catching fools outed.
    We as consumers will have a choice in the new year on cable which news we want to watch.
    I have not been able to strand CBC or CTV for years
    Peter Mandsbridge thinks he is more important then the PM, he certainly makes more money for reading the news.
    How much does he make.?
    Why do I have to pay for the CBC to lie and spin?

  9. Tripper523 Says:

    Well described, Bubba! We have some “sniffers” too, like this Liberal columnist for the Red Star, Heather Mallick, enhancing inhalers of ill winds with a couple of her wayward favs from 2013. “Thomas Mulcair/Justin Trudeau. I veer between Liberal and New Democrat. But what I like about these two leaders is that they form the opposition to a secretive and contemptuous federal government run by Stephen Harper. They offer an alternative to a government that has little respect for democracy, for Parliament. As young people give up on voting, our democracy is failing. The opposition parties keep it alive.” I can’t see her winning too many friends with this disgusting affirmation of her ignorance. The Porn Prince and Justin Thyme bring NO alternative to a PM Harper-led federal government which is refreshingly scent-free, in contrast to those stinking and corrupt preceding administrations. How anyone can endorse and exalt such nauseating political personalities is beyond me.

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